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The Shamanic State of Being Is In i Awareness Beyond a Mental Construct

Witnessing, being i aware is this timeless reality; set, within a three-dimensional universal awareness over your wakeful state; this, state of being is beyond all attribute; for, observing further this is i awareness which is giving existence to a body as the mind’s experience of itself; this, is i you have awareness of being beyond time also space; for, both time also space such is merely a mental construct; as, to this i being beyond, you know you are this i forever; one, is aware; for, the world includes your body also mind; as, i is beyond any mental construct; for, it is in reality awareness over these other few states of deep sleep, dreaming, also wakefulness; for, what is real isn’t a feeling, hearing, nor seeing;

Neither, the doing or speaking; for, all such is what you are aware is put in front; for, such is simply happening; one, is aware all such is in touch of this awareness of i; on, this level of i nothing is absolute; empty, space is stellar with care simple; which, is all matter; which, is temporary in relation to this i; for, this i is aware; for, all is as what this is; if you look deeper into this which is supporting, sustaining, beloved all as bodies of consciousness in space; i, is this universal omnipresent being; which, is from stillness, silence, and transparency;

For, this is super conscious; this, is a state of being effortless; it’s, like the work of the rock: tireless, endless; such, is all which is continuously drawn inward; for, this state being i aware this is you finding indivisible, absoluteness; for, such all sensory isn’t needed to have such awareness; perception, being aware isn’t necessary; a, mind was knowing this; cloud, taught here on turtle island this toltec tradition; a shamanic state of being you’d be learning to have awareness of; two, conditions relating to consciousness; the first is, a conscious witnessing you and I have; the, body has; which, the toltec called your first attention;

Another, second attention we’re talking about is awareness over these other three states; including, wakefulness; for, such is a limited phenomenon; wakefulness itself is only seven plus or minus two chunks of information at any one time; i awareness is this second attention you have; which, is awareness which is witnessing consciousness; which, is perception; which, is aware that you as the body is perceiving; this, second attention is always looking over everyone; so, you have this who is real; also, you have the body as the mind’s experience as fiction; all, in i awareness has no divisibleness;

To, be receivable such relates more to awareness of i; so, finishing up, the key point here is: this, which is timeless in a three D universal witnessing; this, being we’ve talked about here is beyond all attribute; for, it is this i who gives existence for you to have a mind; without i, no perception the body could have had; for, such is only possible, i is; love, jubbdavid;


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