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Peak Performance is Neuroplasticity in i Awareness State

A phenomenal observed exceptional behavioral response is shown by some versus what is a mediocre effort; the brain can have been trained to recall information being efficient in storage as well as retrieval; or, be poor at such; wherever a flow is, whole brain patterning is existing; where, pleasure as well as interest is, the brain is integrated to be synchronized, to be congruent; allowing, you to be moor associated toward the direction of an outcome; otherwise, not so;

The brain can quicksmart pick a pattern out of a stereogram, or be plagued, troubled; for, some can instantly pick such three-dimensional imaging out of a one-dimension of dots drawing; the brain assists functionally with a task put to, to be coordinated while also regulating the totalily of behavior; within such, a random phoneme generator skims from what is below consciousness; where, several channels exist, plus or minus two;

The random pheneme generator performs a preferential role, which is modified by parts with specific import in complimentary brain function; a bright mind has super specialized function, enabling performance; like, recalling information also enabling speech; also, regulating nerve having mirror-motor neuron trigger nerve in the face; which, is engaged in accessing emotion;

Emotional response, correlates with hemisphere specialization in processing nerve; this researchers work is looking into the hemisphere of the brain; specializing, in mediation; in particular, pleasure also aversive; aversion inhibits pleasure, while pleasure inhibits aversion; you, can’t have both together; all memory, learning, behavior is state specific;

What, is associated is what is recalled; is what was learned being imprinted at the time; as, learning was from interest as well as pleasure, recall is also from interest as well as pleasure; if you were hardwired to leave things to last moment, putting things off you should do, it is a typical behavior response where procrastination also self-sabotage is;

Exceptional brain function is observed of an incredible capacity of your brain to be functionally plastic, meaning moldable; to pick out pattern which exists like in a stereogram, for instance, presented to you; structural plasticity is allowing a synesthesia of one sense to carry information to another; so, one area of a brain can be sharing a role with non-specialized area; typically

A, structural plasticity in whole brain patterning is an actual physical structure change; as, a result of an acquired hard-wiring of state specific of learning also behavior; success in the brain picking the pattern out which is present is as a result of a JC Quanta, allowing you to have a stimulus simple getting a response fully from such where your brain is filling in what is needed;

A, plasticity of such is an observation of your capacity to be in a state of flow; where, one is associated toward an outcome; direction, as well as orientation is more drawing all within sensory; as, a result of success had also reward, brain can have been rewiring circuitry to enhance more your cognative capacity also efficiency of neural psynaps; which is engaged in transformation being in a magnetic moment;

Memory, learning, n behavior is rewarded you’re able to associate; meaning, to move toward having within what is your outcome; to, have the parts operate as the whole; which, is integrated; having, pertinent subject matter which is relevant; so, each chunk is paralleled to the other chunk to be congruent; whole brain function physiology is shown more by whole body movement flow; pattern is more triggered by the left hemisphere with more right sided body movement;

Aversion is for an event a deeper bank of energy as an account, in relation to, what is positive; yet, any stuck state is collapsed as the resource state is large enough; as, a rule:

What is changed is as a result of making sure the resource state is five times larger than the stuck state; a, balanced state is shown by in the logarithm where what is positive also what is negative neutralizes; here, logarithm is two point nine six three positive to one negative; being in flow allows a hemisphere synchronization; where, information flows from one hemisphere to the other;

Function, also structural plasticity of the brain is observed by a beloved’s capacity to have rewired an enhanced cognition; to see things in the mind where others can have not seen such is developed pattern recognition; where, the efficiency of neural synapse is transformed; state specific association is whole brain function; which is hard wired; certain specialized repeated response exists in exceptional brain function; such, can be looked at in relation to the functional also structural plasticity of the brain; so,

Shouldn’t you learn more about what an i aware state is? Which assists such; for, you’re observing in your day the importance of how a synchronization is of a hemispheres of your brain;

What, analogue is sculpted you’re accessing such a flow state ongoing, moor; so, the question is you can have other than allowed brain functional also structural plasticity to be what it can be; which is exceptional brain functioning, using whole brain functioning pattern, to become skillful in the use of the vestibular sense also syntax, you become more superconscious; for instance,

Evidence exists which you should know about; you, can learn how to reverse aging, so, due patterns exists which allow a learnableness, you’re moving toward moor exceptional super conscious being;

I Awareness Is You Experiencing Flow

In i awareness, you’re in an ongoing, outward lived meditation as an experience of flow; you’re not interrupting such with an internal dialogue acting upon celf perpetually; which, if that is the case would inhibit you from seeing a pattern in a stereogram; such, acting upon self, instead of being receptive, is a use of neurology; which, would be shared as is used for pattern recognition; which, can’t be if you’re in there acting upon yourself;

Such, blocks stopping any receptivity; being, an example of polarized analogue; meta-responding not being able to exit from such analogue also state; where, aversion was it would have neurologically been inhibiting one’s frontal cortex; so, the faculty to inspire creative influence of the future is existing as interest as well as pleasure is; a, neuroplastic state, in i awareness,

An, i aware state is left behind as you look upon yourself; you can see what is right; the cerebral hemisphere of your brain is synchronized; areas, ares are absolute quiet; three areas in particular; these three areas which are quiet would ordinarily be engaged in inhibition, dissociation, also incongruency; to engage psynaps as a pattern in the amygdala also tegmentum; which, neurologically inhibits the frontal cortex;

Stimulating activity, in the left parietal lobe, making comparison; also, the anterior frontal dorsal temporal lobe on both sides of your brain; typically, such areas remain quiet during exceptional brain function; which, has a pattern of an epsilon also lambda wave; which, in this state gamma is far more present, which we’ll talk about; also, a multi-reader can show straight away how a synchronization exists; a greater amplitude of energy is available;

New information also configured the frontal cortex is acted on; so, you’re having a feel good component ongoing as your outward lived meditation; which, is not turned on or off; having learned, by witnessing more excellent pattern recognition, an ease of ability to pick out a pattern in a stereogram for instance; yet, to learn about i awareness also to realize various territorial distinction is to now ongoing remain more in a new mindset;

Which, is way beyond a knee-jerk reaction to being generally alway a cognative dissonant state as a response; for, a neural efficiency quota is existed; information is shared between the hemisphere; patterns, cross over through your corpus callosum; a, fiver is connecting hemisphere together; both, are complimenting channel which is below your random phoneme generator is embellished to have within the first attention what is generating properly your outcome as a response; each hemisphere is specializing the expression of mood;

The, left is in pleasantry; the right, in mediation of aversion; interest also pleasure integrates neurology; whole brain function patterning assists learning; also, this article is about gaining more peak performance; for, you’re aware more which allows you a greater neuroplasticity; you’ve learned to access an ongoing i aware state; intelligence relates to regional metabolic rate, negatively correlated; you’re learning how to now have unlocked your genius in your capacity to be a quick learner;

You’re using the vestibular sense to remain integrated, associated, also congruent in life; a neuro efficiency is athletically existing in you along with exceptional cognative function; which, is being activated evermoor, now, ongoing; in task also performance; you can see you're far more effective in life; you can have an innerstanding of course, the world is best managed you do things uniquely;

For, it is an efficient cortical function which is existing, now; as, you’re in a moor high performing state, you have capacity to directly recall such; you can perform complex task applying evermore a neural efficiency of brain circuit; so, far fewer neuron is needed to perform; where, who is performed poorly at the same task typically has a much larger regional metabolic rate going on as well; in other words,

Being in resistance occupies a massive amount of energy which is wasted; so, resource used is minimized; for, intelligence is your capacity to have gone beyond prefixed set patterns of response to have survived; it is the value you’re having inside in your heart more of a unique magnetocardiogram; for, a depolarization criteria is existing; which, in a state of flow shows up; where, in resistance such doesn’t;

For, exceptional brain function always is displayed where the epsilon wave shows up strongly;

Awareness Gained Aging Is Reversible

This researcher has shown observed clinical co empirical evidence how aging is reversible; via, having proper lifecolloid in your intestine; impoverished gut lifecolloid would have caused gene to be expressed far less; you, should know a critical mass of lifecolloid is within you; also, the importance of lifecolloid transmutation terrain is what is kept; otherwise

Lifecolloid could have turned to their own demise; influencing a host only to respond to the outcome; non-symbiotic lifecolloid can have begun to affect your brain function also behavior; for, such lifecolloid in the intestine open lines of communication exist; a symbiotic lifecolloid exists; it is because the terrain existing supports such that you’re absolutely whole;

For, healthy lifecolloid in the intestine is the cause of totality more in performance; a great totality exists between the culture of lifecolloid in your gut; as, a genome correlates highly with peak performance; movement happens to be the broadest pathway to apply to reprogram behavior; to, cause a permanent change, you’re providing the body with a new movement experience; your mind can conceive of new possibility now; for this you is living what you speak, also speaking things your living next; every single word you use has a physiology;

Neuroplasticity in Peak Performance

Flow, experienced is a state without any selective restrictive violation as a response; in a neuroplastic state of i awareness your center being empty as space is; your body including all which is physical as the sun, the moon, is an organ of celf; being, in omnipresence left also right several hemisphere compliment each other being show to be synchronized; as indicated the left portal lobe also anterior frontal dorsal temporal lobe on both sides of the brain can have remained in a quiet state

Where you’re observing exceptional brain function, you're looking at an epsilon lambda wave show up; you can see an actual rhythm also union with the environment more; a greater amplitude of energy is available to you; where the hemisphere of the brain is synchronized; a frontal cortex is activated; so, it is you who is having this feel good component going on;

So, a regional metabolic rate is as you’re unlocking your genius; through the meta vestibular modality applied, you’re remaining with an integrated associated ness more neuro efficiency; so, a noticed resource being applied is minimized; your brain has a cycle every eleven second; being programmed also by the pulse of the sun, which is a twenty six second pulse; the brain as well as the sun have similar cycle; eleven seconds for your brain, eleven years for the sun;

The brain rate investigation is of this researcher examined in the early eighties in New York City equipment applied various feedback set up showing various capacity for one to access states of conscious; like, the lambda also epsilon; the epsilon being a slight dip backward spin which pumps the amplitude up every eleven seconds; the ethmoid organ picks up micropulsation from the earth’s crust, also timing which is pulsed from the sun as well as your own heartbeat;

All carry gamma wave which is the sound of the flute; the earth’s terrestrial energy in response also has a small shake every twenty-six seconds; a fast radio burst also is which can be observed coming across the universe; super consciousness is an epsilon also lambda wave which is a cycle all below half a second; as lambda is where as epsilon is below every eleven seconds; exceptional brain function always exists with gamma far more than those generally around, not in exceptional brain function;

The gamma wave in leader causes all to fall into an alpha rhythm; you can learn more about this in Jubb’s Magnicity; called, exceptional brain function; you can learn more about i awareness, being in a state of flow; with the importance it is for you to display functional structural plasticity; for, your brain to be set up to have pattern recognition automatically;

Requiring a beloved to have more an outward lived outward ongoing meditation, not turned on or off, set up to be at a location or something, not being a natural state of meditation actually; being in a belief like to turn a soul on or off for a specific time also place for this to occur is what is not ongoing as a mediation which is in truth; by learning more about whole brain functioning; love jubbdavid;


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