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A Plan Observed To Stop an Election

Under, negative economic inductance of a military industrial complex no one obviously selected; when did alphabet soup land not abuse power? A, plan observed is to stop an election; a, plan to activate the war powers act of nineteen seventy-three; start some hot conflict now to continue on all such now instead, of preserving all evidence that could clearly show an imposter does exist; yet

To, preserve such because an obvious controversy is; the, structure of truth is you care such evidence be preserved rather than destroyed; if, you're active to destroy such you do so because you don't want truth to change the question about an imposter; you’d, expect who’s innocent obviously to care to preserve as security information; about, the election that was in twenty-twenty; truth, telling has a structure keep in mind;

With, evidence sufficient from authorities and observed internationally foreign interference; you’ve got a voting system which forensic expert which show such is intentionally not properly designed; yet

To, have caused inherent systematic fraud; to, interfere with a public count as transparency was you’d imagine data looked at can prove whether such vulnerability to access interference can have come from many probably; which, can have come from probable caused interference from the internet; and such

A, system itself can be designed with flaws which can cause foreign interference; which, if seized as evidence as what was asked for wouldn’t you consider who’s innocent to ask for such to be kept? Such, voting can not be verified;

Was, it true ballot marking device of Georgia’s Dominion Voting and implementation wasn’t considered a security and vulnerability to intentionally implant changed conditions which manipulated voting? Yet

A, plan to activate the war powers nineteen seventy-three can be used instead of another false election; and, to what effect does some hot war plan impact such is a question?

Could, as power isn’t popularly taken you can see a lot of force having gone on instead; a, ballot box mail-in because of covid; yet, such is getting exposed as a massive scam; and, how easy would it be to rig ballot?

It, of course is a dire warning to all how a foreign nation divided up for Palestinian land to create a police state to use such to backdoor security to; so, you don’t think war and an illegitimate state that’s made isn’t to be utterly controlled? And

A, police state afterward; would, you consider looking at the whole picture so far in Ukraine could there be one hundred fifty thousand so far having gone through the meat grinder? For, all the young Ukrainian men killed is the proposal; for, what’s sectioned out to be a police state; next to you;

Is, that all about a nation cashed up so that you can see no talk is about demilitarization? Is, it that you see no incentive to negotiate? For, who might you ask is benefiting from a war both sides don’t gain anything?

Many, do you see don’t even have any idea how to protect your private right; such, always flows from title in a document; yet, what happens when that’s missing in that document?

Winning, a clear victory in a common law court of record trial by jury can do such; yet, where no research is existed that supports a mandate that was passed down; of, course education and everything gets shut down; yet, isn’t that now what we’re seeing again ahead of time? All, being prepared for the next “emergency;” the, new scariant; so

When, did Alphabet Soup Land controllers not be seen to have abused such taken authority? For, isn’t it in a predator’s environment that’s been made; Alphabet, Soup Land as the UN, BIS, WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, USA, ect. be a entity that’s alien; for, such is a fiction for such has no central organized nervous system;

Alphabet, soup land can’t say anything nor hear you; and, so who acted upon you to terminate work, unless you volunteered to be harmed by some mandate; so, everyone saw no one gets picked on all together yet one at a time; so

Who, got off being hounded as a profession and who didn’t; yet, all questioned authority often were terminated afterward; so, it’s the characterization of the common enemy which is outside interference; by deep state shadow patsie; so

Who’s, gullible is asked for some false protectedness yet; you, can see what’s in a logarithm set up as gathered information for you; yet, encrypted more subliminal can be messages which isn’t ethical; like, suicide for instance; and so

When, did a monopoly not wreck the economy? And, when did such a monopoly not wreck all liberty? Yet, being equal under the law substance and law is restored; and, isn’t this what an article IV and III court can assist with? A

Charge, is discharged eventually; for, the censorship itself stops proper action being taken; to, have mitigated harm; and, for agents found behind the propaganda in the past all you saw was purposeful misleading to treason; yet

If, fusion center is all set up to phish; and, this is all done beforehand behind the scene; which, is not lawful; and, generally would be used completely bias of proper investigation; love, jubbdavid;


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