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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Healing Neoplasm with Citric Acid, Lactic Acid and Alkaline Elements Dr. David Jubb

27 August 2011

Oslo, Norway

Neoplasm is not caused by a cellular reproductive anomaly; and, chemotherapy destroys quality of life and is a scientific squalor. Neoplastic condition is body colloidal organelle tissue aggregating, fusing and differentiating into bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast; leaving its mutual lived assisted form as double spore building blocks of cell interior organelle; and by AFD (aggregating, fusing and differentiating) becoming bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast instead inside of a cell; then growing fungal hypha; and then growing into an adjacent cell; then body encystment or ulceration.

You can use specific antibodies to candida to observe malignant melanoma. Psoriasis of the skin is a form of neoplasm. Yet all symptoms are “masking” and arise from a compromised bile bladder, and, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract. Neoplasm arises primarily from connective tissue (without humoral defense) becoming mold, fungus and yeast; and the body encysting or ulcerating the condition; that’s all. Dysbiotic lifecolloid as: bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast is made up out of a double spore building block; and can be down regulated back into its double spore building block stage by: lactic acid, citric acid, and alkaline element as has been observed and meticulously confirmed under sophisticated microscopic technique.

Bi-carb naturally released by the bile liver and pancreatic juice is what typically gives a body its proper humoral and digestive defense against dysbiotic lifecolloid as: bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast, or, for the matter being discussed here, blocking cellular interior organelle from AFD (aggregating, fusing and differentiation) into dysbiotic fermentative lifecolloid. For this you require good liver function, and a therapeutic action that moves and clears body toxin causing bile to flow.

Candida as mold can have penetrated the wall of the intestine and at any time filamentatious hyphae can penetrate all pores and space and leave behind its mold life form. All can understand how a spider can inject venom that liquefies its meal into a blood that can be drunk. Candida produces numerous mycotoxins including gliotoxin which is a cytotoxin (kills cells). A localized infection alone can cause toxic enzyme to be passed throughout the body. Yet, by raising lactic acid; citric acid; and alkaline element differential analysis on blood shows it not to be able to culture bacteria, mold, fungus nor yeast.

A slide of blood from a fast food meal of dead food shows fungal forms growing so fast across the slide it can be difficult to keep pace with the speed of growth of fungal form in the blood across the slide for the microscopist. Neoplastic condition generally has a tough fibrin exterior that requires fibrolytic enzyme as in lumberkinase and other fibrin enzyme found in the lifecolloid. By applying Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation and lactic acid, citric acid, and alkaline element, the author has seen neoplastic tumors dissolved. Taking an approach that considers colloidal biology put forward; many symptoms are really “masking” one universal condition. Typically a bile insufficiency and celiac disease is this condition. You need proper weak organic acid in the blood that act as the primary blood pH buffer. The blood uses weak organic acid to transport spare electrons. Having necessary electrons present down regulates all more advanced dysbiotic lifecolloid back into its double spore building block; and this then becomes healthy blood. In 1997 six hundred and twenty nine million people visited traditional medicine while only three hundred and eighty six million visited synthetic drug and surgical approaches in the United States.

Mold as a dysbiotic lifecolloid can have arisen from cell tissue lifecolloid organelle as double spores by AFD and can have formed multinucleated cells etc. Chemo treatment fungi can easily exploit; for all element that weakens the body tone compromises body metabolism allowing an over acid hypoxic (lack of oxygen) micro-niche condition where body tissue double-spore building blocks by AFD transform into mold, fungus and yeast encystment or ulceration known as neoplasm. Yet, bring in weak organic acid like: lactic acid, also malic and citric acid, along with alkaline element and bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast down regulate back to their double spore building block stage.


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