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Thriving in Economic Well Being by Ridding Ourselves of Usury

Prosperity, you always find around new ideas; for what is innovative is outcome orientated which is what prosperity is more; thriving, is describing what is robust; where economic egalitarianism is, well-being can be for the whole world; not, until usury is got rid of; yet, you have to look at what opportunity is; this, can start by what successful people do is they picture themselves in a future paced moment in a state of prosperity;

One can be sitting, or standing, could be reading or listening; yet, you can see yourself as you look back having had success; you’ve had a focus on thriving and economic well-being for you as well as your family and nation; sitting, having had success in the future, looking back, you’re looking at how you engage more a multi-stage process; you, quietly observe how woke you’ve been as you have self-initiated, partnered, and gained everything because you really are good at team building;

You’re thriving, having economic well-being, because what you have done is totally improve the efficiency; also, how effective you are; and, whether you knew it or not, being outcome oriented like this is the function you have of good leadership; as, someone is sitting in the future having had success; one, looks back, one can see at any moment where one was one had a pattern of continued success by having chunked things down where you are;

Typically, what is successful in what you’re doing is how your organization gained because you’ve applied a better idea improve such along with what material, even device; you, did this because what has been important is you can see is you’ve been open fully to a state of novelty; within such a state, you’ve see you have introduced innovation, idea, also service; which, your effort in what you can see, every day continuously added value; for

It was a ritual daily you had; you, completely renewed yourself; for, your base inside yourself was a focus of having all be up to date; being, in a whole brain function state you can have been in i awareness; where the mind has been thoroughly receptive; for, a more simple, elegant technique, as also, introduced new idea; for, you’re looking you can see it’s been your goal ongoing to have discovered, then implemented what you’ve found which is new;

You, see you’ve conditioned yourself to observe experience of thriving; especially as where connecting about economic well-being; you, see how you’ve reduced everything which was unnecessary; like, a yacht prepared for a race; even all small things of its weight; reducing the load, caused you to travel faster through the water; prosperity in thriving, applies a fitness in success you have; in terms not just with wealth, yet, also wealth and happiness; so,

Why not flourish more now? You keep a vigilance toward good fortune; you, can see this being future paced automatically; things you feel, hear also see around yourself, in this future moment, paced; as you arrive, trigger automatically to become more incurred inside; for, you can see yourself having excelled, having gone more to the higher place; life, is lived more abundantly; you’re rewarded for living a faithful life, with material wealth;

It is giving what really is not sharing; all, is given as you have capacity in your accord; such, blessing given you, as this father does gives you remain in i awareness being rewarded as indicated by your increased faith; you see health also wealth; all, such thriving in economic well being is compulsarailly discovered; just, as a body, something found out; the, explanatory power comes about because you imitate, contemplate, and experientially engage in excellence; this, explanatory power comes to you naturally because of your outward lived example;

You can be observed by your neighbor to be thriving; behavioral response made is to social stimuli; you should know, for instance, that really it is only half of all guard dogs trained that get forwarded with a clearance; being in the present, you see your future being with financial security; also, social well-being; for, your career is about your well-being; the real value in any economy is you who is real; which, is the real estate;

Cloud instructed me where all beloved is united such is for unity consciousness as logos; not what is frozen; to, rid what is old and to make space for what’s new which is a reset; which, is binary; for, all rid the whole world to its four corners of usury once and for all time; economic egalitarianism, is positive induction of currency what negatively inducted which has ended up in war only; for

No one, ever considered usury to not be totally unethical; for, you to have a third party interloper having a system which is placed by an ancient pledging we the people’s substance has been taken away; yet, cloud said, “if you took even a neighbor’s garment, as a pledge, it's supposed to be returned before the sundown;” otherwise, usury is an utterly illegal action not logical nor sustainable; yet, an act of war on your nation; which, has been the practice of CB-cowo; which, is a criminal banking cartel of a one world order; for

Trickery, by the use of pledging to cause peony for all; yet, for the owner of the corpse who does that gains; for, all is positively inducted for the creditor; so, you as well as i under that wrongful system, pledged our worth, yet you didn’t; “it”, said you did; so, a commercial lien sculpted was put against your corpse; providing, you could be kept under a legal fictional name, the grantor, the holder of the name, you who have a reversionary interest is controlled; as “it” is said, you’re lost at sea under commerce; yet

This, day is about you being in the holy sea; credit, taken from we the people, directed without any gain or consideration given totally at we the people’s expense; a new day is republicing that debt/credit; all, is discharged; for, nothing is ever made equal to interest; nothing, under that, ever set to be discharged is a CB-cowo predatorial environment; thriving as all get rid of usury; so, to model what is in nature you see quorum sensing is what is decentralized; this, is what comes to be in this new day;

For, cloud instructed all beloved in unity consciousness; for, you as well as i are the grandchildren of this great peacemaker on turtle island; keepers, of this ancient lure condition of the toltec is your true awareness of the past; by, being caught by the rule of i, one becomes a living metaphor of the rainbow prophecy in an ongoing ritual; for, what is needed in this time you assist restore with this father; common law, being a vision upheld for natural right; which, is what eclipse is about; you as well as i can have a jubilation; for, justice is freedom; all, have liberty to be equal before the law; so

This, roadbeloved teaches about abundance; and who is the keeper of this rainbow prophecy; for, a portal is here in heaven on turtle island as well as where you are; for, heaven will search for the bringing of this light; for, good is order; an agentic state is; for, all else would be ground to mere dust in relation; it is the function of your corpse; it is your corporal ongoing precognition being i aware; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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