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Under The Authority of Tyranny

Many, great statesman have existed in your nation i could think about; i, look to see who really impressed me and Confucius life is the example; for, you to know the mark of a hero truly of we the people where you are; it’s, the hero’s journey that’s triggered that shifts you into an agentic state; you, care about a leader’s family and children as Ecowas; what, goes on when all are under the authority of tyranny is the question? For, the right to choose as we the people to have select proper government;

You, take good care for the pen is mightier than the sword; none, have to see the graph of covid death or the fall of a dollar in a laser beam burned out as an estate grab; by, a ghost; all, is under a fiction owned by the CROWN by decor as a court; when, you tamper with a team you also if you did officiate criminally; can, you say no one has trod upon your ancestors?

Did that occur because it was under a ghost as a fiction? A, peace king and queen entombed on turtle island is a family as a republic as a history which has been criminally obsificated; a, fiction as a corpse is as a ghost; because, it’s like a reflection in a mirror only; and, isn’t the indictment of a president that’s past not the same?

How do you get a claim heard and law and contract observed? For, what’s covid and what happened to Kobe Bryant and other in the spotlight as actor as a manager is controlling who works for the “company;” it’s, a twilight zone of a long-lost forgotten dimension; a, simpson episode or a bottle of soft drink advertisement shows a criminal precognitive programming of how you’re to interpret a narrative; yet a

Monopolized narrative you see the dollar value around you being laser bombed; which is a wooly hood just as bully hood; yet, a CAA budget which is longer than a CIA budget; would you say that warfare is not there to trump you? To, smile is your living title you have status; you’re, drafted to only make an appearance; wrongfully, arrested not lawful from the lands; which, is outside the CORPS which is under perjury; which, is a true public record; yet

Where, no crime has been committed it’s a crime of legal battery and medical battery done under the fictional name fraud which is the color of law by corpus delecti; meaning, no body is present to have joinder as a party; only, a presumption exists; so, if you investigate who’s responsible; for, instance of the plane that the Wagner boss got shot down by in Russia; traveling, between Moscow and Saint Petersburg; it

Lost the capacity to keep any aerodynamic; and, the plane shot down; so, it’s true that active SA- 20 Battery equipment was around such; was, an empty plane that was on autopilot? What’s the conduct of no transparency where asymmetric warfare is over another sovereign nation? Yet, who shoots a private plane down over your nation?

It’s, a narrative which is not unusual and also not investigated; it’s, similar to a pipeline sabotage; energy, gets taken away from allies; a, story appearing is like set up as CODE GREEN; it’s, an agenda planned being carried out; like, international security fraud not being dealt with properly as it should; yet, if what is remote that is controlled that’s staged as NEWS as a narrative; like the

Wagner, chief plummeting in a plane suddenly made out of control; intelligence, is you’d say not scrambled? A, feigned death of an agent of a name that’s got another life goes back to that life; it’s, the pen which is mightier than the sword; where, we the people is of the path of least resistance; and, does the chart of money being burned in a razor as an event explained how the asset out of the west owned as a chessboard is quietly polarized to an international agenda; the

“Company,” is infiltrated keeping as control; it’s, an early warning that who is the whistleblower against official misconduct is retaliated against; and, a warning siren personally decided not to go off; yet, you see we the people getting drafted to “make an appearance;” by such conduct displayed all are under CROWN influence;

Remained, under a corpse as a body politic; it’s, like evidence of plastic buckets, trees, garbage bin, umbrellas, and softer materials didn’t burn; what’s, left in ash of ceramic over two thousand degrees; disintegrated; it’s, harrowing into the air you breath in of those to be told ten family members all hubble together; the, ashes burned increase; so the

Evidence, being applied is to use private process to article IV and III common law court grand jury; which, everything fictional is far below and can be replaced; none, just want to be king of an anthill for a day; yet, the authority and tyranny played out; it’s, your giving your living substance to fiction put above you; so, it’s only we the people you see like in Ukraine getting run over by dodge;

None, want to wait to be digitally surveilled, track tagged, and ID'd; one, observe many obviously existing ones get shot up by a toxin; or, torched out; it’s, a black swan, what's the difference? The, whole under CB-cowo spells out multicourt procedure; it’s, what is devastating the whole globe; mixing, venue up having confused all; so, a two tiered system you see because when you look it up you can see that one beloved has a pet dog who is loved; yet, has bit and harmed the secret service personal at least ten times; a

Dollar, is laser bomb; it’s, not gulf oil yet your iris; it’s, how you’re going to get paid; and, to set up the largest gambling nation afterward; it’s, to launder currency; so, what’s the next geoengineering power planning to do? To wipe out food production? What happens when you and i allow Casper the friendly ghost to stack complaints on top of you you’re being mobstalked?

This, father can show a lesson a hundred times given pink slips over the span of three years; you, get broken down as a whistleblower and you get kicked out of town; yet, you’re a whistleblower on official misconduct; yet, to see a beloved rot anywhere who’s just got used up; like, Julian Assange who was fed biased information from one source in a cell in a cell; yet

Snippets, of truth you got protected disclosure and conduct of the criminal condition of the corporation and one's personal and official discretion; brought up; would you say that many of these actors have proper paperwork to be under statute? Yet, when does this charge get discharged is the question isn’t it? Love, jubbdavid;


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