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Stopping Overreactivity: Apply WBF With Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Hypnosis Has Highest Rate of Success vs. All Other Therapeutic Intervention

Many, you can agree to note, don’t consider the psychosomatic part of any condition; some, often, where allergic reaction is especially can be seen how wrongful use of the vestibular meta-modality is the cause of the body’s overreactivity; to give an example, one day i happened to come into a home where a ten year old was having a severe reaction;

A thought was, ‘a piece of a nut had come in;’ enzymes, are needed to break things down; as the body needs enzymes as well as a pattern of non-reactiveness installed no allergy is afterward; what happened that early evening was for me to go over to the ten year old; who, i could see was floundering, screaming on the floor; parents, poised to call nine-eleven to get an ambulance; during the commotion, i bent down close to the ten year old to whisper in the ten year old’s ear,

“Would it be okay to stop for a moment while i address [the ten year old’s] parents; so a better solution can be experienced rather than having been taken to the hospital?”

Immediately, the “allergic behavior” stops; meanwhile, i address the parents; asking, if it is okay that a solution is at hand and the child is fine; and, no need is for an ambulance; talking to the child’s parents, while the child listened to me discuss the possibility that: nothing is actually present; now; and if it is alright, we’ll just go about our regular business for the evening;

The state the son had accessed now, as an experience, can be wired in; so, calm emptiness would exist instead of a more reactedness… if that is okay; i am sharing this story with you because, if you apply Jubb’s cell rejuvenation (while you apply such more with whole brain function patterning) you’re getting a more intensive therapeutic; anyone can tell you, compassionate communication is far better than an “antipsychotic” drug;

Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation combined with wbf patterning, blocks and stops angiotensin release; without angiotensin, such doesn’t have to be converted by enzyme inhibitor at the ACE1 receptor; otherwise, a Compulsive Obsessive Disorder can show how ACE1 receptor is triggered more to have more histamine along with fluid leakage; which, creates more rash and skin discoloration;

If, you look empirically you can see (like this researcher) how wbf patterning reduces the associated condition going on where someone has facial or oropharyngeal angioedema; which, also can have initiated conditions like reflexive coughing for instance, heartburn, anxiety; such, fear placed (unnecessary) will have increased bradykinin level; a, reactedness is blocked by proper use of the vestibular meta-modality; not to have an incorrect state of alarm (being with what is aversive); otherwise,

Increased bradykinin level and relatedness from the antagonistic level of bradykinin which where Compulsive Obsessive Disorder is fear, fight, flight, fright mode causes overreacted ness; which, a necessary enzymatic degradation exists by bradykinin by ACE1 receptor; yet,

By reprogramming the brain to have no reactedness totally stops bradykinin release; otherwise, such overreactedness can go on to cause severe allergic reaction to a venom, or the sight of a spider; where, also anaphylactic shock is; all such overreactedness impedes, compounding, and adds rather than reduce by the “state of response had;”

Programming can reduce angiotensin release; histamine reaction does not incur; so, there is no adrenal and no increased inflammation; like a nervous tick all where you can see beloved are institutionalized will spend a day picking at a sore, continuously having an uncontrolled histamine response; such, can be moderate, even acute or chronic as a behavior; older beloved suffering from Compulsive Obsessive Disorder can have itched the skin having scratched scabs off skin legion and sore; which, is called mastocytosis in neurology;

An, overeactedness in the system isn’t designed properly to handle where delusion is; for, what is imagined and what is real your body perceives the same way; something typical it is where Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a range of other behaviors can exist; which, relate to “messed-nest syndrome,” collecting what is not sustainable having behavior also which is obsessive being unsustainable;

Heartburn, Skin Rash, And Anxiety Clear Up

In i awareness, no internal dialogue exists anymore; it, takes time for all that to get chipped away; this researcher has had great success managing blood pressure as well as teaching whole brain patterning; stopping over breathing, bring calcium level to be normal as a result; otherwise, anxiety, skin rash, various heartburn condition, can have remained as a prejudices in the manner of how this beloved responds;

Where allergic reaction could have been, a Compulsive Obsessive Disorder is; so, wherever a lesion is a body responds behaviorally; to have histamine released at that sight, beyond what would be normal; all kind of tiny capillary membrane leak interstitial fluid; which, accumulates in the connective tissue and skin; which, is the cause of aging pigment to be deposited in the skin where such is occurred; so

Rash (up to twenty percent at least), can be impacted simply by psychosomatics; also, being called “hives;” which, is because the vestibular sense is amplified some adverse state connected to a trigger; for instance a whole brain functioning state, an anchored pleasant response is; wherever some histamine could be eaten in the food, a pleasant response stimulates the release of diamine oxidase; which perfectly breaks the histamine down in lifefood consumed; yet otherwise

Heartburn, also anxiety is because histamine release is the body explaining a sense of something not felt correct overall; so, most aren’t considerate really of the psychosomatic component of any allergy; which, as the body has a new movement experience wired in, the mind can perceive new possibility; so, key point in this article is: an “overactive state” excessive bradykinin peptide would have been released which would have promoted more inflammation;

Lipofuscin aging pigment can be deposited around the region of the connective tissue; compulsive reactiveness releases prostacyclin, centric oxide; also, endothelium derived hyperpolarizing factor; causing vein restriction along with such; for prostate gland and F2 is released; omega six fat excess, along with the molecule of death being consumed as prion would continue to inhibit proper cell function; for

All, compounding is the cause of where a lesion is beyond normal capillary leakage at the site; exacerbated by attention wrongfully into a body part; also, exacerbated by internal dialogue being of over breathing; to be hypocapnic overall; (meaning loss of) which, compounds allergic response; causing, evermore histamine overreactivity otherwise; all such is blocked through the use of whole brain functioning patterning; a, psychosomatic impact occurs on various glands including the brunner gland;

Psychosomatic Impact of Brunner Gland Function

A, loss of sweetness of life, having oppositional defiance as a child, primarily having used polarization also meta-responding can have other habits of overeating and overdoing certain things; an, anxious state overall all quick to be triggered into aversion; and, tantrum mode; not having the ability to let go of anything impacts your colon emptying; excessive internal dialogue always raises more acid; which, draws upon nutrient that the brunner gland would produce; for instance

Urogastrone, which is epidermal growth factor; also, secretin, mucin glycoprotein, bicarbonate, trefoil peptide; also, natural paciferin; you have protein needing to be protected so protease inhibitor is released; all such indicated above is necessary to produce body mucosa and heal epithelial cell; which, line and cover the interior passage of the body which fluid travels through;

Having chakra open, the voice would naturally come from the belly; otherwise, unnecessary congestion along with poor circulation can inhibit anabolic steroid production also gonadal hormone secretion; such, is a reason to consider whole brain patterning also nutrient which can assist as Jubb’s formula like the anabolic steroid; for, her and him to have labido, proper levels of testosterone is necessary; such

A steroid, is synthesized from cholesterol; released from various cells in his and her body; like, cells in the ovaries; also, the leydig cells in the testes; so, having proper whole brain functioning patterning alongside practicing Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation such a program assists by:

  • Elevating proper protein synthesis

  • Insuring optimal body composition

  • Regulating libido also performance

So, a key point here in this beloved is how healthy beloved have behavior which supports proper levels of testosterone; for instance, healthy beloved is producing greater than five nano-grams per milliliter; all, such is necessary in the body to even cause insulin growth factor one to be present; for you to have maintained proper immune function, you increase your body mass, and reduce the percentage of fat in relation to protein; to have stimulated such fat to be melted away by a process called lipolysis;

So, like the leydig cell produces the majority of testosterone for males as indicated; female produce testosterone by a cell in the ovary, adrenal gland, fat, also skin cell; testosterone is highly significant for her as well as him; androgen precursor in formula can assist life colloid in intestine cause you to have proper level of precursor element for the adrenal glands to produce DHEA; observing enough DHEA you can see all other androgen as estrogen, testosterone, also progesterone; for instance

Testosterone, you’re going to find fifteen to seventeen nanogram per deciliter on average in women; as well as three hundred to one thousand nanogram per deciliter on average found in male; keep, in mind behavior is the cause of homeostasis and balance and an array of information molecule; maybe, something you consider more the psychosomatics of any condition; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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