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Unmasking CB-cowo Stealing Substance To Draft All To Fiction

What happens as you see clear evidence of law not being abided by? This, article is really key for you to understand the unmasking of CB-cowo created havoc; by, having stolen substance which is private property; and, having handed that over to fiction in a nation; it’s, the same hand that could toss a popular leader out like an old casserole when done; it’s,

Before, your very eyes; a, story at a glance; like, the swinging door commercial/government regulation as alphabet soup land; if, an official can’t show that an office is for rent; meanwhile, all witness vax attack; celebrities, of course you can’t say is not kealing over? Even in the public you note, information ongoing of activity shown which is a triggered war on you; such is an act of war

You’ve, to understand how asymmetric warfare works; the, evidence engineered; an, audience torched like Lahaina in Maui; some, have seen the truth and ban the jab; some, didn’t go along with the pandemic; others, did; it’s, easy to see how a vote wasn’t counted; isn’t, it a hand overall such activity crossing across nation the same as a uni-party tyranny overall; as a

Populace, is similar to the manipulation of particle magnetic in the atmosphere; as, a weather anomaly; as, a fire anomaly; as, an economic negative banking anomaly; as, a health also court tyranny; could, you say, such is not the path of devastation? Censorship outright attacking truth; a, plotted refutation none could say that is not controlled as a monopoly non-stop; it’s, a

Universal, response as a CB-cowo coordinated act; you’re, being continuously drafted as a fiction as a legal name fraud on you; thinking, that’s you and acting as if it is too in a court system which is not designed for you; it’s, designed for CB-cowo; the, speed at which a global collapse agenda has robbed title from we the people; the, urgency of this claim being heard evermore is accelerated itself into high gear;

Can you learn what the eclipse movement is about as an important way of getting rid of usury? Just, all getting accelerated into high gear because of such a wrong-steered focus by panicked ruling CB-cowo placed Patsie; that’s, not everything at all yet enough to influence everything overall; and, what would you say you have to defend yourself against such?

Pledging, was the foundation by CB-cowo isn’t selected by we the people; to, be under negative economic inductance; and, for interest owed without a perfected lien no voice is from a venue from the land as it should be; then, you’re just a slave to the supposed largest lender as a nation or as a beloved is before this public court; it’s, wrong for ownership for CORPSE of a nation to be private;

Under, such “of” and “in” and “at” is of a privilege a duty and a responsibility as a fiction; you, can join only fiction with fiction; but, not the living to such as wo/man; this, is not you this living being who is with title; which, if it’s not in a document it isn’t; so, wordsmithing says something which uses a word relating to you being a state of mind not the living being;

Words, as a body politic not connected from the land allow all to be chattel merely as mass slavery; to, become fully dependent upon fear-mongering or distraction; it’s, that that subject which isn’t anything directed toward to you or we the people; coming, back full dialogue; so, one hand wrote the FEW as an idea untested; just, like food coating which can’t get washed off which is toxic;

You, can see just a satanic holocaust from a theft from the land; and, all substance taken away from we the people; by, single control as an enemy unselected overall; you’re, to see what is unmasked as a destructive career of some CB-cowo Patsie; wreaking havoc on a nation and also around the globe;

You, don’t have to witness how powerful the DEW weapons could be used on a crowd of fans like a Lana Del Raye concert; or, any indictment to toss a truth teller aside and is in opposition to tyranny; such, isn’t allowed; you, have to stop one narrative allowed; not, three what's covid to stop internal immunity; what’s, compromised as a meat grinder through core procedure to work lawfare; to

Have, been drafted and substance taken; have, given all to fiction as an all caps state-us as an CORPSE merely; to, have mass dependency felt is fraudulent; it’s, conditioned upon common law trespass and legal name fraud; it’s, the primary takeover noted of title in the bigger picture right flows from; an, actual plot of an ancient system of piony called pledging isn’t a free society;

You, see a selected FEW on a double-tiered level; dealing, with any resistance to control by drafting you and i to have given fiction to be as a legal name fraud on yourself; and, substance been removed; so, an infiltrated weapon of foreign influence of banking is of a core procedure; as, well as health and media; it’s, a monopolized condition until expressed as a charge of genocide in article III and article IV court; so

All, is an erupted planned emergency otherwise to have made dependant to control; to, america surveillance of a track tagging ID; it’s, a shameful activity of mass dependency not selected under negative economic inductance under usury; which, isn’t a free society; it’s, just you and i being run over by predatorial ISMs; it’s a

Fascist, end outright; one, isn’t being the same by degree as fascism; and, to have cleared away totalitarian system which is a real stunned thinking got rid of; because, it’s what’s caused children and your private property to be stolen; and, no lawful authority was ever; it’s, just a large scale of economy as a monopoly noted seen of one private group over the top of one hundred ninety-two corpse; bankrolling, all event as a setup theater of war operation;

Ultimately, to see an end of fascism and substance; a, digital loomed aggressive future just as manufactured frankenstein weather event; is, to strike and scatter attention; to, have only been a collective fear; so, it’s really not just heat that what is to boil you; and, to put lawful position to be under a mob-stalked position; love, jubbdavid;


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