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Any Official of an Unconstitutional Edict is Criminally Complicit

Totalitarianism, having slid into this because of fascism; fascism, is defined by mixing the living up with the dead; you, can only join like with like; you’re, either internally regulated or you’re going to be regulated from the outside; that’s, natural; the

Eclipse, movement by getting rid of usury by two simple crimes having been committed; yet, it’s the kill-box placed over the globe; this, father has some fifty three hours of research of gathered information of genocide of the past hundred years; to

Speak, up about protected disclosure of official misconduct and to see crime being crime under the color of law by corpus delicti; meaning, nobody is home in the office; the, office is bought by bribe and graft; to be the

Recipient of what you read then accurate is to do with what is the subject of the focus; where, under vice-admiralty two hundred laws exist not to let exculpatory information be; under

Legal, name fraud and common law trespass its under commerce that your chattel as a captain of that ship; that’s, not from the land; vice, admiralty has corrupted the courthouses of course; it’s, mixed venue up and controlled such wrongfully and done away with quorum sensing supposed to be in the system; which, is article III article IV court;

You, do the world great good you feel yourself a stranger in a strange convention; you’re, immediate member of this family of eclipse; this, is independent and from a central organized nervous system that material generated to support you where such is vital for you to give the common good is achieved; for the

Constitution which is a contract which the corpse is supposed to have for itself; and, is that being operated on as it’s supposed to be? Should you be not fed up with “Operation Peaceful Compliance?”

You’re, to be active by having lifted a finger; because, where an agency is run amuck you’d say that hasn’t existed? It’s, we the people that correct that keep in mind; so, if you’ve allowed yourself to be taken over it’s then like the truckers who won the day; it’s, your effort shows numbers clear away a ridiculous edit fringing upon we the people capacity to have transparency;

If, all allow such to have existed you’re criminal and complicit; because, you’ve got evidence honest that crime has been committed; it’s, a serious crime to retaliate against a whistleblower; but, it’s worse that you and i don’t perform our civic duty; for

It’s, we the people that is above any governor; an, official’s personal discretion has equity interest upheld by we the people; which, is the due diligence done shown in discretion to uphold we the peoples’ natural right as title; a

Crime, is of vague language of apparent health emergency; liberty, is taken away from you which is a true violent emergency the act of that; who, you apparently volunteered to when you didn’t; to, have language of who’s “regional concern” and the language of about who is “internationally concerned;” none, of that came from we the people except who owns alphabet soup land; who's, directed and spent we the people’s credit; yet

WHO, is like a radical taken over patsy in your state; using “build back better” like public health emergency; that, official's language used is obvious; either, it’s upholding your title to have natural right or not; so

We, the people’s value is the time worn proven common sense of beloved in just about every major city anywhere; you’ve, got a hundred thousand population or more; it’s, not to go along with what is unlawful to stop the idea that liberty is traded to obey some order to be put with a shot and suddenly have regret about it because now you’ve got autoimmune conditions;

No, corporate office has any right to suspend what’s the contract the corpse is supposed to be running from; only, we the people above have to be in joinery; and, did you see a claim that caused you to have a public health emergency? So, something was contagious apparently when nothing was ever found such in the past; yet

To, have toxic behavior and block and stop proper immune function; so, it’s pretty critical you stand up where you are; you, quick smart get article III in your court; because, otherwise you're looking at handing over any last right remaining; and, continue to mask the truth is not of the laws of the land but only under a venue of commerce instead;

You, can’t mix venue up you see; because, your higher order of venue is from the land; and, of course the sheriff of a county is to uphold your private right; yet, get mixed orders from the corpse that’s only come from what’s commercial that’s made “legal” which is unlawful;

It’s, time to arise; it’s, a critical test you don’t want to just do nothing and hand over your private property; go, to be under what’s extra constitutional; the, same edit which is not lawful; it’s, not protecting we the people’s natural title; don’t you think this is the claim where you are?

It, sure is; it’s, by documentary evidence it is; no, proof has to be; it’s, the system that should be corrected; okay? Love jubbdavid;


Original research published

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