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Written on the Road by jubb david

Two, Operant Crown (the monarch) & (the house of a banker); The, Banker’s house rules a six-hundred and seventy seven acre called the “city”: not, part of England; like, Washington DC not part of the USA: the, city presided over by a Lord mayor: the, monarch only is a service uniform; before, the Temple controlled by the house of a Banker;

An, old world of usury; Peter-principled to the hilt: and, a bonded debt you and i owe to the “crown”: all, beloved bar as a-turn-on- you’s are under that corps; and, it’s articles of incorporation; therefore,

The, bloke who controls the crown pays patsies to monopolize government; is, only to protect property; yet, at moment all you are is of a color; a, hue of a wo/man; a, card of your name in all caps; you, have an estate as a corps; a, multi variant presumed agreement; under, an equity to the crown; your, corpse infant decedent account owes the crown corps; thus,

At, this moment no juristic process is offered you by the service provider; only, an an a simulation of a trial by using it’s private-own process; crown, juristic enrichment for it’s selfish self only; period is, apparently all that exists provided by the hand above government; however, you’re the grantor of the estate; you’re, the executor of the estate; and, the estate is owing you a reversionary interest; however, that’s another story; so,

All, banks are the crowns property; your’s, and my input is for the bank’s gain only; yet, not after Eclipse has had it’s effect; for, before this time the USA is ruled by a hand above government; ruled, by the crown and, Vatican; so, the president or prime-minister is a CEO of the crown corps; and, part of one overall plantation; except, three orphan countries; ok, now,

A banner is a corporate advertisement; not, a real flag; the, black frocked and white wigged ones don’t work for you and I at all but a private organization called the British Attorney’s Registry or the bar; and, under an oath to protect the crown’s interest and are occupying all our public court houses so that any court flying a yellow-fringed flag is a court under British Maritime Law; under the commercial code; yet,

I, appeared in the jubb court in a land of the supposed self-governed in a common law court of record trial by jury process; yet, no independent third party witness was given me to get my property back: my son;

Your, brain is only set-up you're able to consider some change than can have occurred primarily coming about from some contrast existing; and, as some transformation can have occurred over time it cannot not have been contrasted enough so that you can have ended up given time some change all of a sudden now you can be realized of; for, instance observing mosquito having been contained by glass ceilings and walls; and, although after some time that condition is changed the glass ceiling and walls are dropped and the box now is open; yet, by the many the mosquitos most have remained after the walls have been dropped except for a brave few; by the many remain after the glass walls are dropped except for a few; and, a large elephant eventually held by a flimsy string tied to a bush; and, such describes how the nervous system could have become coded so that the senses would be interpreted in a set way;

A theater of operation is run by the crown; erroneously, created to shape perception; and, subsequent experience actually driven intellectually emotionally bound; that, such is existing prior to an informed intended moment; a, leap to conclusion without sufficient data; its basically a condition where what’s existing is really not of any consent or choice;

A, relied upon powerful condition; imposed, by social engineering purposefully designed of a learnt helpless condition; and, a stopped searched for anything outside or beyond any set condition; and, what is your looking at is a paradigm paralysis ok; and,

Yet, you as this i am Eclipse; you, clear away the hand above government; for, discrimination, bigotry, prejudice; all, can only have interfered with constructive resourceful focused outcome achieved; that, via Eclipse having it’s effect via your active participation now to get back positive economic inductance in the future is given; and, instead what you’re looking at really is from a controlled resistance only; and, observed as just simple knee-jerk reaction; for, much has been purposefully redacted by the bankwhore; under, such a monopolized condition; and, this is where Eclipse is of it’s mission to clear away usary once and for all time; to, re-establish constitutional money and common law immediately; give, back the son his father’s right; demand, an independent third-party witness at the courthouse now;

How about downloading path of hollow bones; and noting the eclipse in the heavens is acting as a motor to have a moratorium for one year; no, new policy regarding banking be made until you find out how currency is created;In, i awareness you are self-sustained; and, this is you supported in your standing truth; none, of error became truth not propagated and magnified of reason; truth, becomes not an error; thus,

Eclipse now, and stabilize currency; and, stop the slide of the dollar to financial martial law; love jubb david xxx


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