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Truth is Wrapped In The Present

As, you’re receiving a gift to be in the present a gift is wrapped; it, is the unwrapping which is to know what you do not know as you unwrap the present this is the gift of true awareness; for, only you having mystery which is a major part of self; for, this is you being more total; the, mind functionally plastic doesn’t have a pattern of being “played” by experience and memory;

For, in i awareness memory and experience is of “itself;” for, wisdom as you’re finding out in this work is where the mind’s end of itself is; there should be more ’no mind festivals’ like what happens in Sweden; like, unsbucka into the country outside Stockholm; this, father gave instruction to many all over the earth; for, all which is divine in you is unalloyed;

For, who is formless in being is of power to be in the field which is strategy; you, stay in the field; for, this is you being a ‘gorilla’; for, in i awareness one is truly learning more about self; for, truth is being in this present here and now; not, being plagued bye "memory and experience;” in, i awareness being with what is unknown you won’t be steering your brain to stop a stereogram pattern from jumping out at you; because

Memory, is your recalled ness such can not have worked properly; for, you can have sticky factor for what works; otherwise, some can be having some stuck factor instead; being, in an i aware steady state flow, a shaman in the toltec tradition here is taught “you don’t fixate where your finger is pointing; for, you can other than peek the splendor of the moon;”

To, have had a “point” merely one isn’t seen noted a grasping for anything; for, what happens in free flow is from truth; this, is the gift you unwrap; being, the reason why the gift is rapped; for, what is inner standing here is for all which is perceived; you, learn here isn’t the perceiver; where, you’re not critically in i awareness not a proper flow is; if, you can learn about what this is to have more imprint of new information;

Being, empty is a state of imprinting; one, can affect one’s self; yet, also by having something there occupying neurology no proper recall is; one, can have not even recognized ones’ own reflection; states, of behaved degenerative dementia can have arrived early on in the modern world; for, a range of developmental disorder; which, generally don’t get better yet slowly often only get worse;

When, you see your dog with earphones on you can see such is a covert narcissist; a, range of conditions exist like having made recognition for people’s space is; nor, name recall; being, stuck inside, many things can’t be recalled; even another’s face which is called “prosopagnosia [which, comes from the greek word for “face” agnosia for “ignorance;”] having, a lack of recall is a lot more about attitude;

Where, someone is a narcissist there can be a lot of reasons why one can experience having poor facial recognition; yet, nerves in the peridial neuron can have been damaged by non lifefood early on; a, whole other range of agnosia is existed; this, researcher, as a neurobehavior physiologist, studied how a primary condition many have is called anosognosia; which, is a condition one has most often which relates to a lack of a capacity to recognize what’s needed in the moment;

Typically, you can see one there who is stuck often can only be able to see that a “single mode of learning” was; yet, it’s the most common condition where mutism is that is selective; you, have sensory system deletion; such, always exists where a loss of proper pattern recognition can have been experienced; most, all you can note observe who is in a stuck state truly is until one follow instruction here to stop no longer self identifying;

For, under such, your mental function and conceptualized cognitive processing as a word is utterly fraught by fiction; the, same as a reflection given energy to; like, a dog having bit a stone which was thrown; such, isn’t you as a drunk monkey stung by a scorpion; so, can you have sticky factor for what works? For, memory itself and experience is like a dream; that’s, been ‘loose as a goose;’

In, i awareness it’s noted one can observe being a super recognizer having excellent recollection; as, the mind is functioning plastic you can learn more how to be in i awareness to have such; for, otherwise you can notice what one is of; and stop all sensory motor pattern where ignorance was obvious; for, many who are actively suffering is more than what’s physical, yet emotional condition;

Having, no awareness often having an anosognosic condition; where, nonstop ongoing you can witness one who is stuck continuously in a “compensating strategy;” not, having a proper pattern to pace what should come up; yet, all “left clicked” and difficult to begin; for, no wheel is kept in any flow; where, such compensating strategy would have been, a lack of i awareness existed; so, guilt and fear caused blowback; which,

Blocks what’s in near also hindsight; you, see an utter ongoing display of near and also hindsight bias; also, transparency bias; for, it’s to be able to observe pattern which is many beloved relaying and blocking or stopping what could or should be done; for, the major violence within is to have dissociated, distracted, having had an interrogatory inner dialogue going on;

In, a felt state of intimidation; flow, doesn’t exist certainly; such, resistance transfer as a factor occupies and blocks proper functional plasticity to be existing in your memory; so, your ability to be good at recall is because you’re practicing ongoing as an outward lived meditation where other beloved are treating information; which, all becomes imprinted instantly encoded;

For, such is put by hard-wiring into long term storage; for, what can have been holding you back could have been your inner dialogue and inner expectedness; for, life is accepted; this, is the shaman timeless; for, space as time is of a mental condition; yet, being in i awareness you’re beyond such; you’re not an attitude, belief, capableness, or any doing;

For, I is beyond such; even, the body; as, happiness is bliss; having, a happy face is your only purpose; for, you easily surrender to this I; you, suddenly are recalling better; self development is a spiritual life; for, a mans name isn’t i aware; for, all which is great has all which is less in it; for, as your mind is still silent and transparent, the unknown can present as a gift; this, is your home being in reality; for, you’re this inner master and self is your goal;

For, all you can imagine is total; which, is being given to you in this gift of the present; simply, for you not living in the moment truly this is the real cause of fear; this, has been this father’s teaching since the late seventies; can you have heard about whole brain function? To notice what the patterned ignorance is about you can have good pattern recognition to observe what you’re not;

For, you to have free recall and have excellent serial memory you can be of a great capacity to have cued recall; if, no hindrance is for you you have a hard-wiring of these three types of memory; for, as memory might you be aware such is linked to your automatic instinctive in structural physiology; for, you can have good long term memory; such, becomes use of the muscle;

Such, is because you’re connected to your emotion; for, all which is perceived with empathy as of some import is noted to have sticky factor by some had attribution; which, is you being more ongoing in an outward lived meditation, sitting, living, walking; not, showing anyone you “go somewhere to get that turned on;” for, i awareness ongoing is the person which would have been as a mental set of all stickiness; so,

Then, also one is not aware of the perceiver; yet, being beyond what is stuck now is you being beyond what is mental; to, be in the void of space as I; for, all “mental knowing” is merely fiction; as, in relation even an idea like “this is mine and that’s yours;” yet, to be in this present you can only stay with the unknown; you, don’t need to have memory either or experience being only a content sorter; sorting, only with name, place, and time; which, is what turns most off;

How can anyone have a memory? For, you have to learn how to be in a peerless review; for, peace is where stillness, silence, and transparency is in the mind; versus, a neurordeficiency quota is where you recall; anything which is needed; this, is something you could be practiced more in for even as a brain is a muscle which needs exercise; love jubbdavid;


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