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All Memory, Learning, and Behavior Is State Specific

This researcher, by the early eighties, was realized that a new discipline needed to be; which, didn’t exist at the time; as, a physiologist i knew that behavior also had specific structure which engaged such; in a deep search for information i discovered my teacher cloud who was educating apprentice in the use of the sensory motor complex; in particular, the vestibular sense as a meta-modality over the other senses;

All memory learning and memory state specific engages the vestibular sense to be able to recall such; the, vestibular sense cause a dynamic also static magnicity to be configured of the sensory motor complex; acting as a transmission box does as a server; as, an endolymphatic gravitational inertia, server mechanism; B field magnicity, also dynamic current storage, during this time all become more deeply investigated; for, all who is realized for all conceptual,

as cognative sensory motor pathway is connected as a waveform of neural information stored; which, then can be retrieved as such is stored in the tissue protoplasm of a membrane; all memory learning and behavior is state specific; as you’re spending time recalling information, what is elicited also is what is stored alongside; which, is triggered; which, all becomes available; such, via associated proximal neural network;

All state is existing as an experience as a waveform imprinted; so, what you remember is what you’ve learned; which, as behavior, as indicated, on an exact three dimensional wave form; which, is resulted from a three-dimensional wave form; stemming, from the transform that is existing of presynaptic gates configured; such a waveform is stored in the tissue protoplasm of the membrane neural cell within the premotor cortex area, engaging the frontal cortex; so

As, you can have rested, sleep allows dreaming; which, transfers the information into the post-motor cortex area; such, can be recalled tomorrow; for all this was a starting point,in the past, in starting to build artificial intelligence; such insight as a three dimensional grid is eventually what would be copied more; modeling nature, in building computing; to be as functionally also structurally plastic on a jc quanta as with neuron making up your brain; for

Time, also observation in this field, building artificial intelligence gives insight into a three dimensional grid; read out, by cavity residence; conducted across a jc quanta of space; which, is an instant read out of superposition wave; the body applies the B field for; which, is the static field of magnicity; your brain also the nociceptive system, applies to conduct sensation through connective tissue to have perception; for, who is real is aware the body is perceiving something;

In the early years of investigation into how hemisphere participate in the mediation of mood; i, suddenly could see a whole brain functioned structured neural network, developing jubb’s instrument, to assist determine the degree to which anyone’s behavior is more whole brain functioning or not; i realized a degree exist which connects to body part of specialized neuron which can be calibrated by observing body movement along with word usage; as well as how the vestibular sense is engaged in the head and whole body movement, acted as a vestibular accessing cue; where, all memory, learning, and behavior arises hierarchy from lower brain structure;

The cerebellum is a specialized tissue which has parallel processing going on of a steady state flow; which, inducts areas of cerebellum also neocortex to become engaged; all, is as a memory, learning, also behavior connected to be of a readout through the hippocampus; which, as indicated has this energy flow only one direction; a, waveform causes synaptic junction as habituated behavior always arises from being access via accessing cue; all, triggered from hierarchical lower brain structure;

Such a transform acts as the readout to the cerebellum also neocortex; otherwise, you can observe a lack of exceptional brain function; certainly, even normal brain function; this researcher saw how all memory, learning, n behavior was a calibrated neuronetwork; behavior acted as a window into the internal matrix of the mind; for instance, pleasure neurology is a hardwired whole brain patterned triggered by left hemisphere engagement; so, movements to the right body weight shifts; body, partnering to the right acts as an accessing cue triggering interest and pleasure in whole brain functioning; whereas

Aversion, mediated more by the right hemisphere, crosses over mostly to the left side of the body; and, body weight shift, head movement, whole body movement, body part shifted triggering was acting as an accessing cue from the left side of the body; this, researcher saw there was no left-right reversal; all cells of your body work via a multiple dimensional readout; which, is a virtual reality engaging twenty-six dimension in magnicity in one elliptical orbital spin;

Within such, this three-dimensional space; which, an exact scalar shape fits in resonance with nine; such, is called a jubit; rather, than a “cubit;” for, such is an ovoidal pyramidal plasm; which, jubit stores information three-dimensionally within; this, assists you navigate in this three-dimensional world; getting a bigger picture of the brain, you can see such relies upon various spatial analogue; which, eventually will be stored in sapphire technology;

A sophistication of the storage of information permanently in tissue protoplasm is a store of a waveform; which, is an accessing cue to a verbal also non verbal sensory motor complex; which, is a wave form; where, it’s storage is the memory; so, language you should realize, is actually patterned motor movement; a sound heard triggers specific sensory motor conditioning;

For the signal to remain stable, the body uses a spider, which has eight waves within such; no diffusion exists via a tractoring of the magnetics; which, assists cause the waveform more to be held to inhibit diffusion of the signal; on a jc quanta to provide resonance to assist such be sustained; yet, as one ages of course, also via habit, such can have been remained vital or less;

Only wrong living will have caused such to be not as functional; for, a potential i am saying to you is existing; you can learn more about whole brain functioning, whole body calibration, analogue sculpting, tracking, also stalking, also timeline; this, is what the shaman was taught in a training; which, would generally last over four years; a great potential is existing you can see; for your capacity to assist others induct and carry out instruction which can be carried out afterward;

All is future paced via the condition of anchoring using accessing cue; in example the vestibular sense being activated is a result of an awareness overall; which, engages head, body part, motor position in relation to the whole; which acts, in itself a serial transform distinct between events; sequentially also ongoing, various neurology includes a configuration of complimentary neurology of cerebellum also neocortex activity of your brain; pleasure stimulates whole brain functioning, whereas aversion causes limited mind function; keep this in mind for this is a key point;

For you as well as i have various cognative visual spatial processing which domestication can have reduced radically; yet, your head movement also the sidedness of your body movement also whole body and body part movement is an accessing cue to a specialized hemisphere, so the angle of your eyes, head movement; all via a proximal association with neuron assist you access state specific memory; learning, also behavior;

One, can do one thing at a time; yet, the brain can not have been hard-wired by such a habit; to often have a comfort engaging conflicted part; the researcher discovered more what neuro relation is engaged in; attention deficit disorder, various forms of aspergers, also autism, working with population running a psychomotor movement clinic during time of working on the researcher into how hemispheres of the brain affects mood being able to observe such by behavior ongoing; to discover more conditions of minimal brain dysfunction; alongside also, what exceptional brain usage is;

Awareness is as a coordinated system which is existing non localized; which, is independent of the external environment; analogue sculpting allows you to sculpt the sensory motor complex to allow you to access state specific behavior; jubb’s instrument allow you to observe behavior over time; to calibrate the degree to which such is of whole brain patterning or not; this researcher, in non euclidean math, discovered a three dimensional scalar shape information is stored within in virtual reality, called a jubit;

It, is the three dimensional space existing inside one orbital spin as a revolution; which, within such has twenty six dimension; this is a compelling physiology as a grand unified totality as to how information is stored in the tissue protoplasm of lifecolloid membrane; the emotion of interest as well as pleasure create integration by being mediated by the septal region; which, connects the midbrain to the cerebellum also neocortex;

The septal region neurologically inhibits aversive neurology gives access to whole brain pattern; which, can engage the hippocampus more; which, assists you to remap even reboot an encoded state specificity; you can become more super conscious being exceptional in various behavior; this researcher’s first deep insight incurred as evidence was observed fully in discussion in relationship to hemisphere participation in the mediation of mood;

This, research was done in the early eighties in the last century; this, researcher’s story to you here is about the vestibular meta-modality; which, is a work teaching you about being moor associated, congruent, having integrated behavior; for, all memory learning and behavior is state specific; communication is riddled with analogical condition; such, is stored as memory; the same as dialogue; as one waveform connecting each, you can become ever more aware of superposition by studying this researcher’s work in magnicity; you can read jubb’s magnicity volume on exceptional brain function; which, you could learn also to apply whole brain functioning patterning from this moment onward more; making a commitment to such;

For, why shouldn’t you, as this researcher have optimal usage of your brain; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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