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Synthetic Biology; Chemtrails; Morgellons; HAARP; Plastic biological life; Black Budget and NASA pt2

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Oslo, Norway

Propaganda can come to an end; the Babylonian idea of fear of nuclear attack; their own white hats as Stockholm Syndrome. Yet that hand is not in America. It plays and pays for both sides so that they fight against each other. A qui tam lawsuit can incur and all that would change if people would again own the growth of their own money supply.

On the 22nd and 23rd of August, 2011 CIA underground cities of military bases were destroyed by a 5.8 Richter scale earthquake. It was very strong and extremely shallow: nine miles south of Mineral, VA the earthquake epicenter incurred. Chemtrails have caused Morgellons disease: this is nano particles of mixed plastic and biological tissue that is growing out of peoples bodies.

Lifecolloid, lifefood and Jubb’s cell rejuvenation can be applied to assist to clear toxins away. Plastic fibers are growing in peoples bodies in Morgellons disease.

Spraying the skies with no care for the children; NASA and NATO planes are being used by the hand above the government to spread trans-human trash; plastic fused with biological nano particles and growth by pleomorphism and symbiosis.

Pixels are put in and out of pictures so the sheep can’t figure anything out like what is real and what is not; like aliens; yet nano particles are fused with lifecolloids and anthropods; you can’t see them (the nanoparticles) and insects, worms and fibers emerge from these. That is what the hand above the government has done. Synthetic biology can fuse to kill all. Hydro gels are being used in the sky as Chemtrails to simply create a cell assembly relying upon very little DNA. That can grow, repair and evolve. A morphogenic field is emitted into space, causing polymerization in membrane bound volume. Monomers are applied externally and are transported into cell membranes to support the replication process.

Catalyzers are being used to grow new bodies in bodies already existing and fuse and create new types of life. Yet a monster experiment to wipe out as in the Georgian guide posts growth can also be regulated.

Nanoparticles are being incorporated so it can have its own signature. Some say NASA, a headless corporation activated by the hand above the government with no right to life, liberty, freedom and happiness. Morgellons has destroyed all right to life of nature and NASA has its name up there. This is the hand above the governments design to wipe out all the people and all life as we know it. Plastic fibers can be produced out of someone’s skin like the thorns of a prickly cactus that can wriggle like a small octopus-like worm. You can eat lifefood and do cell rejuvenation.

Colloidal biology explains how lifecolloid aspergillus niger and mucor racemosus are being grown with nano particle plastics to fuse people to become more plastic. Like black mold fungus found in earth fused from all different places. You breathe at least 40 mold spores every hour from the environment. Spores create parasites to arise in people’s blood.

That is the hand above the governments design to wipe out all people until only 500,000,000 are left. WOW that is a lot of people. Razor blade like objects can grow out of one’s skin all living in biofilm. All sorts of life forms can grow out of this biofilm. See Jubb’s books Cell Rejuvenation and Secrets of an Alkaline Body.

Are you on the red or blue list for FEMA? Two weeks before martial law red listed people will be killed and blue listed will be brainwashed. Yellow is low threat and will be mostly starved. You will be placed in camp as 666.

Morgellons is out of X files, your skin is crawling with organisms from Chemtrails. Purposefully spraying toxins; bugs crawl beneath the skin and plastic fibers and threads grow inside the body that poke out of the skin.

In 1970 Senate hearings, it was shown the hand above the government was allowed to test weapons on the public in the 40’s. The sky is like a giant checker board. People of the USA have been sprayed and experimented on up until the year 2000. Trans humans to augment the human body creating a post human. Lifelong calibration of the brain – this is the world of nanotechnology and also artificial intelligence.

HAARP is creating a hive mind of Stockholm Syndrome. Aerobiology is creating new hybrid species, even fluorescent which are transported in droplets of water to your skin. Currently cruel experiments are done on animals that would shock you. Even humans are allowed to be tested on. There is 50 billion dollars being spent to develop biological terror organisms by the war machinery in the USA.

Biological toxin is produced by dysbiotic organisms that keep infection and don’t draw attention and there is no political back lash. How is that, eh?

All can be acquired by breathing in air: that is it. Aerosolizing is to infect and have mass casualties. Biosensors and chips and plugs can sense and make accurate measurements of your body. Robotic sensors as bio-weapon devices miniaturized to nano particles are being put into your body right now by Chemtrails. Fibers in colloidal biology can act like a cell. Biological functions are used by applying enzymes and plasma membranes; magnetic micro mechanical and plastic and blood and insect and shell and bio-film. Aspergillus

makes up nerve and muscle tissue and mucor racemosus makes up vascular tissue.

Enzymes are used to cut and splice genome together and spray it as a biological weapon. It is unsuspecting and more politically correct that no back lash can be incurred. Deep underground bases are called Dumps: they were stocked with food and supplies and connected by mach I transport super rail trains. Will you be saved or go quickly into the night? The underground bases bombed in America were messages to stop yet Chemtrails continue. SAARS was targeting Asians so after that things could not be the same again. Yet Chemtrails has ever increased at the moment with no let up. No one has been able to stop this. It is like there is no government and all is like a pri-son planet. How do you feel about getting shells, insects, bird, animal bacteria, mold, fungus, plastic, petroleum, heavy metal, a nano-particle fused bio-chemical soup sprayed on you? Aspergillus niger, mildew, black mold, arthrobotrys oligospora and nematode trapping fungus. Remember that you breathe regularly 40 mild spores every hour on average and if you are healthy you can manage it. All colloidal biology produces its own biofilm to live within. Microcillial hyphae reach out to other biofilm and incur quorum sensing to impregnate the other biofilm. Even sea parasites are in the mix. New novel lifecolloid grow and form. Sticky knobs are extruded, excreted and build up into crystals that can grow into razor blades that are painful to get out of your skin. Arthrobotrys oligospora creates traps, rings, nooses and rascos to catch and strangle nematodes. Much new life can arise up out of the biofilm being created by chemtrail spraying through symbiosis and pleomorphism.

NASA’s signature is being found. NASA sponsors “BrandAuthen” a quantum dot technology to assist recognize who owns what pattern. It is a nano brand recognition system to know who owns the pattern of what new life that is created. UV light applied under the microscope exposes symbols and writing codes and branding. A wound can grow plastic fiber, insects, anthropod, and worms that painfully emerge.

The hand above the government has given itself the right to create synthetic biology. NASA has worked on this for the last 40 years to create artificial life to perform therapeutic and diagnostic tasks as a front. Yet the idea was to create a cell having little DNA that has all properties of living including growth evolution and reproduction. Morgellons fiber hydro gel and other nutrient material do some eight listed things in NASA’s scheme.

Spraying metal oxides in the sky can be used by HAARP to be an electromagnetic reflector and dispersant of toxic poison to kill people. A chemtrail is not a contrail but army dropping of chaff from the sky. The US Air force grounded 100’s of KC1-35 jet tankers to fix their tails and during that time all chemtrails stopped except for 2 locations. This event incurred in the year 2000. After their return to service chemtrails resumed. All this material does fall from the sky. It is warfare on the people. It is known that millions have been involved in chemical warfare as guinea pigs so poison could be tested for the past 40 years.

Silent super bugs have been created by genetic engineering. Morgellons was purposefully created by applying pleomorphism and symbiosis of nature to wipe out the present population as indicate above and to create trans human synthetic beings.

An eclipse movement on the earth can have a moratorium ASAP to change this evil put on all of us. You just have to tick a box YES you want reform in banking, the judicial process, health, environment, military, etc.


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