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Asymmetric Warfare By Blackswan Events

A system can be set up which is a black swan event because it could be set up on a ponzi scheme of a group; not, on the confidence and credit of private rights secured; which, someone wouldn’t want to invest in right? Where, people is an article III article IV court that is above the CORPSE; yet, a system negatively inducted is designed to shrink currency;

Usable, when such gets dried up; especially, where fire can be placed by DEW as a long-range microwave; which, crime you can see is; for, credit extended the cost is too much to uphold; once, somebody got cooked out by microwave that’s invisible did suddenly credit in the supply chain value contract currency? If the dollar is being replaced by design by the lord so, both teams wouldn’t consider that maybe to do with right would you? Yet

If, you follow the manual what you’re told to do is rigged; because it’s, just the two which is big which can’t find as everything else does and that’s ICE NINE; if, stock is bet upon into the future as it is beyond what a trading floor could have done in a year can be done nine point nine nine minutes by super Ai; when, you wake up what’s sold short put stock was someone cashed out; yet

What’s, not workable is interest; it’s, more than be collected; and, under peony a nation can have not been under bondage for more than two hundred ten years; and, you see popular opinion doesn’t have to be at all because no vote is for a candidate that comes from we the people; only, a CORPSE influence by a foreign control on a nation; so

Assets, spent building up under usury and pop not held up properly because its not set up except to give the controller’s of the nation’s corporation privately some foreign benefit; as, you can see international relation improves trade and all strategic element comes to be; where, positive economic induction is is what the new reset is; for its as

A, charge of genocide is being discharged; a, new reset is because debt is forgiven; credit, is existing for the next two hundred ten years; to, be compensated yet you are the real estate in the real reset; and, this is unlimited worth; the, supply chain can be corrected and stopped from contracting; you, move into a golden age instead of not acting;

The, cost of not acting is urgent as a new reset; you, learn as alm in this currency as a public server called dot alm all own; which, is set up in a quantum server; for, none can continue to collect interest and extend such beyond what all is received for; that’s, a ponzi scheme under pledging is peony; usury, is; you, and i we the people need to enact proper rules because currency should be tied to governance;

Would you say a lot of things in your life are sharing that really are just put to distract? In a banana republic where the press is owned and banking is too you dont think that’s a bit like a frog in a pot getting warmed up slowly? It, comes to be too late; companies, and individuals broke is the design of the black swan; shifting currencies of account to the FEW to control you; and, it’s, not an agenda from we the people;

What’s, spent to launder currency by black swan in a nation constricts currency because it raises interest and a currencies directedness; which, it's all based upon you; which, your birth certificate bond; and, none can stand by to see such a run on the dollar; and, by correcting january sixth and bribe corruption which is obvious also war crime you see counseling being cared for cooperation is; otherwise

None, want to see everybody just dumped; because, eclipse hadn’t been put as its effect to rid usury; and, the debt discharged to have positive inductive currency which is the new reset; currency is supposed to function like water; not, spigot out; to, transfer ones goods and services period; and, the bank is inside one’s own currency; and, this is you which is unlimited worth more than gold; and, this is the sacred cow you could learn more about in the path of hollow bone;

This, if you're from the land as the nation; never, forget the truckers did win; and, the farmers too; yet, now worked evermore ey? For, you to secure immediately all charge of genocide is discharged; for, such a crime is cleared up; compensation exists; for, all is discharged in a republic where the charge is as revenue to we the people; love, jubbdavid;


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