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What Is A True Healing Therapeutic?

Did you know that many just get worse actually with therapy? Many have experience of being told “you need to get help;” yet, if you ask “what’s a true healing therapeutic?” generally none can have an answer to this simple question; diabetes, and any condition primarily is a form of neoplasm; meaning, the cell isn’t able to faithfully produce proper protein;

We, live in a world which has said, “sugar, salt, fat, and also other ideas, is the cause of ‘an illness;” you, can know most “illness” is uncaused and has generally many causative effects; yet, sugar certainly isn’t the culprit; excessive, nitrogen is though; excessive, pigment; excessive material which isn’t able to be broken down; excessive methionine also phosphate is; excessive nitrogen causes neoplasm;

You, can agree to note most can say it’s not easy for them to see the things about themself; that, is the reason why you should search to have a teacher in your life; someone, living; wherever, someone is challenged such is situationally specific to trigger all of one’s immaturity; most, who are not well are triggered ongoing; as, a control freak behaviorally; most, who are sick are often the worse; for, lack of balance beforehand; how, about focusing on learning more about being observed as a balanced beloved in your behavior?

Internal and external reference is in a fifty fifty relation which is kept; also, in balance a fifty fifty relation exists in your orientation taken; internally, and externally;

What is not ecological, eventually can be expressed; no, habit and rest at all for the intestine is a factor; so, why not at least take an hour of your week maybe to look into this work? Maybe, you get a coach? Might this be more prerequisite you’re learning what a true healing therapeutic is; which, is will define for you in a moment; yet, imagine you have installed new coping strategy which applying whole brain functioning patterning;

One, has a deeper focused on what is truly more a scale which can work; which, is realizing internally more ‘the error of one’s ways;’ to do such, a true healing therapeutic engages you becoming more free of desire also unnecessary fear; yet, therapy is marketed as “the panacea” yet often as each can have been applied, such used can be seen to be of limited success;

A, true healing therapeutic is you taking time to provide instruction; which, after this is given you you’re carrying out these instructions; for, to be instructed to be beginningless and endless you’re moor remained within on a solid steady course which is changelesl; for otherwise, unless you ignore shortcoming you truly haven’t engaged a true healing therapeutic; which, is time you take you’re listening to instructions i’m giving to you carried out afterward being fruitful;

A, fault line exists between what is professed to be near public perception; yet, as you read more in this work you see i awareness is truly you as i being the source; empaths, you can clearly feel what is given is a win-win goal as a therapeutic alliance; i’m asking you to engage more your rational art; true healing therapeutic is you becoming desireless and fearless; for

Will, is this source inside you; such, isn’t an object; it’s, not a subject; it’s, more to do with who and how; which, is in the present; for, everything else is more fictional; obviously, it’s easy for you to become aware of a reflection in a mirror can look like you yet obviously it is not you; for, this you being aware of perception is supreme; which, is a bridge built you become aware of who is over the perceiver, perceiving what’s separate seemingly; yet,

I awareness is such a bridge; which, is the manifold consciousness of the perceiver as to the perceived; for, it really is the quality not quantity of what you do; which, is how much more; rather than, “what” is being in the present; you, only have a little bit of time i know; a, short message here and there to you; where truth is this which is simply open to all, such is acted upon being discoverable; desire, unnoticed; for

Perfect detachment is being virtuous; you, can have said to me “you’re the one who is knowing;” yet, i am asking you to be more with what is unknown; you’re in the present more with me; it, is your choosing you can see truth being contrasted to the view you’ve had; for, isn’t such all of it’s own caused effect? Many, can have sought a cause to be some effect when such isn’t at all; you, can act to have success; for, you see such is uncaused of multiple causes; for

What’s, unknown such gives birth more to the known; just, as dark is what gives birth to life; such, is not the other way around; first, as no desire rises any more in your mind it’s this heart’s path which is super consciousness; for, this i, stillness, silence, also transparency is known passion and desire isn’t; for, in this state you become completely free more from the waves of up and downness and scatteredness of the mind;

To, be rested; to, get things done; to, accomplish things; versus, a daydream redness ongoing; for, as one is aware of self you can certainly look at what is not self; for, all is one; for, nothing exists outside self; for, time for you is merely a succession of event; as, a cognative reflection of movement was to space; for, nothing such can heal you; you’re care can be to give up honestly all questions except for who you are; to, ask “am i in i awareness?”; you’re, giving your heart and mind also to what is in perfect detachment you love;

A, mindset there isn’t a person; there isn’t; for, all existing within this i is an ocean of superconscious awareness; you’re remembering ongoing in an outward lived meditation is this self virtue; where, you’ve been turning something on and off; focusing on everything outside and negating such can you hear this instruction now? You’ve forgotten yourself in that; that, ongoing is your biggest sin; for, as you’re with this father for with this son you can know no dark;

You’re following the rhythm of this cosmic wheel of life; for, in the day also the night; so, can this be entered of your dreamstate? Can you say “stop hurting others and also yourself?” why, don’t you actually wake up instead and be woken more? For, your external world i see of narcissistic behaved is always negated; for, all description of “that” apparent in the present has only been in your form of denials; yet

Can you address the ground of this instruction to you? You, can be more immutable omnipresent awareness; you, can have gone more beyond illusion; you, can have found your heart more free of desire and unnecessary fear; true, healing therapeutic is you following instruction given; you, can have achieved your outcome;


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