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PCB’s in food and Gender Bender Chemicals

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Monster Found at Beach Part 2: PCB’s in food and Gender Bender Chemicals Dr. David Jubb August 24, 2011 Oslo, Norway

You don’t just pick a berry off a tree today. We live in a world where a banker sets all policy, and today mothers in Africa no longer breast feed their babies. Instead, infant formula is replete with harmful synthetic chemicals and is touted as “having all the essential vitamins and minerals a baby needs”. Meanwhile, jet fuel additives are found in mother’s milk in the USA. A Chinese puzzle of a quagmire is causing more ongoing entanglement evermore with the onslaught of synthetic chemical production. Because it cannot be broken down, such an element should not be produced. For instance there are flame retardants in plastic called PBDE’s and in the USA they double in the body every eighteen months. Diamonds are forever and plastic is too: because it can’t be broken down! Synthetic chemical is a gender bender and causing a reproductive nightmare; low level exposure is all that is necessary. Stop playing catch up after it’s too late for an ecological effect to occur. As a hand exists above the government, the profit margin in the banker’s world is above health when manufacturing elements are to be sold. However, eating LifeFood you can most protect yourself and your DNA. Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation and LifeFood nutritional fasting is a healing modality on how to survive gender bending synthetic chemicals with unpredictable disastrous effects. Food choice is much wider than society, for it is far more reaching than simply eating; for a human digs a grave with their teeth in a modern world for future generations beyond self.

It only takes one drop of PCB in 120 bathtubs of water to cause permanent brain damage in the womb to a fetus. Strange estrogens like bisphenol A is a serious endocrine disrupter and can be found abundantly in the plastic lining of packaging today. It only has to be one part per billion. Imagine how many sheets of toilet paper would stretch from NYC to London; then look at one sheet, that’s one part per billion.

Antidepressants and birth control chemicals have been found in many rivers and streams today in the modern world. Big city fathers and mothers and their offspring have been exposed to numerous air pollutants and pesticides and insecticides linked to genetic change and low fertility. However, when you are in the womb you are bathed by a substance similar to fresh urine. PCB from electrical transformers and hydraulic fluid; PCB is found in

nearly one in three of all mothers milk the world over. PCB in maternal blood of only one part per billion can create fetal development abnormality. Umbilical blood can have up to two hundred synthetic chemicals including those found in the packaging the food comes in. Life begets life and dead begets dead.

Chemical exposure such as PCB and gender bender chemicals during fetal development can set in motion tissue changes throughout life that can turn into a fatal condition. Synthetic food additives, preservatives, texturizers, fragrances, color and flavor enhancers increase the chance of hyperactivity in children. New car smell can give you an idea of the cocktail involving bioaccumulation. Tap water laced with fluoride deposited in the bone makes bones brittle. Volatile organic compounds, styrene, formaldehyde; plastic out gassing is being released from plastics in the new car smell and when you combine that with dead food and ochratoxin A and acetlyaldehyde the picture doesn’t look good; especially when you add fluoride and chloride and petroleum that are estrogen mimickers.

Most blood tested in the USA has perfluorooctanoic sulfuric acid from the plastic lining of food packaging. You can avoid becoming a toxic dump for chemical and radioactive waste by eating lifefood and avoiding dead food. The leading cause of death in children is cancer. Terrorism should be considered as chemicals on the dinner plate. A cocktail of just three contaminants is enough of a synergistic effect to have an effect greater than the sum of its individual parts. All petroleum solvent is poison to a colloidal biological system for it affects a surface membrane of a cell. It causes the membrane to lose its natural permeability. Hard solvents can have accumulated and have become stored in fat and other body tissue. Also a solvent has a chemical affinity for various tissues. For instance: toluene has a chemical affinity for brain tissue; wood alcohol for the liver and pancreas; benzene for the thymus; etc.

Where solvent has contaminated body tissue, immune cells can’t go there. Solvents also have a role to play in parasite eggs hatching with far greater frequency. Also a body was not designed to have a chemical that can’t be broken down and that mimics natural isopathic and homeopathic body elements. Trans-fatty acid unethically is given regularly to animals to purposefully clog arteries to test a synthetic chemical and surgical technique. People are falling over the edge of a cliff and the bankers system is to put money into ambulances at the bottom of the cliff. That rather than put a fence up and a sign at the top of the cliff that says “Keep Back”. At the moment it is legal for food you eat to have oxidized rancid fat that is an oxidizing time bomb for body cells.

Cold pasteurization is a term to describe radiation that an herb and food is being put through that causes radiolytic elements to become present in that food. Also much of the nutrient is lost. You have to make food for your body, if you don’t you can’t trust that which is soulless will take care of you. To make up for what is lost, synthetic compounds are added. A synthetic factor of no taste is called artificial flavor; and put in food without need of listing that ingredient. Trade secrecy stops anyone from finding out what is in there. Because it is used in small quantities it is deemed safe. Natural and artificial flavor is seen as having no difference. Shaving cream and TV dinners have similar aroma and flavor. About half of the synthetic colorings have been removed; yet the practice of coal solvent and dye in fabric is also used in food as in paint and ink. Hundreds of synthetic chemicals are being added yearly relentlessly. Those chemicals alter brain activity, effecting behavior even in children’s bodies.

Dead food eaten as in store bought chips or Chinese food can have up to nine grams of MSG-like elements in the food. At that single dose lab animals become diabetic and suffer neurological pathology. Food flavorings containing glutamic acid, aspartic acid, methanol and phenylalanine is shown to stimulate brain cells to death. One and half decades of unethical experiments with animals getting brain tumors and finally a synthetic sweetener is allowed.

But, nature wants to heal you up; just LifeFood nutritional fast and rest, that’s all. LifeFood is synergistic. Hundreds of thousands of ingredients exist in nature; nature doesn’t isolate; nor chemicalize; nor synthesize. Powerful nutraceutical benefits abound in LifeFood. Otherwise, dead food, chemical and body care toxin; can be hard to swallow. But, blueberry or lingam berry from nature is LifeFood eaten with its life force still intact. That is the difference.

Synthetic chemicals that are not biologically degradable cannot be broken down; like a diamond is forever, plastic is too! That is a monster found at the beach; and, a gender bender chemical factory experiment; unless you do LifeFood. Aspirin, pizza and penicillin could never get approved today but such chemical has crept into the die(t). Simple chemical modification of DNA can be passed on generation after generation. A toll booth collector blood samples show hundreds of exhaust pollutants.

Big agrifarmer processed dead food can easily be seen to rot in a pot left untouched; a fresh tomato will remain; but bean and grain disintegrate into mold, fungus and yeast. No mental disease existed in culture that was without grain. You have to rid your body burden of some several hundred synthetic chemicals. Chemicals even in tap water radically alter reproduction and cause hermaphrodite birth. Perchlorate, a rocket fuel additive should not be found in mother’s milk.

LifeFood has element of its nature that can protect you; and if you do cell rejuvenation you can shed away stored chemicals. Otherwise intolerance and multisystem dis-ease symptoms would not be avoided. Digestive disturbance from dead food eaten is the hallmark of a bile occlusion and celiac disease. Synthetic toxin build up would also not be avoided. Synthetic food additives, including sweetener and natural flavoring entice you at a normal breakfast. You can then breathe in chlorine fumes from your dishwasher and the shower you had. You make a sandwich with cold meat containing a cocktail of carcinogens, you add tomato and lettuce that have 16 pesticides residues alone. You use plastic wrap and contaminates with vinyl chloride molecules; that even in very minute amounts are known endocrine disrupters. Stain and oil repellents from packaging and frying oils along with 200 synthetic toxins were found in umbilical cord blood; pesticides and flame retardant plastic, Teflon.

Only 5 parts per billion of PCB in a mother’s blood is toxic to a fetus yet it was common to find levels as high as sixty-five parts! Keep in mind that 5 parts per billion is equivalent to one drop in a volume of water that would fill one hundred and twenty baths; but two parts and even one part per billion is a known endocrine disrupter. It’s a monster found at the beach otherwise; NO acceptable contaminant should be allowed. Basically, otherwise it is a high stake roulette of no secured DNA. Yet thirteen pesticides on average can be found in urine in America; and phthalate and bisphenol A from plastic linings of food packages like drink containers.

Brain architecture and function is being radically changed by the modern diet. Omega six trans-fatty acid is highly inflammatory to the brain and produces severe disruptions to serotonin and dopamine in brains of dead food eaters. More than hundred and twenty chemicals found used every day are responsible for triggering behavioral challenge; reducing attention span and IQ. Fish, alligators and frogs are being de-masculinized when encountering water poisoned by synthetic female hormone estrogen. Over a hundred new synthetic chemicals are added every year that pass to new food eaten. The big agripharma is the real monster found at the beach. Can you and I start a new era of sticking to what is natural? We have to reduce attention to the supernatural and learn what is unnatural, we can then spend time with what is natural.

Plastic is as a diamond is forever. Medicine as a word should be reserved for what is traditional and not used to describe isolate and synthetic; which is a chemical, a poison and a drug. It doesn’t fit into nature and should be banned. Certainly it should not be called medicine. This word should be reserved more by the action of one’s intention. You can choose LifeFood, and avoid gender bender PCB and altered DNA; that is a real monster found at the beach.


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