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Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The, alm of this eclipse movement is the name of the currency which is being forwarded of economic egalitarianism; such, a covenant in the alm is an initiated blockchain ledger; this, covenant is shared between all beloved; and, is a modular design completely programmable; this, is something that everyone right now should take a look at; because, this engaging the most functional programming; which, is OCaml; if, you take a look this is the language applied in the programming of the alm;

The, alm has the ability to support meta-upgrade; this, is a learnable protocol of engagedness and amendedness of code; the, alm starts with a defined procedure of a verifiable transaction; and, a way for you as a customer to amend such; and, even being able to participate in having the currency service be made user friendly; and, growable; so, first;

The, alm as indicated above; is, of a program language involving a functional programming; and, critical design of service is to have a long term learnableness of the alm’s governance; yet, all is put of the alm such is stable in perpetuity; a, governing style called the Nomic style; engages, a self-defining potential stable decision and rule making process; that, assists give you the design decision and governance necessary; for, this to be a service for everyone; open sourcable; and,

Decision, made always is based upon the weight of evidence; policy, is being directed to assist with; all, needed would be for someone to supply data; and, proof of claim; and, verify such; the, alm is a fiat currency asset back based; and, is applying a novel verifying covenant as a blockchain; and, such a covenant is engaging distinct protocols; such, is sensitive to discover covenant blocks; and, be able to broadcast transaction;

A, validated work; verifiableness, of transaction specifics; makes, transactions valid; such, is a consensus based upon trust; and, is put for all as a service; an, alm is mined by a covenant; via, various beloved caring to participate in work for holding storage space; such, a mining involves the multiple signature transactions of prior covenant provided random participants mining; mining, and assisting in the transaction; some, small reward is offered by the system itself;

A,safety deposit is applied and can be forfeited in transactions not being valid; the, covenant is of a Fibonacci cycle of a couple thousand block fractal; and, each cycle such a random fruit is derived from the numeral collected by the block miners;

Tracking, where transactions come from; is, applying an allocation right; and, a verifying of a right to a specific location in this next cycle of activity; Mining, an alm assists with available GPU and CPU cycles; and, this is a new way for all to assist fund worthy projects; storage, space is done in the system by those mining; and, the programming code at this moment is being put in Ocaml language; that, verifies smart contracts; and, verifies transaction taken; an, alm’s usage rising; is, designated to grow; via, logarithm kept; and, alm being kept as a covenant equal to a standard hour; world, over in perpetuity;

How about continuing to be outcome orientated; you, are getting involved in ending usury and war; with, positive economic inductance; check out the ALM constitutional electronic currency and start a pre launch account at; be first in receiving initial alms offering love, jubb david


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