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Vestibular Sense & WBF Experiential Based Training

Vestibular Function In i Awareness

Well adjusted child grows up to be well adjusted adult; what is modeled from an empty center which is original of care, simple, is for one to grow up aware the world is basically good; versus, people are basically “bad;” the, vestibular sense is the sense of tonus supplied to the sensory motor complex as far as attention as well as directedness is concerned allowing channels to be available, or not;

Your original condition is having an empty center simply having an emotion of care; this is all; this, allows you to be in your frontal cortex; exceptional brain function, can be characterized; you, can read more about such in jubbs magnicity; yet, a range of selective mutism goes on where some positive adaptive reason is as a child to omit information which was of “overload;”

Attention, all would agree along with focus is something behavioral about you which is developed; degrees of daydreaming along with procrastination as well as lack of directedness of what is important versus what is really not as important; selective mutism is where the vestibular sense has sought away from what should be done, always toward what is perfunctory as a “habit;”

One, can have shut out parts of the world around one’s self because the right hemisphere dominance is in degrees of loss of external boundaries; so, having a surplus of attention versus a deficiency in attention; having a calmness, versus hyperactive condition; for, where no resource is of a focus the vestibular sense in its direction can have been used to go toward having within oneself a simple outcome put which is achieved;

Where, i awareness is in childhood, adults grow to be in balance; versus, as a child see Oppositional Defiant Disorder; behavior emitted can be of a calmness in centeredness (or the opposite) as a state about the world; your voice and action is for purposeful care for when things are said or done which should have some other response; stress of overload can have caused the vestibular sense to omit more various channels that would generally be engaged;

An adult, whose response is of a generalization to be more often than not a sense of being “misunderstood;” a child, growing up to be an adult, can have felt “hemmed in” and pushed around; parenting can have displayed a modeled consistent opposition to any authority; pleasure in neurology is state specific in whole brain functioning; aversive neurology is related to limited mind function;

Interest also pleasure allow you to maintain, causing servicing of any relation; to be focused on what you can do within; versus, where immaturity was of a pattern of the immature to only be distracted in directed to be dissociated; to, be externalized; to, be focused on what one is moved away from or speaking of negative as this is something moved toward;

Feeling successful versus any “setup” which is consistent with failure, which is where what was spoken is the cause of what isn’t corrected; yet, disturbs; reducing, capacity to feel achievement, recognition, acknowledgment, as well as growth; where, things go on which a child or an adult has the experience of consistently failing to speak, yet would correct things, such sets up a pattern which is other than whole brain functioning;

Where, such as a child was long enough to last longer than a month, harm, injury, cost, as well as damage can have been done; selective mutism is to dissociate to control, distract, intimidate, and interrogate; to avoid such, “games” are played instead; which, often is teaching dissociation, distraction, intimidation and interrogation more; such, games played to distract to control a child generally such a pattern is what goes on is where someone is left as a “scream addict,” disengaged from life; which, is equal to the time spent in the “scream use” playing the “game;” after that a serious loss of connectedness;

Synesthesia taste, sight, sound of sense using whole brain function patterning

Key Point

Attention obviously is by what you’re drawn to go toward; you’re leaning toward what you have a focus within yourself using the vestibular sense of direction this way; in balance, a referential index is fifty percent internal fifty percent external; also, one’s “orientation” is fifty percent internal fifty percent external being in balance; pleasure as well as interest being engaged in syntax allow relevant channel in a sensory motor complex below your random phoneme generator to be in your whole of your neurology; also, a quietness exists which would have inhibited causing any dissociatedness at all; so

You’re looking at behavior which is integrated; interest as well as pleasure create such; you’re looking at what is within what one is toward because you’re using vestibular sense correctly; all selective restrictive violation which lead to overwhelm tends to be selectively muted; attention, then comes to be deficient at managing social condition, even one’s own directedness, to appear more stateless and rudderless;

Aversion, having been inducted, created a larger amygdala and tegmentum complex; which, reduces integrated neurology like the septal region of the brain; rather than people are basically good as a generalization, one can have had some other limiting generalization; deleting, pertinent information; the, world then being constructed incorrectly within as a map, rather than a strategy being inside for comfort;

One’s, strategy is other than comfortable being at one as a state of being; as a child, where parent and society acted without you or i having any innerstanding, one can always felt hemmed in; one’s, inner worth being skirted around; a parent’s response to a child’s view has the same feeling of being pushed around is to have consisted opposition to authority;

In, i awareness you’re resource outcome focused on such; for, all is the path of least resistance in maintaining relation; versus, having made it totally not easy to have long-term relation; typically a child learns to model only what the parent’s deficiency is; which is, typically, externalizing outside themselves when speaking to others; typically, a normal beloved has empathy where one is feeling sick; yet, where that adult had a serious failure to be able to speak to correct, life’s course had the experience of totally being disturbed; so

Achievement, which should last; your learning should last; your acknowledgement as well as recognition should last; where, such was disturbed could have lasted for even over a month, you have selective mutism as a child could develop into an adult; time, is equal to creativity; one, can grow where one has an inducted state of having a consistent failure to be able to use one’s voice along with behavior to assist correct things;

One’s disturbance, inducted, can last into adulthood; to control a child, a parent is dissociated; also, distracts, intimidates, interrogates even; to cause a child’s model to feel small; “games” played, as indicated, cause a child to become a scream addict; be totally disengaged from social interaction in life; as, indicated limited mind function causes one to have selective mutism for social circumstance which could assist correct behavior;

One, goes to perfunctory, non-attentive, non-focused, scream use instead; where, a continued practice is existing of a total loss of proper connectedness to beloved around one; pleasure, as well as interest, engage the left hemisphere; which is involved in sequencing another because they have felt adverse (as a state) a degree of intermittent explosive disorder exists instead;

A, whole brain function state is more ethical consideration as a response; so, a close approximation of reality exists; yet, where the vestibular sense is driving toward what is averse, away from what is pleasant, anything which is real; which, is perceived as provocative in a limited mind function is always not within a proper proportion;

Sensory motor complex integration being applied left hemisphere learning as pleasure in interest is

Where, feeling is taken, theft of time from others, energetics from others, items also could be of a theft; for, that beloved is having a “pleasure relief” of not having proper focus or capacity of sense experienced; whole brain function behavior in i awareness is a social training where emotional management is being modeled; this researcher, for many years, taught parental management training; teaching all, how to respond to “oppositional defiant behavior;”

A key point spoken was always relating to not inducting emotional attachment to an immature beloved’s outburst; one wouldn’t have been able otherwise to have grist experience in an order growth learning exists; which, is engaging one’s motivation internally; one, had to be at the “mercy” of a parent’s emotion; otherwise, a dependency, built upon emotion, to feel “okay about the world;” to, have calmness; to be self-initiated, independent; to be more outcome goal orientated;

Who has no excellence much doesn’t achieve anything either; for the goal is to model more mastery being in your own whole emotion; so, your focus is on “can do;” being a “happy camper;” focusing on care of what is desirable; sustainable in it’s agreeable of interest; where confidence is, perseverance and persistence is too; which, is what is short supply in the world today; because, you can recognize now more how “don’t care” is you having been in “forked tongue” always;

A primary modeledness of parenting is to motivate by applying the vestibular sense to model an associated response; which, is integrated being congruent; otherwise of course, the amygdala and tegmentum is aversive neurology being state specific more being dissociated, distracted, interrogating, and intimidating; the child takes on a trauma “reenactment syndrome;” which, is an anchored quick response which inducts a child evermore into rage;

A focus always can be which is staying with your outcome, staying with what resource necessary received is; as your conversation is more your own need to be assisting others you’re going to remain in i awareness; versus, you can only have ever seen yourself responding having been reactive; which, generally triggers more “intimate explosive disorder” is pattern;

In i awareness, a child is empty where nothing is being triggered to have some personal gain; otherwise, as an adult a superficial charm is often put out which is just been done for some personal gain instead; one, witnesses internal dialogue about “what is not”, “what isn’t”, “what can’t be”, “what shouldn’t be”, “what is deficient”; because, aversion is what is being moved toward such behavior displayed over the course of a month classifies as “antisocial personality disorder;”

Fitted in, with a superficial charm to distract and control for some outcome; typically as adult, many cases of “intermittent explosive disorder;” which, goes being siblings and family; which, is typical of an adult more procrastinating being with impulsive types of condition; having, lack of self-control, to be an ongoing pattern really is a disorder;

Lack of proper focus with the path of least resistance of a focus which is purposeful can have been replaced by a state of daydreaming, doing little things to avoid having a proper focus; which, as indicated, the key point being such behaviors in adulthood typically begin early in childhood which is persistent and pervasive through life, unless corrected; oppositional defiant disorder can have spite where one is smiling where another is feeling pain; portraying some happiness yet a condition of adverseness is actual;

Typical, nothing which is new which adjusts the “oppositional defiant disorder”; so, typical as a child goes to be an adult with such a disorder behaviourally, all have a will-full emotional directedness toward such behavioral cognitive pattern; which, is wrong use of the vestibular sense; because, inner quiet wasn’t at school, one did poor at such; one, left things to the last moment to do something under stress; memory retrieval becomes state specific with anxiety;

One, can only speak when irritated because aversion is state specific with memory retrieval; so, who is screen addicted displays a superficial charm simply to have some personal gain; yet, the gaining of itself is often antisocial personality stuff; all, “games” are centered around “intermittent explosive disorder;” the “games” imposed to kill cause impulse control disorder; it, is about arresting a lack of self control; so, many parents don’t want that sort of program so they say no screaming instead of addiction to the screaming; so

What, begins in childhood is shown by a review of literature is typical to be persistent into late adulthood; where, aversion is the only reason someone speaks out where such is existed is an example of an oppositional defiant disorder; the outside world doesn’t exist; items, all get broken with boundaries strained by such an individual; typically, a passive aggressive condition exists;

Cognitive willful emotional pattern of dissociating, being distracted fully, when speaking speech is often presupposing another beloved’s model is smaller, communicating mostly from an irritableness and irradiation; modeling, and highlighting anything that is vindictive; raising, observed spitefulness; rather, than causing a union and emotional care; one who is of limited mind function is usually going to externally use blame; putting the focus toward who has got the anti-social behavior;

One, lacks proper reasoning and care for other beloved, period; Where, one can recognize patterns existing as such at least over some seven months, one sees patterns of splitting a team up, splitting a family up, agreeing with who is interfering with family, to interfere to have only been a disruptor; to use “possessions” to suddenly control the other; displaying, sudden aggressiveness within shows probably one should not be around animals; any animals, birds, or smaller life; unless corrected; because

From, childhood onward to late adolescence, often a stage is set; rather, than being in whole brain patterning, one becomes addicted to a screen, addicted to a game, addicted to some perfunctory habit, which displays a disorder of daydreamedness not having proper purpose; “antisocial personality disorder” is typical for those who aren’t applying the vestibular sense correctly;

Typical, “oppositional defiant disorder” is an absolute lack of empathy for anyone else's feeling or state; even, when someone is feeling unwell or sick would hurt such a small beloved; step on smaller animals out of rage to kill them; quick to be engaged with rage themselves fast; who will hurt and are injuring, typically will bond with other trauma bonding beloved;

For, who has also the same sort of unresolved conflict, one bonds with; as a child, also substance anything becomes abused; one, doesn’t just want to stay with a small amount of something which seems proper; will, dumpt the whole container of something with a lack of self-control utterly; with, only consumed opiate as one has no remorse generally won’t accept any responsibility;

Conduct, and order is where nothing can be taken from you; where, something is reactive because it is “like it has been taken”, like when a parent says “no” it is reacted like something has been taken; one, can have a theft of deceit by stealing time, energy, and sabotaging; emotional dysregulation typically is shown; selective mutism exists where somebody is around their partner; it, is never not argumentative everyday ongoing, triggering argumentative from others, generally doing things with a loss of temper;

Where, one can observe such patterns having lasted at least six months a child appears typically angry at the parents, quick fast irritable, cry at the drop of a hat, practicing domestic terrorism on parents; for, parenting typically such is of a surrogate spouse related condition; where, it is okay to have made a mistake as it is okay to look at anything can be adjusted as your induction is people are basically versus you being raised in another manner;

Children, at a young age, typically are often angry being attached to only one thing happening, upset if anything else goes on, will defy parents defying everyone around which is deliberately causing an annoyingness; for, the little one already is blaming the parent’s for one’s own inner behavior; spiteful, smiling while something is upsetting; being, only focused on what is vindictive, polarized not exiting; as, this is certain in behavior as a child up to five years of age, it is typical which many behaviors can be assisted into a late-aborted, epigenetic, causes knockout genes to no longer be present;

One, becomes more feeble, lacking proper temperament; being parented, to have a modeled emotional tolerance, yet a parent can be seen to have absolute emotional poor tolerance, acting harshly and jerky; substance abuse inconsistency ongoing with relation in the world also with parenting and children; conditions where you can observe yourself could be mild, or could be severe, could be modeled;

Being taught whole brain functioning patterning in i awareness clears away impulsive conductive conduct disorder; okay; for, someone to take time to give something to others, to sacrifice a part of themself to write something to you, to think about; to have time in life to assist others; most, eat, sleep, defecate and urinate, shampoo, shave, and shower; yet, the only purpose you have for your life is to be happy;

Perceptual Order Engages the Vestibular Sense

It’s not uncommon for one parent to not feel satisfied with the spouse; to be dissociated from a healthy relation with the spouse while associating to a child to fulfill the role of the spouse; many beloved can be using an incestual emotional behavior antisocially (and certainly on a child) to have fulfill a spousal need apparently not met; to replace this emotional need on a minor;

A, very common condition is; for, you can see how a parent who confided how miserable a relation was with a spouse which has a state of disappointment; as the surrogate spousal parent divorces the child which can only have been leaned upon, loneliness turns apparent such to be seen placing emotional need on a minor; yet, what happens as a parent makes a child their spouse?

It, is typical you’re looking at a deep learned helplessness for life ensuing generally; a surrogate spouse relator associates to the child to become a “stand in” for a spouse; that, rather than a normal augmenting of this child’s self-esteem; you can see nature abhors a vacuum; most as a benefited need met most care for a positive not negative impact; a minor having to be an adult is a heavy burden; learned helplessness is the result;

Rather, than people are basically good, one has anxiety coupled with feeling of futility; having lead to a low self-esteem being self-evidence; for, all is done by an anticipation of a chronic learned helplessness; which, is linked also to chronic “under earning;” typically, you’re looking at an over-inflated need to be a workaholic, not to have a life; for, life to have leaned too heavily on a child is an incestual emotional behavior;

Integration, interest in pleasure cause also whole brain patterning; yet, what happens when straw-man argument is used on you as a child? Put into a double-bind as a confrontation with colorized demand; is a confronting caused state where two irreconcilable demand is; none, of which satisfies any outcome of yours properly; for, such is a dilemma; a, catch twenty-two; for

Anybody, who underperforms, such is a syndrome shown also of who is underpaid; where, virtue isn’t taught, simply a rule broken without consequence, stability in that state doesn’t want an i awareness virtue; which, associates to the guilt and the shame to disassociate away from such behavior; where, virtue wasn’t given the child isn’t allowed to be embarrassed, or have guilt or shame; such, isn’t allowed; yet

Such, is a grist for coming to be developed remaining on track; being, able to make a mistake to correct an error from being had is a whole brain functioning skill; yet, not easy to get at the part triggering such behavior; for, a part becomes overlaid by other parts; such, behavior as a part can be causing a secondary negative consequence; generally, such is isolated to cause a proper synesthesia;

Being a component of success for change work involves using the vestibular sense in the correct manner; now, hyper, meaning overboard; hypo, meaning underboard; you, could have been in a chinese quagmire; try as hard as you can not to sink and the more you tried the more you sank; stress, itself is the cause of psychogenic fever; stress causes dysbiotic lifecolloid to produce pyrogenic molecule;

Selective restrictive violation add up where one’s behavior as well as response to stress can show up as an elevated body temperature; pyrogenic carbon is ubiquitous in life; such is a component which assists raise body temperature inner fever; as a carbon life cycle; this, researcher has investigated how stress can trigger a body fever; this researcher investigated highly purified pyrogenic lipopolysaccharide; substance similar is made by Jubb’s Lifecolloid; such, as interleukin, interferon, which travel through the blood triggering the hypothalamus to raise fever in response to assist to clear molecule which could otherwise left only a stressed condition; the, usefulness of a fever is to dissipate stresser to be diminished;

You, can observe where exposure is to emotional trauma; triggers to such a state cause psychogenic fever; stress can cause a fever to be due; of course to form and come to pass as well; yet, stress can certainly cause a fever to take on a deadly role in “allergy” “arachnophobia”; such, can cause overbreathing; such, a stressful response can trigger a simple fever to grow to become a deadly event;

Disorders of perception as well as cognition is for a loss of balance of static and dynamic magnicity; so, that various channels can have become omitted; to cause then what is existed to have a greater hypervigilant state; wrongful use of the vestibular meta modality turning up getting excited, using direction to go toward, associating to what is disorderly; states, of hypochondria are bound in the modern world;

Learning, how to pivot the cognitive dissonance to not smear such in conversation; for, all earlier on are taught patterns of unnatural anxiousness relating to one’s health which can have caused some beloved to have had outlandish scenario; pavlovian condition, a state of obedience as an agentic state to have avoided what has been inducted as “wrong” or evil, or “will attack you;” maybe sneak up on you;

A, described belief which manipulated you probably when you were younger to have had other than a positive condition future; rather, a slippery position proposition instead; so, complaining you would have been seen without a proper logarithm of two point nine six three to one positive to aversment; the, aversive neurology hyperfuse under such a state; whereas, pleasure neurology is seen to have hypertrophic having shrunk in relation;

Aversion, acidifies causing a loss evermore of ideal body temperature; which, is the cause of fever via pyrogenic carbon; which, is lifecolloid is altered by temperature change; within a condition also of low oxygen; substance, becomes congealed being coagulated; endotoxin is the defecation of dis biotic lifecolloid; lifecolloid double spore and cell structure having been broken down into liposaccharide is what a pyrogen is; such, also where intestinal dysbiosis is can be produced by gram-negative lifecolloid like E coli.;

Correct use of the vestibular sense doesn’t add angiotensin; angiotensin isn’t released; which, then histamine isn’t released; which, would have cause evermore inflammation and edema; so, how you use the vestibular sense is key; this, researcher has had much success by using the vestibul;ar sense in a meta modality synesthesia; experiential based training can take you through various initiatives;

Which, could be individual; could be partnering type of activity, could be group to calibrate your self innovativeness; success in partnering as well as aptitude had in team as well as family dynamic; you, can by using activity apply such to calibrate various sensory motor syntax to wire in a new movement experience; so, the mind can now perceive new possibility; okay;

Vestibular Meta Response Regulates Thermal Neutral Zone

Tonus is a B field magnicity valence in the body; the vestibular sense acts as an endolymphatic gravitational inertia thermostat; which, regulates magnicity which goes to any organ or body part; magnicity can be turned up or down; stress robs nutrient which overall takes energy from the body; for instance, stress robs androgens to cause stress induced hot flashes;

So, turning up and on; or off; while, turning off what is necessary can cause heat without the proper supply; hot flashes also is a side effect of a loss of proper steroid; Jubb’s Anabolic Steroid, VITX, Rose of the Desert, Digestaid, as well as Brain Alternative is examples of Jubb’s formula which gives anabolic steroid; being designed to reduce central sympathetic activation;

Where, such is the case, a fitness exists which widens your thermoneutrient zone to ameliorate a hot flash; such, occurs by controlling angiotensin produced by the kidney; yet, in fear, flight, fight, or fright mode, as indicated, building block for steroid can have been used up to have adrenaline and cortisol for instance; symptoms of heat dissipation is as a response consistent with observed sweating; also, peripheral skin vasodilation;

Such, is a body response to manage; because, the thermonutrio zone isn’t broad, yet narrowed, such is always narrowed; because, androgenic element is missing in a shorter supply in the body; very small temperature elevation is shown to typically proceed a hot flash; all, acting within a poor fitness of a reduced thermoneutral zone;

Applying Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation along with hot and cold activity reduces the activity of the central nervous system widening your thermoneutral zone; ameliorates psychogenic fever; where one goes to sleep easy it is because the temperature slowly drops; versus, where you would have gone to sleep the temperature slowly raised; such, is a switch which would have switched off sleep mode;

Rest, also sleep requires cool proper temperature; which, allows a JC Quanta to flow in the body; where, excessive heat beyond management causes a loss of magnicity, heat beyond a certain capacity along with cool outside a thermoneutral zone reduces magnetic valence of differing intensity; building a fitness broadens the thermoneutral zone; hot/cold on the body increases a magnetic threshold fitness;

For, a temperature departure as a JC Quanta exists relative to such a magnicity threshold; for instance potassium can have remained suspended in a red blood corpuscle yet starts to leak out if the core temperature drops below ninety eight point six degrees; the, useful nature of fever is such which a mechanism exists within; allowing, you to correct a dysbiotic lifecolloid terrain;

Vestibular Meta Modality Transforms Magnicity

The body’s tonus, posture, proper body ratio, assists cause a greater fitness; where less fitness is, a greater degree of facial flushing is observed triggered by emotion; stress, as a feeling of anxiety or loss, feeling of shame or guilt; all, can cause degrees of stress hormone to be released; which, causes one to momentarily sweat; you, can see psychogenic origin of fever where a sudden reddening of the face, neck, also upper chest, can be due from an emotional stimulating blood flow; whereas

Fear, fight, flight, and fright response does the opposite; hormone, of course, impacts cells at a distance even the skin; for, where one would have been anxious such could have been the cause of blood circulation to have rushed away from the skin to secure a deeper organ; one, can have felt “goosebumps” during such; also, one can have appeared a bit more “white like a ghost;”

A, deletion is like a belief where there isn’t any fact existing to support such; yet, one can hold to what is improbable; even, as considerable evidence is existing to the contrary; key point being, the vestibular meta modality can be amplifying wrongfully a stuck state while reducing necessary resource; to have had unnecessary fear; which is state specific more with behavioral hesitation, degrees of torment, degrees of anxiety to be a lack of integration and congruence, to be more dissociated in life; which

Would, also be evident of a poorer choice made; a certain amount of real fear is necessary; such gives courage also a deep commitment to a path with a heart; for, you being in perfect balance in life, might it be wise you learn how to increase the thermoneutral zone? Also might it be wise to learn what could have caused such to be reduced to a lack of fitness?

Applying Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation as well as whole brain functioning is a way to reduce any overactivity of the CNS as indicated; to have widened to a thermoneutral zone to ameliorate evermore even psychogenic fever; love jubbdavid;


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