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Parkinson Disease (shaking palsy,paralysis agitans) and REMEDIES:Part 2 & 3

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 22 October 2011 Marrakesh, Morocco

Serotonin and dopamine is necessary in the brain of the gut; and gastrointestinal disturbance is what always accompanies most all neurological condition. Synthetics can have rapidly raised exponentially serotonin and dopamine and continued to have been raised as serotonin uptake inhibitor was used.

Anti depressant synthetic chemicals inhibit P450-2D6 enzyme of the liver involved in detoxification; also serotonin internal production and metabolism becomes impaired. Serotonin syndrome can be induced by mold from rye bread; that always has ergot, ergotamine and lysergic acid-25. Such a miniscule amount as fifty micro-dots is enough to cause perception to have changed. Yet, wheat and other starch from grain, bean and cereal can also have the same dysbiotic lifecolloid.

Iatrogenic (synthetic chemical caused) condition can arise as extra pyramidal damage incurred mental status changes rapidly; confusion; agitation; shivering; tremor; lack of coordination; fever; mania; suicide; homicidal ideation; transient states of amnesia. Serotonin syndrome can even cause death; and those who survive being administered a drug can have been damaged. Impulsive obsessive behavior and intimate terrorism to catalyletic non- emotional trance like states are all part of the same picture. Difficulty being motivated can lead to difficulty in voluntary movement; also jerky/involuntary movement; nausea; twitches; mood change; very rapid loss of appetite; sudden drowsiness; apnea; suddenly falling asleep; visual and breath disturbance are all symptoms of Parkinson disease. This should come as no surprise as glutathione peroxidase is typically low in most neurological conditions.

Varying degrees of Parkinson symptoms can be present. The disease afflicts males more than females. With a loss of dopamine, small tremors exist, and one can stare into space; one procrastinates and feels no motivation to get things done. Cognitive decline, related ageing and cognitive decline; dis-organized thinking; transient states of amnesia; Alzheimer’s; are all symptoms of un-necessary oxidation of brain tissue from relentless dead food consumption.

Lifefood and Jubb’s pro-biotic lifecolloid has an enourmous amount of glutathione. Chemicals found in broccoli like cyanohydroxybutene; and anthocyanine from pomegranate and blueberries benefit the brain highly.

Jubb’s JDF (Jubb’s Dopamine Formula) has mucuna puriens. The formula works as a provider of dopamine/serotonin and a powerful brain antioxidant; along with Jubb’s pro-biotic lifecolloid you get a nice amount of lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnatine; all assist in regenerating glutathione! Quercetin and other flavonoids as well as selenium and other nutrients are also abundantly found in Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic.

Jubb’s Earthmate formula has ashwaganda, B3, and humic and fulvic acid; all are shown to be very brain protective. Jubb’s blood and lymph formula has astragalus element and combined with Jubb’s pro-biotic has telomerase that assist to repair cellular DNA. Melatonin is a great assistant when do your mornings urine; all assists with repair and healing up from neurological symptoms. The author has witnessed many times tardiv dyskinesia clear up and reduces in symptoms.

Jubb’s Super C formula has tyrosine that is converted to dopamine. Lifefood has an abundance of B vitamin including NADH. Lemon has MAO inhibitor; all assist greatly to increase SOD and glutathione in the blood. Argon oil has essential fatty acid when cold pressed which has been seen to elevate a depressed mood.

Jubb’s longevity formula has ginkgo/gotu kola, rosemary, astragalus element which is a powerful antioxidant improving memory and alertness. All assists to be neuro-protective. Lifefood includes herbs such as turmeric and cumin, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, ginger; excessive manganese from too much green leaf for a lifefoodarian is similar to living next to a steel factory emission; also linked to Parkinson symptoms because of excessive amounts of manganese and cadmium and also lactucarium an opiate found in all green leaf. Parkinson Disease (shaking palsy, paralysis agitans) and Remedies: Part 3

Dr. David Jubb 22 October 2011 Marrakesh, Morocco

Pesticide insecticide have toxin as does all dead food that is high in phosphate that is eliminated; also having bicarbonate shots of lemon; as part of a whole healing regime has been witnessed to have had miraculous spontaneous healing incur. Those who have absorbed chemicals from body care and occupation can have been at a far higher risk of developing a Parkinson condition.

Over a period of Jubb’s cell rejuvenation the author has seen tremors at rest cease and slowness in movement clear up. Bradykinesia is a challenge with fine motor movement, muscular rigidity and balance; the author has seen great improvement by applying the included information given here.

Constipation can have been severe so the first task is to normalize and vitalize digestion and depression and numerous other symptoms can heal up and get better. Because one moved slow it can appear as if comprehension is with lack of understanding, yet this cannot be so and also there does become degrees of dementia. You cannot assume this because someone was slow to organize a response though.276

Loss of cognitive function can have incurred without impairment of consciousness. Disoriented and a flattened mood, poor memory can relate to functioning, yet one can still retain consciousness. The ability to organize though and action can have become slowed, yet one can retain full conscious perception. Prune juice, fig and lifefood blended are food made easier to digest and assimilate and is less volatile.


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