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DEW is Operated By CB-cowo

Who’s, directing Alphabet Soup Land isn’t we the people; DEW is being directed by who did nine-eleven; who, did three-eleven; who, has control over the weather directs all the particulate that’s sprayed and oversees all that; like, one hand behind the Covid scamdemic;

You, and i apparently volunteered to be under the UN; we, the people didn’t select anyone in an office at the UN; anyone can see that; even trillions stolen from the pentagon isn’t investigated; so, why not currency stolen outright in a currency laundering setup proxy war? You'd need to command currency to bankroll such wouldn’t you?

Microwave, Eddy current where cars were all burnt out in the east JFK drive in New York; suffered, the same fate as cars burnt in nineteen ninety-one; as, the road was used for escape from Kuwait into Iraq;

Microwave, Eddy current is directed along what is more solid can conduct such dynamic magnicity; and, heat from the inside does explain the observed effect of aluminum being seen melted;

DEW, used can cause diamonds to be dissolved; so, that’s very high temperature; a, forest fire couldn’t melt anything like that; neither, does jet fuel melt steel beams like a nine-eleven uninvestigated by we the people still to this day; so, crime gets emboldened doesn’t it? You, don’t stop such it’s going to be in your neighborhood; yet, it’s a charge to be discharged where all is compensated;

DEW, is the explanation of controlled demolition to perfectly raze a building thought to be ashen into its footprint; it’s, scientific that trees burned from the inside by microwave; like, lightning strike; as, DEW is used in a fire-storm you can hear explosion where water is and metal pipe;

All, fires on the ground is exactly the same; and, it’s Deep State Shadow behind the scene knowing weather is being used as warfare; all, actors of course is a treasonous traitor; yet, not to take advantage of anyone; it’s, a duty you have to perform; it’s, not to invite evermore of the same like a land grab; which, we the people is being assaulted;

You, can see criminals should be prosecuted for genocide; a, lot of circumstantial put preparedness of crime was beforehand; of, overwhelming evidence; you’d, have to be a rabbit or a rock without action; you, have to take action is how you see microwave ionized and molecule; yet, boiling burned into a sap; and, what can conduct such energy as a strong microwave pulse?

The, hase weiss glow to burn hot to burn the house down; Lahaina, is the same as Paradise fire; pipes, can no longer cause a road to be functioning when made out of concrete; yet, when underneath; so, slowly you see plastic put under such where concrete would have otherwise melted; by, an Eddy current setup by a laser from a satellite;

A, ten million watt laser a house is going to be gone in a flash; it’s, a covert grab of private property; children, holocausted apparently everything’s been tracked yet how come all the buses aren’t properly tracked with the children; all, get put down by what’s covid; preparing, you for this “Red Dawn” invasion upon your land;

Meanwhile, in the background a slow financial crash is an endpoint; it’s, time to stop that and have something we the people select; you, have to characterize the common enemy of course which is to immediately perform check and balance by instituting article III and IV procedure; love, jubbdavid;


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