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A Cell Is Not the Original Building Block of the Body

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Dr David Jubb September 2, 2011 Oslo, Norway

Life’s building block is not a cell; a double spore (virus) is. This double spore is the building block of all internal cellular organelle. A cell and a bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast do not arise from a cell; a cell and other lifecolloid arise from a process of aggregation, fusion and differentiation (AFD). Your red blood corpuscle arises in such a way. The element building block is water as proton and electron expressed as body, skin, tissue and humor. Hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, sodium, potassium, and other elements are of multiple vibrations. The body expressed with life is as a “confluence” of multiple vibrations.

Life fits into a natural order; for instance our cells are closest to mineral through bacteria. Lifecolloid bacteria are lithophillic (rock loving) and eat rock, complexing minerals; and then this mineral can be plied in life’s respiration. Naturally complexed by nature with weak organic acid, it has a natural radiation that is compatible in the matrix of biology.

Your bio-terrain is measured by pH, conductivity, and negative redox. In an acidic terrain where oxygen is below 78% double spore as lifecolloid which is in healthy blood, AFD into dysbiotic lifecolloid that wrongfully become intertwined into the matrix internally and externally of tissue beyond the economy ordinarily needed. A wart is body cells combined with double spore fused with other double spore called papilloma. Ridding the body naturally of a wart occurs as all spores are evicted from such tissue. Eating lifefood has a normalizing energy as it is rich in biophotonic colloid of life. Colloid of life is a biophotonic (a hydrogen excited electron shifting between harmonics that has a coherent field/laser like phenomenon) element. A building block of life gives off a photon perceived by us in the weak electromagnetic spectrum emanating from hydrogen. It is a series of electric arcs in a soup of cosmic energy that is in the form of the smallest doughnut shape. This doughnut shape maximizes perpetual phase conjugation for electron production from a residium vibration of two equal and opposite waves uniting; and after all is annihilated, what is left over is summed up to make the smallest of matter as an electron. A hydrogen atom is the smallest pin prick portal as a puncture in the fabric of space; energy as a proton is 1,500 times larger than an electron and is where energy is bursting forward from the 4th dimension. However where crest and troughs cancel each other out; no light is perceived, yet you can see and feel dark matter and black energy that makes up most of the universe.

A body has its own instructive radiative force. You have an aliesthetic taste change that is a chemical homeostatic sense active only when consuming lifefood. This harmonizes with a mutual- lived existence; also as the body has its bi-carbonate and weak organic acid in the blood good health ensues; and by a process of AFD in good health, colloid of life aggregate into spore and spore fuse with other spore to form double spore. Without blood borne inhibitors double spore fuse to make bacteria; then bacteria can develop a hard outer wall and become a mold; then mold grows in colony and becomes a fungus. Fungus grows mycelia thread like tubules that allows it to take over; then this culminates in an advanced form as yeast. In healthy blood the double spore building blocks AFD into all body intra cell organelle. Yet, when the bioterrain is not vital, double spore can AFD into dysbiotic lifecolloid. A champion regenerator is a sponge; it can be sieved through a strainer but assembles itself back again into clumps by AFD. A red blood corpuscle forms the same way. It has superfluidity and super conduction. As it is scarlet bright red and charged up it pulsates with light. This causes a blue light to swell inside your body cells. This ultra violet blue light is the virtual cathode ray which is the very exterior of the plasma body meniscus of the red blood corpuscle. This cathode ray is the virtual exterior of you. So the charged red blood corpuscle is a virtual center of the field as an anode; and your body exterior the virtual cathode, in a waking state. This polarizes to the opposite during sleep.

Penetrating the veil of illusion of the twilight of a horizon of a forgotten dimension; colloidal biology is this new horizon. Jubb’s lifecolloid is a supervitalizer and as such has element such as pro-biotic alpha and beta interferon as a biological response modifier raising immunity to clear away pathogen by a broadcast effect. In good health you can have some 80,000 species of lifecolloid in the intestinal garden you are wrapped around. In poor health maybe there are only 1,000. Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic is rich with DNA and RNA and introduce energy to improve your cells combative signal strength. Some nutrient broadcasts its effect; it doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier, yet broadcasts its effect instead. Cosmic energy clean floods into the vacuum. Any energy demand taken from the vacuum in zero point energy causes it (the space) to be instantly flooded by cosmic energy coming into replace energy used. This is the energy that DNA coils apply. Also other oscillating circuits as organelles as clathrate (tiny hollow sphere) become entrained by a coherent field they are subject to; and recall such vibrational entrainment for some many weeks afterward; such phenomenon has been observed. Organelle lifecolloid in the interior of the cell by their structure have all components of an electronic circuit board. Organelle lifecolloid in the interior of the cell are oscillating circuits; capable of specific frequency oscillation with capacity and inductance. The cell lifecolloid organelle interior of a cell assist/ act as a receiver and/or a transmitter for biophotonic, radio wave, which within the cell nucleus high frequency current exists. Cosmic energy applied maintains electrical oscillation. Symbiosis and dysbiosis is either compatible or incompatible vibration/ oscillation. A cell is not the original building block of the body.

Silica provides a structure for morphogenic information as a blue print; and silica acts as a scaffold to build protein in life. Nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon atoms assemble first because of silica and form protein, sugar and fat. Structure forms by way of silica being a beginning scaffold for such element to form. Silica assists as a scaffold; then is cleared away once the organelle structure is built. Most all life grows through AFD process, not through mitotic cell division. A red blood corpuscle is produced by colloid of life aggregating into double spore; and these double spores fusing with other double spore to become a red blood corpuscle. This happens in large cell laminar propria of the intestinal deep submucosa. See “Secrets of an Alkaline Body”; and also “Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation” to learn more about this. Blood is a liquid crystal tissue and so is your body membrane, all connective tissue and also all the interior of the cell. Atoms line up in an orderly fashion in biology as they are all composed like a liquid crystal membrane; a crystalline structure. Each life form is a giant crystalline lattice. Silica in lifefood and biologically transmutated by friendly intestinal flora in the intestine, amplify and modify the electrical transformation; incurred in the red blood corpuscle being percussed in the heart chambers. In an enormous number of vortex apex creates high energy electrons to be induced. Blood flows in embryology before a heart is formed by electrical, pressure and temperature differential.

Lifefood has electromagnetic waveform broadcast and amplified to your body. Mineral in a crystalline form can amplify, tranquilize, balance and stimulate. Silica amplifies a bioelectric field. Startling recovery is occurred by crystal and color and sound therapy. Quartz amplifies and modifies your brain radiation. On this note Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic has a life for three transient days in your intestine and during this time eats up tar and resin, heavy metal, pesticide, insecticide, etc. It snacks on them like movie goers snack on popcorn and it poops glutathione peroxidase that is good for having proper brain function. Silica allows a very weak signal to become amplified. Silica is a major component of the lifecolloid. It has every single nutrient that the forest has inside it, perfectly preserved in lipoic acid. Lifecolloid eats rock and excretes rock that is smaller than nine atoms that also become complexed by carbon. This gives this mineral the ability to give up and receive an electron and proton charge. Silica matches carbon to transmit an amplified morphogenic field that allows carbon and nitrogen to form into a protein; which silica then generally splits away from. Where wear and tear and elasticity exists in a lifebody then silica is a necessary element in that body tissue.

Biophotonic activity of colloid of life and lifecolloid generate a coherent laser form of light, communicating at the speed of light. Radiant light energy is harnessed by thought form which is a transformation as an electromagnetic wave. Every light particle in life is of a resonance which makes DNA and RNA function. Information as light rays shine or sound in water also in a vacuum has radiant energy go through refraction into eddies and collection points. Biophotonic light is in individual notes and remains a coherent electromagnetic crystalline lattice of light. Such light that bathes silica projects its confluence in the fabric of space, entrained, and silica amplifies this morphogenetic field around itself; and carbon and nitrogen form into a protein and also nucleic acid to form DNA etc.

Silica like carbon has its atoms in a distinct repeatable pattern. Such bond holding atoms are ionic and covalent and form six sided structures in nature easily; honey also has its healing benefits. Only hexagonal shapes fit into water to run any enzyme system of the body or enzymes in all biological systems. Silica tapped lightly gives off electrons. A modern domestic stove pilot light works on this principle. A quartz rock held in a medicine persons hand loses all resistance to current flow. That crystal is copying and then amplifying a specific wave form into space around itself. A morphogenetic field is absorbed by silica and amplified into space as a manifestation of that specific note or music or visionary color, shape, brightness and hue. When silica is heated you get electricity. When silica is lightly squeezed light comes out. All elements doping this biophotonic light emitted by colloid of life cause a particular visible wave length (color). Silica crystal in the modern world is applied in telecommunication technology and can receive and amplify electromagnetic wave form emanating hundreds of miles away. Natural silica in lifefood can receive and emit a healthy signal and cause a cell to return to a healthy function. In colloidal biology you witness how a seed crystal in a saturated salt solution enhances a plethora of crystalline life colloidal structure to come into being where nothing but pure water was before.

To penetrate the mysteries of life force, biophysiologists, chemists, and nutritionists agree that the healing power of life force radiation is beyond the sum simply of its measured nutrient or calorie in part. Cellular lack of nutrition is ten thousand fold more deadly than any number of dis-eases. Yet a nine nm long wave length stimulates colloid to aggregate, fuse and differentiate and cause a flower to grow. A blood and lymph tonic is combined with chlorophyll and administered over three hours, a red felt blanket is wrapped over any effected area for 3 hours in total darkness; and then for six weeks after that treatment the body continues to have its healing forces activated. The only small side effect is light sensitivity. Lifefood raises the body cells microelectric potentials, assisting with your body cell selective capacity. You have a much greater ability to determine nutrient from toxin. Lifefood increases the micro electric tension, and a body can more easily repel noxious substance. Wildzymes and lumberkinase in Jubb’s lifecolloid pro- biotic breaks through this mucous barrier as does the notes of A, C, E. These notes unlock pathogen and clear faraday cage electric field insulator like environments so immune cells can do their job. Colloidal biology is about how radiant electromagnetic forces influence life of an organism. Electromagnetic potentials can change a cells vibration to a specific harmonic resonant frequency and can cause your body to maintain form and health, or not. So as ants stroke aphids, and aphids give them a honey milk excretion in return; all is part of an interconnected web. Very small amounts of formic acid from insects flying through the air can cause fluid to flow through connective tissue. Only very small quantities are needed to affect a whole organism. For at the speed of biophotonic light, a single atom introduced influences the whole organism. An inert fluid will act as one molecule. Electron flow is incurred for the same reason. Even in toning you have a very creative power in your own voice to normalize body healthy wave form. Sound is easily detected coming from your body that can be seen inside ones head from the listener’s voice. Where there is a stable field, cells also become in phase with each other. Red and yellow sponges sieved together reassemble into their original form by AFD. Biophotonic intercommunication is radionic, as is all life on the level of colloid of life. Very small change to the bioelectric field is biologically important. Only minute electrical potentials electrically coordinate and balance brain activity.


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