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CB-cowo Tonga Geoweapon

You, can note what’s important about the Tonga undersea volcano exploding is the effect of ten percent more moisture than ordinarily would be in your atmosphere; the, motive of such is “operation heatwave;” such, moisture is used to have a higher heat index for many years to come; a, one point five celcius increase overall;

You’ve, got the doomsday glacier in antarctic holding on by its fingernails to the bedrock; which, is shown to be melting at the base; so, when it collapses its going to cause certain tsunami activity of course; the, fifteenth of january two thousand twenty-two volcanic eruption and tsunami would follow; shows, sonic boom circling the globe; yet, the extra water vapor as indicated its key point is up in the stratosphere for the next several years;

A, volcanic eruption could have seen to you and i to be a natural event; yet, it’s certain can be triggered by doomsday weaponry today; like, HAARP type installation; one, like is said is at the antarctic put into the bedrock below ice; that’s, a massive HAARP like installation; such, weaponry can trigger an earthquake and evidence shows that possibly two thousand twenty-two turkey earthquake was man-made;

Today, time passed yet evidence mounted does show in two thousand ten Haiti disaster it’s possible DEW weapon was used to trigger such; the, Tonga seismic signature is like an incendiary explosion similar to the three set off in japan to get a three-eleven; all, seismic activity shows more symmetrical spiked as an inciduray is on a similar pattern; and, the unprecedented tonga explosion is more of a symmetrical pattern in its triggeredness and also has puzzling concentric ELF like wave in the upper atmosphere;

The, primary justification for such a forced multiplier weapon to be used is the support for a CO2 driven climate change hoax; and, “its” climate reset narrative; for, the globe all can see unintended consequence exceedingly nefarious of such a global changing event; none, can also say the slow grind of the past wasn’t punctuated by natural incurred catastrophe; which, can say something small about here; yet

What happens as you have a power to make a flood? Can, it burst very large dams designed to hold back a natural incurrence yet not a black swanned catastrophe; so, looking at natural event of the past we could go back to recorded time recent when the sun disappeared; so, in five hundred thirty six AD, one can see evidence of course of the natural disaster cycle; one, can’t say such doesn’t exist; yet, a parallel change is seen today more occurring through the entire solar system;

Looking, at the Tonga explosion two existed; one, large symmetrical and another extremely short eruption followed; you, see a massive tsunami destroys the pacific island of tonga; and, climate made shows a bigger picture of how such a force multiplied weapon geoengineered is to cause a rise overall of temperature; as, indicated to one point five degrees celsius over the globe;

An, insiduray like a bomb has a very significant unique seismic signature you see; certainly, the Tonga explosion has such and so did the turkey earthquake; this, seismic signature wave has always got a spike in symmetricalness to it; which, really isn’t a natural signature; which, really is more of a belching slight bubbled rumbled condition usually; not, of such a symmetrical wave form;

Time, has passed yet a great deal of evidence has amounted; you, look at the literature of the subject you can see the Haiti earthquake is considered more man made today; time, can have taken can show such to be the case; yet, the point for this article for you that's a key is that in the world today you and i can say we don’t have proper transparency;

Military, intel special ops can be truly a fraternized club and working for the “company” not we the people; so, just like you and i as a public haven’t been able to see the books kept by the City of London private property though is supposed to be protected; it’s, the only reason for governance; yet, not as it is dominated and monopolized for the FEW;

All, can say none want to be shifted evermore than we are now ninety seconds before noon an end clock; yet, in five thirty six AD the sun did disappear; and, you should know cloud shaded all and a nuclear winter ensued; such, impacted civilization which crumbled; the, rings of growth on a tree and ice core examined show volcanic sulfates in the ice and sulfur acid was for several years; and, it

Shows that two volcanoes went off more or less over the course of a year or so; and, possibly an icelandic volcano exploded to cause such ash to be deposited in the heavens to have blocked light out for such a time;

Geoengineering is occured; fires, have been created; none, can say that's not been as a weapon against a nation; all, need to put a stop to the past only having a CORPSE above your head; for, this work is about getting rid of usury; and, positive induction in an egalitarian society; such, a nefarious past can be gone once and for all time; love, jubbdavid;


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