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DEW Long-range Firestorm: Asymmetrical Warfare

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

A, crime always had activity beforehand and afterward; it’s, activity like stock getting shortened; insider, workers are being removed from the scene; various, closures of business just before the DEW firestorm; forensically, a context where you put this is evident a criminal redacts and doesn’t want to bring up fact that a nation’s governance is controlled by CB-cowo for instance;

The, truckers in Canada won; there’s, plenty of examples of dutch farmers that would not let CB-cowo system setup to have panicked and divided everyone globally; you, only have to look at how DEW was used in Maui to level lahaina; jet, fuel doesn't melt steel; JFK, was taken out as a leaders just recently in Pakistan and Brazil;

Opposition, inside the CORPS doesn’t exist only outside itself from the land; there’s, plenty of nutrigen forensically which shows the crime of nine-eleven also three-eleven; high, active all radial pulse hooked up equipment is floated and setup even in the ice on bedrock; and, you’ve gotta see that the volt antennae array of such equipment including the SBX which can moved around is a device which is massive in it’s billion-volt delivery;

Hand, held DEW weapon target beloved and there’s no question that that doesn’t exist; yet, censorship is if you did look into the patents and see application exist of various equipment; yet, posted DEW firestorm you can see all around the world; all, are attacked; it’s, a hand above your government in a nation; that’s, the psyop about it; it’s, like you don’t know whether you’re coming or going;

Earthquake, show purposefulness from all none have had unnatural signature forensically; to, be shown to be artificial and not any natural occurrence; for, instance metal and roof made out of tile, cement is all done by microwave; all, witness a combustion synthesis in the active moments reported observed; material, like a bit of wire wrapped around wood is going to release massive amounts of oxygen on the surface constant cycle as a material combusts in that magnetic domain; such, is called a combustive synthesis; in

Pyrotechnology, none of those material were ever burn in material like where a forest fire is only can have been set off by microwave DEW used; at, the moment most every act that you see in the nation really is exposing the true enemy really; which, is you shifting into an agentic state from where you’ve been and take action; obviously

Building, material which is ceramic and metal has burned by microwave synthesis; where, microwave energy can only have done that; its, enormous the evidence captured in video and first witnessed testimony; how, long range fires set up in a time frame of what is totally artificial and not of a natural phenomenon; a

Statistical, anomaly like votes could have been counted and a patsie in office just delivered; there, is no reason for the softer tissue as trees still tall and green even; where, you look at large parking lots in the big metal stores for instance that have completely burned to ash; yet, all the trees are left you see; soft, tissue isn’t going to be affected by that pulse as much microwave yet anything solid sure is; you see the

Motive, come out by one hand in one stable as not a truth about microwave DEW weapon being used except that a criminal can have a pattern that has placed a story which is pretextual to a resource that’s maybe shouldn’t be used because it’s not safe to travel; resources, are scarce the globe is coming to a wind-down;

Transparency, not being present is a crime; because, it’s yours and my credit; and, the living is the real estate that is unlimited; which, is being razed; so, you’re going to be hard pressed to say that a CORPSE as a nation doesn’t have an enemy; for, we the people where you are to have been considered as combat-ants in the picture; its, the front meat grinder of an idea of the Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order; you’ve, to

Characterize, the common enemy which isn’t dead; where, any actions being taken you have to have a mission statement behind such; a, system of proper verified vote positive inductive currency; love, jubbdavid;


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