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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

To, give all an open sourced verifiable worldwide platform; for, are you not your own authority on truth? For, now you can; as, this is forwarding to you the service of a; functional; decentralized; honest, impartial system called dot-alm; where information distribution guarantees society remains healthy; directed; and, of wisdom;

Yet, that isn’t what we have before eclipse is had its effect; is it? So, why shouldn’t information be vetted and discerned? Information, is everything; information, is the foundation of life; and, accuracy in its exchange; thousands, of media companies; yet, all can be reduced to a monopoly of six companies actually;

A, free society demands are expressed more by de-centralized dot alm service; and, you have rid a fictitious media of misinformation; you, as a truth seeker are ever more powerfully equipped; you, and I have our own server called dot-alm

Dot-alm, is being proposed as our public ledger platform serving as this new decentralized mass media; dot-alm, currently in beta stage; is, scheduled as a global information hub; and, processing service to process the alm as a world currency; beloved, can get paid for work done for dot-alm;

And, to forward this mission; and, plan of action; to, build the biggest movement the world has ever seen; and, change the politic; and, rid usury once and for all time; so, common law can be restored; all, can have our own public ledger verified transactions

How, about continuing to be outcome orientated? Can, you assist build dot-alm platform; and the biggest movement the world has ever seen? Check out the ALM constitutional electronic currency and start a pre launch account at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; be, first in receiving initial alms offering

love, jubb david


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