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Did you know that a rattle snake has such fine discrimination that is in a micro wave scale? And did you know that Whales and also elephants communicate to each other perfectly even across many miles of space? They apply ELF waves to achieve this ok? So all sentient beings have both static and dynamic magnicity to function; and this has been mapped with very simple volt meters today;

Long before any illness can have arisen the biology has an L field and this L field is drastically changed between a vital cell, versus one that has a disruption of ease inside; and all struck not to have its twelve overtones; versus only eight having been open; you can see the impact of integrated or parallel lines of force versus disruptive patterns and even jarring and shearing forces; you can also have a mortal oscillatory rate as well ok?

A planck constant is a unit of measurement applied in discovery of resonance; a squid makes use of it as a magnometer; and continuous small fields are around your head is evidence of brain activity; characteristic magnetic pulses have been observed; and the same electrical circuitry in the squid is the very same circuitry of a cell in biology; I suppose this doesn't surprise you does it? Ok because this researcher and another researcher became realized of a design for the RED device by having observed BIOLOGY ability to tap quantum effects to survive;

Does your brain operate at a Schumann frequency? Does this frequency act as a gating reflex does so your brain can see images and hear and also feel that it all has the right speed for processing and if it was slower or faster it could look a bit like an old Charlie Chaplin movie? Yet the rattle snake can discriminate so so so finely all the way down to point zero one degrees; and a whale can detect extremely minute and very subtle differences in voltage per square centimeter; and you know elephants can communicate across many miles of savanna to each other; and the elephant does this via ELF waves ok?

All is evidence of consciousness having an ethmoid organ that senses magnetic transforms of north and south and neutral pole magnetics; and the ethmoid organ feeds information into the vestibular mechanism that acts as an electro gravetic stabilizer; and the vestibular system regulates the magnicity flowing through your body and it assist to set the tone and is involved in sending out a readiness potential a long time before an actual nerve impulse is sent inside the nerve; and this semiconductor incurred along the mylin'sheathing;

Bees also it is known have very fine magnicity discrimination ability that is very useful for them to service; a bee she mostly can only see close to the ultra violet range and beyond; and can see the trail it's left in the ether it can easily trace its way back to the hive; the queen is so tuned to magnicity she spends for days all ready born and is being sensitized to a five day cycle that exists of the sun; she gets this intelligence activated inside by the suns rays rhythmically changing and also she is feed element that assist her brain perceive light in a dimmer way than the worker bee; that also gives her a hormone that links the hive together; and so the worker bees provide a supportive role of the queen and also the drones; the drones spend more time in estero and develop great terrestrial quantum effects of proprioception and also dexterity; and also visceral senses; that the drones brain is developed to have a kinesthetic intelligence; and it's this kinesthetic intelligence that is required to catch the queen bee in flight an to be able to copulate; ok?

Did you know the there is vast deposits of iron atom in its monatomic state that is found rich in the brain of the gut and also the brain upstairs? And that also you have load stone crystals; and especially in your ethmoid organ? And did you know that if you subject biology to extremely high frequency as is found in the fragrance of rose, jasmine and patchouli this causes greater magnicity to the cells? And in very minute amounts it very much excites cells and at larger doses it causes cells to become more relaxed? Did you know that any substance or sound or photonics effect has an effect to assist heal because it acts subtly on the lymphatics; and stimulates the lymphatics to flow again? And that all is working because of a bio resonance in colloidal biology ok? So many scientists today have observed various effects of a biomagnetic field to be observed of various quantum effects;

Did you know that plasma is the fourth state of matter? And this is still not really being taught to children;but, that only three states exist; that your plasma body is not thought of; and such consciousness can give even great insight into how it is possible for someone who is observed of plastic roses but couldn't tell them apart from a real rose and always got an immune reaction; it didn't matter that the roses where synthetic; the mere appearance of the rose was enough to set a full blown episode of an allergic reaction; and it has been noted that when someone had imagined that they were poisoned; they absolutely had that effect; and as someone felt invincible it too also had an effect on biology ok? So you can know that tiny little clathrate in organ of your body can all oscillate and can emit and receive and also store information in the tissue protoplasm; to have inner-standing on how the scratch test could be explained;

Does exotic effect incur during magnetic moments of cyclotronic conduction? And is this the cause of parametric resonance? And in vitality you have a simultaneous conversion of bio magnetic valence that is applied to cause a multitude of vibration; that a confluence is existing of a frequency called the Schumann frequency that is of a seven point eight hertz cycle; and this harmonizes the vibrations that are multiple in biology life can have an integrated moment of prolonged consciousness that you can read out all from the ether;

Did you know that a reverse doplar is also a fact? And under unique dispersion this is demonstrated? And is not an L field present? Is not your bio matrix made up you have an L field? And is not an etheric web present this is witnessed in the phantom leaf effect? And is not such element penetrating space/time determine your vestibular sense and is not the vestibular sense the first sense to form; and that the vestibular formed during the ectoderm stage; and this is when the skin and nerves were formed? Ok?

Is not all memory learning and behavior state specific? A complex of neuroses are activated as you are excited for instance and this heightens your search as you are a pioneer and exploring the total new horizon; completely in un chartered territory; ok? Yet this L field is present you have vitality; and this L field has a light/ dark cycle an inspiration and an expiration; three element participate inside the middle of all molecule in biology; aluminum in primitive lifecolloid probiotic; and magnesium in plant and iron in animal blood ; and an element is side an organism that was without its regulator element is not so able to survive ok; for such element has an inspiration and an expiration; and this is applied to regulate colloidal biological cycles; ok stay tuned to part two ok

love David xxx


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