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Revealing Who Is Living: Versus Fictional Only

Wo/man, is this beloved specie; this, is the title right flows from; such, is title you hold the title; if, you don’t what is the reason why title doesn’t exist? Like, a man; or a woman; you, can see the tree of course but you can’t see the forest; you, can see a forest as a conglomerate yet individual title is where right flows; otherwise, forest you’d agree is more fictional; a,

Tree, isn’t fictional; it’s, a real noun; forest, is a pronoun; mary, can say something; pasquali could; and, the living is speaking from title to the living who is receptive of title; it’s, a maximum of import of ecclesiastical value in logic that you only can join like with like; an, intelligence quota is as you’re good with putting like with like; it’s,

Pretty, messed up as an intelligent quotient as you’ve not necessarily been doing this; can, you note the picture bigger seen what’s being pointed out is to you is the living who is real and that’s not a stagnant spot; the, living you’d agree can not be mixed up with chattel in the same list in the same category; right? For, it’s, put in your bond you’ve a reversionary interest in; which,

Is, you who is real which is the unlimited real estate traded as a nation; it’s, the stock being sovereign bought and bet upon; which, something about that isn’t right yet you’re not going to tell me that this value is equivalent to gold, oil, or drugs; who, spoke their lips were lying; they, weren’t telling you it is the living being who is the asset who is cared for such being protected; so

You, and all wake up to immediately what the value is of your nation; and, you can see what is natural is decentralized and of a quality circle where no waste is; such, is ecological; there, isn’t a reason at all for all the combusted engine that’s flintstone; it’s, archaic; its, dirty and heavy; as, unlimited clean energy is that’s ecological where energy can be drawn on demand like in jubb’s red device;

Combustibles, just really don’t fit yet it’s the slop troph for the few; knowing, the truth you see a past golden age technology surpassed the present which is obvious; so, the establishment comes to be selected around the globe as a republic at peace; the, big MIC costs way too much to uphold; something, is the path of least resistance; yet, under CB-cowo usury once the charge of genocide is discharged positive inducted currency is that debt is discharged as an alliance of law movement is around the globe; such

Models, decentralization via smart contract; for, all you could read more about this work; currency is equal for everyone for all time; so, what you’ve done by joining into the eclipse movement stopping usury and getting rid of legal name fraud and common law trespass on your bond; you, stop the hijacking like what has happened to this father as well as his son; as, private property is protected;

Title, is the currency of account which is unlimited; in, a positive inducted economy where all works because a mission exists to be funded; the, asset created is equivalent to currency spent; earned and used in free enterprise; modern, medicine you live in a world which is defined by medicine keeping people amused while nature had taken its course;

Looking, at religion to define such you can see it's the submission to authority for the sake of certainty; something, exists within this which is about your and my agentic state; for, you and i being is obedient more to what is logical; for, it's the pen which is mightier than the sword; and, this is the equity interest in any personal discretion taken done by due diligence to uphold title right flows from; for,

No, scarcity of any resource exists; you’re, living more as a lifefoodarian applying lifefood agrarianism; you, learn about lifehouse sustainable community; media, and currency is decentralized and is tied to governance; dot, alm as a server assists with CO2 you learn assist with grid production and global warming from such is an utter false concept; it, doesn’t model any carbon fourteen put; the

Concept, of CO2 having been increased is totally incorrect; too, many things are would you agree? Okay, its as currency is positively inducted and decentralized created from verified vote and dot alm server; it’s, as venue is from the land; this, is who the living is joining with the living; it’s, we the people who have joinder which is common custom okay? A few points to consider; love, jubbdavid;


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