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Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Getting, involved in an initial ALM offering; how, can you get started? A, follow up white paper for details:

Introducing, the ALM as a currency for all beloved; for, such an ALM is a stable unit; equivalent, to an atomic hour; the, ALM is as you clearly see; authentically, created from open sourced standards; we’re, building the largest movement the worlds ever seen; we, are changing the politic and getting rid of usury; so, obviously the ALM is owned by all; playing, a role in what’s required for us to have a successful; movement; in, getting involved you get the white paper details to know how to get started up; so,

Core, pillar in the ALM is a covenant that is what a block chain is; coming, from an office of trust; This, initial ALMs offering is to assist; fund; this, open sourced service; thats, given to all of us; The, eclipse is an initial ALMs offering; All, beloved should own the initial ALMs offering; as, all owned equally in the creation; of the ALM; Continuing, to note The, value of an ALM being mined in the initial ALM offering is equivalent to what time is existent to; on another note the ALM is being applied and being bought and sold in exchange; is designed in the algorithm to only be applied to supply and demand; The initial ALM offering is something in perpetuity; and, not some process that just ends; so as you can see

The, fundamental challenge that other currencies could have had; is, in this moment equivalent to twenty-two euro dollars/hour; What, causes the ALM to grow and continue is; there, is no ending gimmick; intended, design to give you a basic living; assist, you to pay your bills; to, be a true world currency as other ideas as; and, to save some; what, you might consider about the ALM being decentralized; that, such being of a stable value and perpetuity is such and logical as such can degree your service of value; is, such sending logic to you; are, you getting the big picture yet?

Giving, service to create; now; initial, focus on the ALMs offering is really in defining and communicating who is working on various products and services that reflect to the ALM; and, what is in eclipse; and, what is in this for all that are contributing; the, success of the ALM campaign across the earth are shown by the beloved who are connecting in; so, whats further being talked about is

To, protect all who have a trust amongst ourselves; who, have invested in this public trust; established, public ledger for this earth; in, the interest that you have where you are, can be more clearing defined and determined for you and articulated; an, oracle called .now;

The, ALM avoids the idea of any member; being crucial, or critical; and, the ALM and work is openly available to you that is a computer programmer to assist and be paid in ALM for such; apps, and what is created everyone knows is being refined and what is beneficial about the ALM, there is no lack of high knowledge professionals all the work pertains to all of us; work, to;

Conversation, at the moment is buzzing about;

eclipsenow, is to get rid of usury changing the politics and building the biggest movement the world has ever seen; Go, ahead and look at the white paper that was given to you in the initial ALM offering, in this moment those of us who are supporting going forward for eclipsenow; the, ALM is in a beta stage; proof, of the concept is what is there for you up front that way will put up a platform for you; all, of us being involved having a public ledger; if, you review the literature you will see concepts that are being expressed similar to what this is about; so, you can;

Make, a verifiable vote for to put a moratorium on government to put a stop to banking; for, one lunar eclipse year; incentives, for the ALM to be supported in its rising, you can be given a premium value of an ALM; an, escrow account can be put in a fund where such can other than have been successful; most want to know that you’re investment is protected, and it should be that for an investor thats an early bird, thats given a discount in investing, contributes in the first phase in the getting it up phase; transparency, that you and I have is of a face validity that you can be of a full consent of the ALM is being made under a public trust;

All, contribution is collected in a multi-signature account with the name and key holders, open to be announced to public; such keys I hold by, a beloved; several, otherwise; who is involved in the project, in a trust, that guarantees a right to safety; for, who is investing; a, process is in placed for full returning to any contributor; that, success that can not been reached of; however, challenges that come up all seem to be challenges that can easily be worked out, in this moment most our fed up with an idea of someone owning the service that someone has; antiquated; monopolized service; obviously, it sounds like;

The, ALM has the power to get attention in the market thats going; for, it has the process of egalitarianism in the process of forty some years long; communication, has happened for a verifiable vote in the moratorium that is a beloveds existing in the world; such, is being open the ALM can be tweaked in its getting up phase; the, main channel where you are is really social media and all the forms that exist; has professionals to see between the audiences of websites to get the highest potential out reach has all been considered; a, great deal of discussion and many years of work has gone into getting rid of usury and what the ALM is about and ALMing this movement

Apps, are being applied in platforms such as waves; that, is what allows the covenant of a block chain start up; the, ALM is in minutes no cost, listed in its own exchange can be easily be found by investors, eclipse to donate necessary funding; this, approach to arming a movement an effort is associated more with the apps that all of us own, where such gives the public control of the ALM development and service to you to provide efficiency in the world to you and all over; so, can you participate in the discussion eclipsenow main product is the ALM and to get rid of negative conductive usury; the, ALM is created by jubb david, who has to point five billion dollars of insurance and has organized a three hundred million set off bond, and all is put by what is lawful that trust is in this office and not profit; by, now are you getting an overall view of what the ALM is about and how revolutionary it is; for, it is no reason for us to go about old way this is a new day to come from an office of trust in this time and not profit usury is getting rid for once and for all time; now, remembering what has been discussed;

The, covenant is a word for the block chain; this, is public without any story of any scam; for, you can participate in such more freely with such being validity to you; no one can say the ALM isn’t genuine and the design open source to all is a form to keep you updated; you are continuously being updated to these that you can pass on to others that can help in this initial campaign; ok? Love jubb, david


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