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What Happens When Information Contradicts Monopolized Narrative?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

A, criminal banking cartel of a one world order has monopolized information; so, what you’ve received has a purpose to have dumbed most everybody down; certainly, such isn’t from any logical process; yet, a total lack of care of the support for all to be thriving yet totally the opposite; you’re witnessing a genocide underway planned ninety-nine years ago;

Who, pays the piper is running the show basically; so, that is a mistake that, continuing on, is an error which is unfathomable; yet, all, as you’re aware, are under an agentic state to have decided based on what is more scientific; yet, as you’ve got a criminal monopolization of censorship; like, this researcher discovered how blood is formed; also, the integrative element in behavior; yet, any work describing truth has not been “allowed” to see the light of day; so, a deep logical fallacy existed which can be easily undone;

Most, are aware CB-cowo (criminal banking cartel of one world order) is full steam ahead to control having prepared various black swan triggers to genocide in your nation; you, haven’t heard of this researchers work because it is the most banned; for, blood isn’t made in the bones; nor, was never was an election not stolen; so, happens when way too much information is contradicting a criminal banking cartel of a one world order’s (CB-cowo) narrative?

Way too many ‘false paradigms’ float unchallenged; under CB-cowo, following the rule of law, allowing education to be is a total farce; beloved inside various ‘discipline’ in “religion” and in other “profession”, it’s presupposed claim to be in doubt of a supposed embellished map of reality; yet, is totally opposite; each, is suffered from an inherent lack of integration, congruency, also association in the use of word;

All, has just been “smithed” to sound logical; yet, totally is not; you, as you’re aware, have an agentic state; you, as i, follow what is scientific; many, do not know that blood is a liquid crystal organ; most, don’t know the reason behind why a cow makes a patty in the field; while, a deer leaves behind pellets; what, the integrative element is in behavior this researcher is behind;

From, the early eighties onward this researcher has been forwarding onward how the vestibular sense in the integrating element in the sensory motor complex; as, you look you can see most have absolutely no idea whatsoever what a natural birth is; listen, you also most people around you can have been going around in a loop inside of illusion; designed, by criminals to be eventually “abandoned;” like, the very popularized false idea that “if you died it’s possible you caught something from somebody;”

If you’re not taught logic how is it possible to be capable of any rational continuum? Is it possible to stop what you’re doing and assist this father to reverse what’s unconvincing? You, didn’t do that, what you did instead was simply be supportive of what truth logic is presented here; purposefully, put to cause clarity; so, you can have pattern recognition; for what is unity conscious, you can have cleared away any program which should be rejected;

Most, can agree don’t know how close ukraine is to italy for instance; and, a writing as this is, you’d agree, is difficult to replace the living teacher; for, most can not see how made-up mental parodies all has most wrongfully stuffed into; a concept, a point, a shaman prepared, doesn’t grasp or hold; for, innerstanding put to you here is leading you now to evermoor freedom;

For, can you look back and see how this work future paced, a greater logical empirical view showing you the mind and world is not separate; so, you’re to abandon memory and your expectation; for, in a shamanic tradition in being, in other words, you accept life as this comes; for, desire lost requires you to chip away at your day at that; for, otherwise what you do by fulfilling non-stop some desire is to continue to breed evermore desire;

Reality, can not be put into word or feeling; for, as desire also fear; for, all is equal to an utterly self-centered state as a selfie; you, care for what is nature as you’re giving your whole self to what this is; as, you know, a spider is emotional having cognitive processing; even, snuggle with each other; little things like, maybe you didn’t know how copper in the blood of snail, spider, and octopi, shows such beloved to be blue;

You’re eye doesn’t function on sugar; the, cells receive energy another way; more, from the melanin; magneton come in, build up; such, tissue diffuses such magneton; for, what magneton as light is directed into melanin, a lenticular structure shapes the fourth dimension; tapping, or excreting what you see in this third dimension; so, what’s gone into the melanin doesn’t directly come out; yet, is stored; as, the melanin releases such energy, a diffused fine magnetic differential caused magneton to be in a direct current to have assisted the eye with a mode of energy for its cell respiration;

You, don’t just get your energy from eating, not at all; if, you’re seen observing melanin, it’s possible for you to visualize how lifecolloid in the universe receive energy, all from the ambient B field of space; some, life doesn’t take a drink because the tissue such beloved is made of is melanin where such easily dissociates water molecule; such, reshaped subliquid is transported as its gassiest component; where, hydrogen is transporting is spin north negative;

Blood, even is a crystalline liquid gas as an organ; it, is the oxyhemoglobin which is observing all color; such, color is reflected off this life as this specie is blocking such; blue, light is activating enzyme in your body; red blood allows blue through; the opposite in color and uniqueness in some life form which is assisting absorb heat more from the environment; the, amount of heat melanin as a tissue is equal to chlorophyll; which

Easily, intrinsically transforms photonic energy into available chemical compounds; mitochondria in the body doesn’t just rely upon what you ate? What is expressed here is energy from the vacuum; which, is used by cells also nuclei; melanin is a semi-conductor readily converting static B field; magnetic differential; such, is incurred as magnetic current is; causing cell to function; all, is converted into heat also sound;

The, color of your blood is interesting; lizards, in new guinea have green blood; marine worms can show purple blood; blood is more than just a gas transport yet is polypotent to transform into any tissue the body is in need of; including substantial amounts of melanin all found in your central nervous system as in the brain and spinal cord; hemoglobin, has iron causing blood a red color; where, as hemocyanin is a copper cause of more blue like blood; O- has more copper; spiders, as indicated, you can give your whole self to; for, such beloved have been seen caressing their young; all, even snuggling up together;

The question to you is, do you have a feeling that there is a stamp existing of reality? Which, this stamp is absolute; it is where the past and future tense is thoroughly left behind; for, what I am putting to you in this work is, can you see how the death of your mind is the beautiful arrival of wisdom? For, isn’t it such peace and also silence this is how you’re growing as you’re paying attention right now to the power of being in i awareness;

Can, you stop what you’re doing to listen in more? For, isn’t the seeker, who is found, searching for himself? For, should you not raise a flag having a sticky factor to note what is concrete or abstract as a feeling as time or even space? You’re discovering herein what you are not; for, is it the simple act of your perceiving shows you you’re not what you’re perceiving? For, can you agree to note, a deeper limitless being is more you being actually scientific?

If you only thought energy comes from what you ate, can you see how melanin in your eye is conducting a dynamic magnetic current? You, can witness melanin in the eye releasing hydrogen from oxygen from water; for, as energy is released such is being transported by the hydrogen; as, you’re considering for instance on another note, how your lung is the primary organ of digestion; for, such is leading in the role of cell respiration;

The, limitlessness which this you is an i aware being begins as your search is ended; all, comes so quick to you; you, can look at all which its in truth you completely are not; for, as you’re looking within easy it is to investigate certain what you’re not; what is certain in i awareness is i am; also, continuing this other idea that you are this; you, certainly are not; for, who is real isn’t equal to what is dead and fictional;

For, you can behold what is eternal more; which, it’s certain “religion” presently suffers from logic and is full of inherent limitation; for, this i is not caused and isn’t of a cause and effect; for, you can note the notion of you being is existed as a body; you, don’t find in deep sleep; though, i awareness is; for, all such put in jubbs little red book also the path of hollow bones is a way for you;

All, is becoming evermoor automatic; for, being in no mind, you’d agree then such is no longer where the root of sorrow and desire was; which, was in the mind; so, listen in; pay attention right now; for, many you’d agree don’t have the ‘power’ to have left behind narrative arisen from one’s own self glorification; narrative, continuously pursued ongoing feeding one’s own self satisfaction; all, only as a selfie which is left behind;

Wouldn’t you agree it is your experience you look around you see most beloved ongoing having lived only in such an utter self-conscious state; where, it was non-stop your memory continuously having constituted illusion; yet, between all in continuity a flower you can see came; can, be seen with brighter color; yet, it’s magnicity itself which is present; the, i in your sense which colors what you see;

For, what is it being incurred; you’re more detached from your own story; one, is attached of no import; as, import could have been attractive only to opinion;

Can you agree, is the world within you as a map made inside? Which, isn’t the territory; yet, an approximation of such; isn’t anyone’s map like yours can you consider? Made, by one process necessary which engages a process of generalization; because, what is ‘wakeful’ is a limiting state to be only seven plus or minus two chunks; might, you agree a process which is engaged in you as well as i having made a map engages what you’ve included also, dismayed? of course,

How this map is constructed could also be an utter distortion; might you learn about what well-formed construction is? For, what is supreme in your being ongoing is this self between i awareness; the self, with superconsciousness eventually developed awareness is how you or anyone applies the vestibular meta modality; which, is how head or whole body movement access is accessing information which is beyond one’s present sensory awareness; which, is applied you have a serial processing which is automatic;

All, have only a certain amount of breath; it is your lung which is the chief organ providing the majority of melanin; which, makes up your blood; your energy in motion in i awareness is carried more by your nerve force; whereas, whats the mind, that's fictional, is carried more by the forces of the blood; you, should know all of your cells arose from having been a red blood corpuscle originally;

Such, is of polypotency; you as well as i are meant to eat food with enzyme intact; yet, if you ask anyone in “modern medicine” if an enzyme is important, most in that licensed “profession” have been trained to say no; a, baby is born and you can see as the skin slowly dries in a natural birth such triggers your first breath; yet, what happens you see many in life totally lacking any self-initiated consciousness in partnering or any group dynamic? For, what will have happened do you have a feeling that you got smacked on the butt instead to have triggered your first breath? The, shaman doesn’t grasp or hold; for, having deeper innerstanding is leading you evermoor to freedom; love jubbdavid;


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