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Ancient History Is Revisionary

I, grew up as a young boy on some islands in between the mainland australia and tasmania; it, was for my family clearly to have evidence of a past that wasn’t spoken about; because, it would mean you’d have to revise what you knew about history;

Cannon balls, used as ballast from an old Spanish galleon; yet, ships, windjammers, and pirates, and how to have common law where you and i kept the law; i, would see amongst my family where i was Alphabet Soup Land slowly creeping in; not, to let truth be i saw political reason why such was as a young boy;

Something, i knew was thousands of years old even and such a kept secret; story, i had as i grew up was of an ancient line of kings stemming from atlantis as boat people; as, the people who knew about navigation and sailed the globe long before the pyramids of Egypt; as, a major minority;

Serendipity, would play a hand a story is about; i’d be shown some coins in St. Kilda Melbourne in a Turkish coffee shop under Balaclava Station; a, bloke who worked for Alphabet Soup Land had spent his career in America; i, was shown three coins and a story too fantastic was given to me; two, coins were king juba I coins and one cleopatra VII coin; and, a backstory how a chief had passed on in America and divulged a secret of king juba and cleopatra entombment;

A story exists about such in the path of hollow bone you might want to read more about? Yet, it’s about a peace king and queen entombed here in the western republic of the moor; it’s, the story of the rainbow prophecy which the entombment can only be opened for the world more to know; yet, plenty of evidence already has come out; yet

Entombment, is yet to become public because common law has to be for such to be so; otherwise, what exists there would be stolen; the, treasure in the entombment is also a technological; which, is way beyond the story of King Soloman’s dreams; and, ever more massive in artifact and treasure than King Tut’s entombment;

A, story exists about how it was for me to come to olenie, in Illinois; where, the entombment is close by; and, see artifact, documented, and put back; some, seventy million dollars worth of gold put into a swiss bank; yet, it’s a story about king juba and cleopatra entombment; which, it was for me to be told a story about how alexander also is entombed here on turtle island; and, much more; the

Path, of Hollow Bone is about the toltec; which, means “from the city;” it’s, the history of the toltec giant which is ancient moor/kush empire; where, a republic at peace was set up around the globe; yet, it’s

The story of how private soldiers of a mercenary group was funded by slave money; that, took over Italy; which, then used that State as Alphabet Soup Land to collapse the moor/kush empire; this

Lost, entombment for you and i is a paradigm smasher; because it sets maybe what you knew back to zero; like, a brick not fitting in a past false World put; i, would go on a journey to collect six hundred sixty six crimes relating to genocide over the past one hundred years; and, for

The entombment of this peace king and queen goes back a long way to describe what happened historically; and, of course the message of this new Aquarian age of a new epoch ushered in; for, all time past a reason was of the conquest you’d not know about king juba and cleopatra;

All, would be lost eventually after king juba II’s son ptolemy was murdered by his cousin caligulis and, eventual sacking of the ruined past of the kush/moor empire as mauritania was razed; as, the City of Lol; meaning, “City of the Sun;” you’d, see this and one before this where two great rebellion existed where in both cases a planned retreat existed also; to, the distant republic land across the atlantic of the moor; also, as alexander had also done some centuries prior;

Hundreds, of portrait stone that was synthetic were made was noted and scribed; other, several thousand artifact was included; this, father was involved in nineteen eighty-two in the story; yet, because of various issue could not something which could be put; yet, knowledge enough of what was present for several thousand artifact which was removed and cataloged before much not being put back of that small portion that had been taken out;

All, is carefully sealed back along with letters and encyclopedia as ancient wisdom; laws, of astronomy and physics; and, of course cleopatra’s gold and treasure as well; the, moor for a long time before this had sophisticated navigational knowledge and mathematic; all, sailed past the canary island; which, by DNA has a lot of O negative blood; and an

Ongoing, sea voyage where a gorgeous settlement used to be; yet, would be smashed by the Spanish in the sixteen hundreds; yet, all architecture of the moor with built city made of stone similar to carthage; which, rivaled anything that existed; practically, to this day;

If, you’re interested of course you can have dug below the surface; it’s, once you start reading the Path of Hollow Bones a mystery comes to unfold to you as an epochal story; gathered, from the future about the day; for, it’s, where a narrative is unfolded;

What’s, disclosed is a paradigm that smashes any conception that tens of thousands sailed many times over to the ancient moor western province here on turtle island; also, called the tartar; also, the toltec; which, is where a story is of an invasion in history having come upon all in a homeland;

The, story of turtle island goes back long before alexander; it’s, how this father discovered such; and, yet all comes from three coins shown by an insider a long time ago; also, the story is given explaining the past which was to me absolutely life changing;

This, is a story of a fabulous rich legacy; which, you can look forward to reading more about in the Path of Hollow Bones; yet, today in the eclipse movement a conflict is ongoing; for, it is this narrative which should be evermoor told; it’s

An, ancient map of the moor/tartar shows continuous shipping having gone on from San Francisco, New York, and ancient Shilago since BC times; for, many thousands of years evidence of course in language of the Canadians and ancient canaan show similar belief and work; so

For, over twenty thousand years of occupation one could learn more about the true history of turtle island; it’s, too fantastic yet honest you’ve got hard factual evidence which is abundant; and, for

What’s, spiritual that you know where you’ve come from it’s a great deal more than an enormous amount of treasure; the, history of this past king and queen; a, secret kept for over two thousand years; eventually, stumbled upon; love, jubbdavid;


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