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Raise A Healthy Child: Raise A Healthy Nation

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Can you imagine being made stateless by a corporation which organized law and order into a fascism where the living is mixed with the dead in a government process? So, a agreement was for a beloved to be left stateless which is criminal; which, that needs to be fixed; you’ve to have a proper verified vote to be able to do this with proper quorum sensing; and, when you don’t you end up with what has happened in Myanmar today in the state of Rakhine; if, you are Rhodingya families is torn apart children made parent-less;

Don't you think this existing you look to see should be corrected immediately? It’,s we the people above any fictional government office; change should occur without any hitch; your, life should be simply made better because you can visit things which need to be corrected straight away;

Looking, into Confucius story you find a tale of a true hero; in, Confucius’s bright you can feel the hero’s journey called forward in yourself; Confucius was also a great man who studied ritual; also, accounting and law and the influence of good parenting; a, tri- une way of thinking was given; which, correlates to the shamanic manner originals also looked at all; so the

Spiritual tradition of Asia and turtle island had similarity in seeking unity consciousness; how, parent child heaven was the way that all was looked through; as, a concept of order; Confucius, certainly you’d see the importance of how you raise a child you raise a family; you, raise a family you raise a village; you, raise a nation; a

Toltec, shaman matter how children are first not second in value; and in the seconds you can value that you have children; in, a priority condition in relation upon the subject; so, it would be in friendship the originals are taught how babies are soothed; and, great approach to nutrition would come about seeing how the originals approached food and even birth and prudence and childhood development; this

Father, did travel around the world and see local families being great with children; where, a diverse environment from socioeconomic; disadvantages, and advantages exist where many can be in civic confinement and entrapment from the culture; yet, you ways see a child culturally; in, unity consciousness as was from the ancient Massa, the moor, and the kush; which, you’ve to read more about this;

Parenting, in your own nation can have some unique approach to raising children; makes, sense where you can have taught that beloved are basically good which is even; the, pattern to create a better world your focus is for your child to be able to relate very well to others; it’s, where parents are doing that to each other such is civic factor raising a healthy adult; of course

Confucius, and many have had great intelligence have had pen and paper for a long time; for, in Confucius time many also seek more what was within as a map; which, could be enriched or less than that; yet, custom can also have parental clashing yet how can anything be if the family unit hasn’t been held together? What’s, the cost of the real estate to have inner-standing relation to have unlimited worth instead of some other resource being above which is dead;

Your, child has all been open to new information and a dissonant state passed on by parenting or surrogate spouse relatedness; which, you could learn more about in this work to cause more whole brain functioning in cognition; and, in the reflection that relate to nature and nurture a perspective gained from the child is toilet trained within the first eight weeks;

Breast, feeding causes proper general arch formation and proper swallowing pattern; and, surfactant given in the breast milk assist with brain function; it’s, vital being a primary substance to have self awareness; what, happens where you introduce nu-toxin at excito-toxic condition; can, cause proper cognitive processing?

What positive connection exists to your community? What is self initiated is installed in the child; and, skills relating to partnering also team building and family building aptitude makes for good leadership; to, allow a child to have all emotion for each your nation has intelligence; such, is you this way for natural to pay attention to focus where a child is with some task and attention not to introduce other things into that over the top of it; yet

Motivation, is by learning growing, achieving and having recognition; motivational, needs can be needed; the, values of remaining open to a view to be able to speak what the other point of view is where someone else is; good, parenting is reminding and being of perfect detachment as a parent child relation questioning cleverly position in narrative as import in various nation around the world; you, raise a healthy child you can raise a healthy nation; and how to do you manage polarization and also no exiting from where some program was; and, not easy it is to have a sleep wake cycle;

And, what a child pays attention to as the setting of some goal is the mode of paying attention; is, for the rest of life; you’re, getting things done; self, initiated; a, child can often before the end of the day have considered various goals one can achieve and consider getting done the next day; yet, it’s by modeling by a parent and what is passed on to you in the way you can transform emotion with insight to admiration and affection;

One, learns the value of loss and grief is the single most maturing emotion; for, there is a lot more to parent and the reward achieved a mind falls silent; compassionate communication is better than an anti-psychotic medication; from, whats natural all is existing in this way; to, be as a nation in politic and improvement none would say that child hood parenting community, along with being social is similar to lifefood nutrition, gender egalitarianism, fitness, so playfulness is; love, jubbdavid


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