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Written on the Road By jubb david


Occurred, has what? Awake ness, is only seven plus or minus two chunks of information; dreaming, isn’t reliable; and, deep sleep isn’t too reliable; yet, Awareness, is without the mind having been influenced; otherwise, feeling, listening; and, viewing conveyed possibly exploit: yet, isn’t that what’s actually happening? On, a full scale basis under negative economic inductance; thus,

Points, relating to the eclipse movement is you become educated that shouting is less effective than subliminal workings: it, so happens that what’s positive has a value of plus one; yet, what’s negative has a value of minus five; a, sign that says “Danger Reduce Your Speed” is better than a sign that says “Slow Down”; so,

Eclipse, announcement services the public to educate messages conveying to subliminal use; whole, brain functioning the brain is set up to avoid harm via wiring; it’s, general you move toward what’s pleasurable; and, away from what’s not pleasurable; yet, bambie isn’t going to forget where the tiger is;

Danger, warning is a sign environmental condition is to be paid attention to; you, don’t wait for your subconscious ness to become triggered when danger is presented; clearly, it’s to your advantage isn’t it?

You, pay attention to danger for what you’d avoid don’t you: minus, five in energy units conclusively demonstrates that a message’s subliminal value shown via action word and facial expression observed unconsciously; what, you are to have avoided you have a greater value energetically; assisting, imprint such; you, have been able to survive;

Messages, are imbedded inside other words; and, sentence structure combined; how, words are arranged; can, convey another meaning subliminally; and, can strengthen the surface meaning; what’s juxtaposed; shape color sound and a feeling is being portrayed;

yet, why not be more intelligent in such usage? What, teaches you about such; you, can read the path of hollow bones;

Discussion, herein applies a phonetic emerged; attribute, to your listening syntax interaction in conversation discourse marks identity; subliminal communication engages semiotics where image information communicated triggers perceptive awareness below the three states of consciousness mentioned above; this, researcher learned such analogue sculpting from cloud two children;

love jubb david xxx


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