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Apply Listening Speech To Get What You Want

Courage, is you being such in I awareness; for, how is it you decide when to speak out, to speak up? For, the heart of this matter within is an agreement already with your adversary; no, wind is let be disturb anything; for, the sails are set; the vessel stays afloat; when, a little boat comes along side a big boat one has to be aware of how you shift the cargo around of the little boat;

You’re always as the captain looking at others’ feeling that everything is still afloat and in balance; isn’t this you being social? Isn’t it true you are instinctively social? For, I see you always fresh as a daisy more in the moment ready to take action; otherwise, I see you in the way you use your communication to be applying listen speech; for, always for you is an opportunity at the art of a better capacity in being good at communicating;

Many, beloved have truly good ideas; might, you consider a position is existing others are in a listening mode with; could, be a spot where everyone has attention for instance; versus, from down the back; getting what you want, via listen speech, truly is in I awareness about your self-development; the toltec taught that what was logical in your agent state of obedience is based immensely to challenges most can have had in leading a creative life;

For, you always I see, appreciates who is moving the discussion forward for you; for, isn’t this the task of who’s talk walks loudest like water finding its own level; in, the shamanic toltec tradition, on turtle island, listen speech is you with your speech coming from the listener more; which, given as conversational postulate and question; such, speech seemingly is deriving from the listener actively;

You, find yourself speaking what the listener has inside; anticipating as to what would have come before as well as afterward; so, getting what you want, via listen speech, might it be possible that you’re looking (as you have success) as a willfulness is coming from you where I see you paying attention? You’re awareness paced as the listener observed is raising the level of discussion; for

What’s, paced as rapport, some behavioral response is of the listener; such, is existing as is possibility; for, you’re allowing what you’re speaking to come from the listener as new information uncovered; have you ever thought about how listening is where discovery is? For, isn’t this the process actively of approval or negation merely by body language two, three, four levels away? So, a modifiedness is existing; for

Your, speech is coming from the listener as the locus of control; you’d, note that you’re speech is agreed with the listener; even, guiding you whether you’re aware of it or not; for, you’d care to know how to apply such skills to be winning friends and influencing beloved positively; listen, speech is you gaining a proper response from your listener; all, said looking back you’d see is from the listener’s model; for such

A, counterpart is influencing conscious choice; for, all such is implied and implicit as intuitive presupposed by the other than conscious mind; completely, having totally and utterly bypassed a listeners conscious objection; for, word selection is assisting you; like, “let’s get right back to this in a moment,” if you’ve got to take a break, rather than, “don’t run away now before we get back,” so

Listen speech really isn’t about you getting back the response you’re getting back; for, you’re speech you’d be surprised you’re looking over everyone; you’re observing where persuasion is often is not about the big bright; or, being smooth, smoothy-pants; even, a controller; for, you it’s really the listener’s strategy convinced; you, apply your listening pattern speech is being applied to what the listener is wanting;

The body has its own unconditioned executive guidance; to, have survived any natural bias to be social; which, would have been to be anti-social; yet, conflictedness is within a wrongful agentic state; a, lack of integration and congruence; being, yet associated more to what’s virtuous having generosity and decrement; all, is you’d agree necessary; you’ve really got street smarts with what’s put; for,

You’re able to apply backtrack what’s said; such, causes integration; you, then future pace your response to be automatic; for, you can see the language you’ve applied is coming from the listener’s model; success for you is on another level; for, the listener’s response is your speech got back to you; by, ‘paying attention’ to your listener’s energy in motion, you’re totally in listen speech while speaking;

What’s first is first; such is the objective of your listening strategy; for, being convinced is elicited for what’s embedded; the, skillful presupposition is applying motor operator possibility as “I wonder,’ “is it possible,,,” for, all really are only walking in to communicate an idea held which makes sense in the listener; so, you’re walking in always in agreement with your adversary;

Actively, listening takes time to be able to muster; for, the average beloved is a truly horrible listener; yet, in honor you don’t skip anyone to give everything in listen speech; for, you always enjoy the gained rapport; motor operators of agreement and awareness like words “okay,” “you get the drift,” “this is clicking for you,” “can see what I mean;”

You, gradually relinquish all and listening is disarmed; whole brain functioning training gives skill to allow you to have avoided conflict; applying whole brain functioning technique such is useful in ‘crisis negotiation;’ for, as you’re applying a successful technique five points here can clue you more in:

  1. Remain in a visiting frame in uptime

  2. Pay attention to influence via trust, faith, and honor

  3. Always, maintain good rapport;

  4. Stay outcome orientated being good at generating your response;

  5. Be flexible giving the listener to hear a view which is within and held by the listener is going to cause you to have your ideas more readily accepted;

Love, jubbdavid

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