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Zero Point Energy & Colloidal Biology

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Zero Point Energy and Colloidal Biology Part 1 Oslo, Norway

Energy doesn’t stop at the speed of light. A Tachyon particle is a theoretical particle that condenses into light. Tachyon field energy can be considered similar to dark energy, matter and inflation. Observation cosmologically has the universe being homogenous and isotropic (similar tension) overall. You find an enormous amount of non-luminous matter (called dark matter) in the universe. It is estimated to be at least a quarter of the energy of the whole universe. Tachyon goes a long way to describe dark matter as well as an inflationary universe (growing). Since the theory of relativity, it has always been hypothesized that a particle greater than the velocity of light in a vacuum exists. Cosmic energy fluxes, and because of this only a friction grid lattice as a plasma body can make it uniform where energy is tapped from the synchrony of trough and crest of cosmic energy flux in the vacuum.

Biophotonic is a biological radiation of light in a coherent (laser) transform and is an extended force field around all lifecolloid conglomerates. Regions of all space have an emitted morphogenetic transform; this is biophotonically projected throughout all of space and is non-local.

Neural pathways are far too slow to coordinate each body cell. Energy from the vacuum is definite in all biology. All lifecolloid is a living oscillator of a transform of electromagnetic vibration. Radiant energy can be transmitted from one local to another without wire. Morphic resonance incurs between vibrating systems and this biophotonic field can be tuned to by a receiver. Energy from zero point perfectly runs the whole system itself; and much observation of life is living off the vacuum and biological transmutation of element also occurs from one element to another.

An electromagnetic and biophotonic transform of energy is induced into a crystalline lattice and is easily influenced by coherent biophotonic electromagnetic normalizing radiation from lifefood, and Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation. Biophotonic light is where every photon is in resonance, which is laser in its function. All photon are is step with each other, and do not spread out as light does ordinarily. If you can see how a laser beam works, then see this as a 3 dimensional projection through space of light coming off all life forms projecting light through each other. As this light shines through your DNA, it undergoes refraction causing orderliness in health; and in disease reflection of any imperfect lattice and also imperfect inclusion.

Biophotonic light is given off by all colloid of life as one enormous mat; of which all life is composed of. Yet it is not like any ordinary light that spreads and diverges; biophotonic light although split up remains in a coherent individual beam. This energy harmonizes or can have disturbed equilibrium. Sympathetic vibration/resonance is as life is a confluence of multiple vibrations. Light through your liquid crystalline lattice can fan out and or diverge; all information is retained. Sound and light is generated from a morphogenetic field that is a blue print energy as matter forms into it. This blue print energy is of a finer substance than light; it is responsible for the phantom leaf effect, as seen on the electromagnetic of lifefood.

Body movement taps the crystalline lattice as silica and carbon of the body to get electrons through piezoelectric effect. Electrons are generated by zero point by colloid of life and lifecolloid. The lifecolloid in the intestinal garden you are wrapped around produces through biological transmutation one element into another. Potassium is easily transmuted into silica; so is calcium in biological transmutation. Lifecolloid as bacteria and spore and double spore assist in biological transmutation of energy.

A photosensitive light energy gathered as an ancient primordial lifecolloid; as is an acid-fast-cell-wall-deficient bacterium; that is purple; is a common ancestor to mitochondria in our cells and a plastid of a plant cell. You also have lithophillic and halophilic (metal and salt converting to energy) lovers as lifecolloid; also, thermophilic lifecolloid draw energy from heat.

Energy is generated also by mechanical means as indicated above through piezoelectric activity of mechanical stress placed on silica. As the body is vital, its vital store of silica is plentiful. You have lush thick shiny hair and strong nails and radiant skin. Silica allows you to have snap-back skin and vital youthfulness.

The vacuum is not nothing; cosmic energy exists; even as temperature. It’s a long way to absolute zero when molecular motion ceases. Colloid of life taps cosmic energy from the vacuum by phase conjugation. A residuum vibration (something small) is summed up to make up an electron particle. It is what is left over after two equal and opposite waves annihilate each other.

Light is emitted by an excited electron when an alteration in frequency is being incurred. Also the background note of B flat can be heard. A red blood corpuscle is only one hundred microdynes (one nanonewton) of weight as a force. This is within earth’s gravitation field when not charged up. Yet a red blood corpuscle is weight-less inside the blood vessel when it is fully charged up.

A reference to the use of sonoluminescence is made on (September 6, 2011) by this author where sound as light is used to clear up tinnitus; a ning ning ning sound assists to clear the liquid crystal matrix so no inclusion exists in how light and sound is refracted through tissue.

Zero point energy is what keeps electrons in perpetual motion. All particles in the universe have a ground state, as does an electron. All lifecolloid emit quasi continuous photo emission of weak electromagnetic signals. Biophoton emission on average is about a few hundred photon per second per square centimeter. These biophotons exhibit a high degree of coherence. All biological regulatory function relies upon biophotonic connection. Ultra weak biophotonic emission in the ultra violet range called mitogenic rays is incurred around growth of all new lifecolloid organelle.

Lack of electricity and biophotonic energy occurs by eating cooked denatured strange element. Lifefood raises your electric potential in your body. The lack of this physiological threshold is responsible for a cell not being able to respond to toxin that in turn other than allows a vital selective capacity as already indicated above. The body distinguishes toxin more easily when it is vital. A true healing therapeutic increases the micro-electric tension and this in turn vitalizes you to repel toxin.

Electric potential on a micro level is kept by consuming lifefood, otherwise weakness can have occurred. Neoplasm has fibrin and a mucous barrier that needs to be dissolved. Mucous otherwise acts like a faraday cage; and insulates the neoplasm from the body. You increase high energy electrons and have a spontaneous remission. High energy electron boots out all lower energy electrons from the body. For this to occur you need to have proper levels of carbon and you must breathe through your nose.

Cosmic energy allows a cell to maintain oscillation by means of phase conjugation; as lifecolloid, a DNA macromolecule, is an oscillating circuit with inductance and capacity; DNA lifecolloidal organelle oscillate with unique frequency. A lifecolloid organelle (interior of a cell) plays a role as transmitter and receiver of small radio-waves biophotonically. High frequency current is produced by this biophotonic radio-wave effect, which flows in the circuit of a cell nucleus and as indicated above, cosmic energy is the energy source for this system. Supplied by structural phase conjugation and a residuum vibration after two equal and opposite wave annihilate; the sum of what is left over makes up an electron. Biophotons can

release up to several hundred photon per second per square centimeter in rich, living, vital tissue.


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