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True Leadership Is Decentralized In Nature

Being, in uptime is common tradition follow has its time worn result; unity, is about decentralization; you, being intuitive can override a bad procedural order; you’ve, shifted into an agentic state; so, now it’s your ready to simply remained as an automator; for, your title is as man/woman who is living; who, can override and correct order in processing; it’s, the

Oath, you and i have to each other; to, be able to quorum sense in the field is vital to have gone beyond prefixed set pattern of response to have survived; in, training in field intuition in chaos is vital on the ground; if, someone was under orders to stop a boat from coming close to the coast; for, instance if a barricade stopped people from exiting;

Fired, DEW weapon is seen beforehand; you’d, stop all the flammable combustible which is impacted by microwave weapon; to, standby and see crime as treason is a misprision as a felony; authorities, didn’t get that communication; what, plan do you have as a leader in such chaos? And, is training existing override a bad order in the field seen to be such?

How are you intuitive when microwave energy is used as a component of modern day bombs; targeting, specific property and leaving the rest? Like, a house burnt to a cinterash; yet, plastic garbage bin not burned; you, witness the media having a logarithm run over what you do; an, obvious bias of a monologue not able to respond emotionally;

Where, you see this to normalize any unspecified verb; and, to have missing referential index; because, it’s generated not from a soul; which, is an act of war on you; to, lack proper transparency; so, there’s no law and order under instruction of chaos; one, has no intuition which you do; you, have an oath as a man/woman as a title you uphold; to

Correct, what’s not regular; such, a charge is discharged once and for all time; the, first order principle in common law such is time memorial where we the people is above whatever is created fictional and corporation; it’s, we the people’s credit continuously being overturned; stand, down order is put not to investigate; and, the court in the public house you see only fox guarding the chickens;

Being, from the land is the venue above a body politic; which, all body similar are below; a, license is to be licentious; to, do what can’t “ordinarily be done;” yet, under a fiction only as a mental set; you, are not; you, have an oath as a man/woman; and, it’s this tile you have that if you don’t defend you don’t have it; rights, flow from title; which, is the mechanism of we the people; not, you and i left under a corporation; it’s, the

Mechanism, of we the people which is an article III article IV grand jury; it’s the supreme body that makes law; for, any official such below especially president; do you not see all have to dip into savings? Is it that you realize something is going on? Perhaps the moment now is more too late? It’s, a really bad idea that you don’t pay attention to the size of a toxin which is what makes a toxin lethal; to, change the lifecolloid terrain;

Should you pay attention to instruction here? For, truth you see dealt with by CB-cowo; yet, it’s just .03 of a nanometer toxin; like, cyanide is enzyme resistant; and, destroys the lifecolloid terrain; diastastic toxin which breaks apart cell structure with added excrement from such non ecological lifecolloid; such, non-ecological lifecolloid can’t be broken down; begin, to be made more into protein which is enzyme resistant formed more to the body; such

Nanometer, toxin truly formidable; for, such how influences how a colloid of life aggregates, fuses, and differentiates; where, blood born inhibitor doesn’t exist in such lifecolloid terrain; double spore building block of prion-like material contaminate; because to have been in tissue which switches the thymus [T4, T8] cell switches such to have no action taken; for, such reaction would be corrosive as a cyto-toxic in the body; the

Private, individual parts that violated the membrane of the body personally; a, private body could have mandated all that volunteered ordinarily would be self-employed have to comply with a bad order in the chain of command; where, no chain of command exists proper is broken; you, could be clearly cognizant of such official of personal discretion not under oath proper as a title in the office to you or i;

Upholding, any contract within themselves; where, no proper due diligence is; and, can that be likened to any upgrade of any shop in the city; which, isn’t science; you, see all being remained without any repeatableness; just a cocktail mob-stalked; from, several department in the BODY; so, it’s not ecological all such is only setup in the past; based, upon some slippery slope reasoning;

OPERATION HOLOCAUST is graphene oxide globule and appeared lattice being twice as conductive as copper shouldn’t be in a body; yet, unwittingly got there; yet, is invisible very small; it’s, so small it's down on a level smaller than DNA itself; yet, it’s triggered by twenty-six gigahertz resonant dynamic magnetic current;

Would you say dirty magnetic signaling set up to penetrate the body more isn’t to activate such molecules as patent and as construct and contextual and expert validity shows; could this be more than a body can handle? Yet, can you stop right now from adding to the cocktail? Because it’s not anything ecological itself; otherwise, it's just monopolized like a frankenstein hurricane; a

Name, to remind you subliminally that some truth teller fraud gets silenced; such, truth discharged otherwise the government department isn’t to function as it should properly; to, have some centralized condition; you’d, only have been left as chattel; it’s, a secret weapon; to, have installed a system also patsie none could question about an order which should be overridden; for,

What makes all safe where you only can see evidence of some two tiered system having functioned? Love, jubbdavid;


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