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Directed Energy Weapons Being Used Purposefully

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Is it not hard to imagine how a corporation’s enemy as another corporation can have used non conventional means as to be pennies on the dollar to have destroyed what was considered a combat-ant? and, in this moment it is wise that you know that a single trillion watt laser is an extreme amount of power yet is made; and

When, you think about that in relation to a very small pen laser which only takes five one thousandths of a watt; which, is a milliwatt; and, just that small amount is all that is needed can cause a match to be combusted you see; a, nonecological toxin has been administered under the DOD; many, can see that as a factor in genocide;

DEW, weapons are being acknowledged as being possessed to use against combat-ants which can start long range fires even over three states; which, before the canada fire three states evidence shows fires started at relatively the same time over quite a distance which is a statistical anomaly; nothing, can explain that; it’s, like

What, caused the fires caused all the fires such is in a short time frame occured; its, been observed the same phenomenon occurring over several states even relatively simultaneous; thermal, imaging from satellite showed also very dark spots show up which were heat signatures in the spots just before a fire breaks out; such, indicated plasma fires its just impossible for such to occur in the same time frame;

No, one could start fires in their fields at the same time in three states more or less; directed, energy weapons are being used which is capable of producing long range fire; a, nation’s capacity to respond can be exhausted of course by such a black swan event yet the loss of life also; it’s, estimated two billion animals can have died in the torch australia can have occurred; where, it was an unprecedented ring of fire around the whole of australia; something, you should question obviously;

Lahaina, was a beautiful town in its plannedness and yet it comes from a fairly dry place relatively; only, thirteen inches of rain a year; this, occurred more at the end of the year and its of course a hot bone-dry place; you, see closer spaced wooden structures in a town razed; a, range of motives like the Green Agenda and Agenda Twenty-one is the link certainly to Paradise fires;

Some, thirty six people was killed during attack; all, families and beloved there are tested like never before in a lifetime; it’s, a picture of devastation; of, course where you have a sudden unexpected fire what is the reason why facts behind the Paradise fire doesn’t surface or isn’t part of any dialogue; it’s, yet for i witness account to confirm the fire that’s existed there in parts can have been unusual similar to obvious fire set up in the past by DEW; yet certainly, not every fire is done by DEW weapon; this, is something not useful to have any knee jerk explanation and certain to have blame on global warming;

Is it hard to stretch the mind to see how DOD and Dapar can have changed the weather through the use of lasers and HAARP? A, laser can be used to heat everything very solid to such a powerful heat; such, is going to combust everything else; for, instance in the fires that are not normal bushfires never before temperature from such is seen in the Paradise fires as melted aluminum from rims had spilled out over the asphalt;

Microwave, beam can heat what is solid and leave behind what is soft like trees; and, aluminum puddles have to have required twelve hundred fifty degrees fahrenheit; iron, twisted warped and melted requires two thousand six hundred degrees; and, high temperature to melt glass and rubber which isn’t burnable generally is disappeared;

DEW, has for a very long time before World War II been developed in fact from nineteen o five to nineteen ten everybody hears about the death ray; and, back then you have a connection beam which can be used to combust metal; so, why is it a stretch to consider that an enemy CORPSE that wants to take a nation over or even an island like Hawaii not continue just having pennies on the dollar wiped out where it wanted something else to be;

You’re, going to find such a matter in Paradise fires in California; so, what is invisible as fast as light traveling in short bursts can strike in heat; and, weapons such is not limited much for engines continuously power various reduced plasma channel; which, excites and inherently strips all to ions; like, lightning does; so, can have caused thunderbolt sound; the

Evidence, is honest agenda twenty-one map lays exactly over the area that was razed and not any other spot; just, where said no inhabitation would be in the future; investigations, show criminal intent which is also present in town planning; so, you’ve got premeditated evidence of crime and coincidence of evidence; where, all the houses burnt but all the forests left; this, is unusual; yet

The, coincidence of any wrong development that didn’t fit with the overall plan was exactly where the fires existed; such, show absolutely not natural; the, agenda zoning and planning fitted exact to what the twenty twenty-one outcome being achieved; and, such a weapon being designed as a weapon of last choice; it, always has started in places where such isn’t much to be noticed;

An, arsonist ordinarily you’d easily see and we’ve got ways to see it was started with a fire that went out of control and possible lightning natural circumstance; yet, the frequency of this and the exactness of it is not a normal circumstance; it’s, like orchestrated "operation Torch Canada", "Torch Greece; it, sure looks like fires in Maui can possibly the same observation in places where the intensity of DEW can have been;

I’ve, see the pictures which show melten puddles of aluminium and metal rock and solid stone walls disintegrated; yet, trees standing still come close by untouched; none, could say one hand is one stable the plandemic wasn’t orchestrated which it is; it, has been; all, should remain more vigilant and look into this possibility;

You don't need to jump to conclusion; yet, look at the fact obviously jet fuel doesn’t melt steel and is a glaring coverup as not talked about like nine-eleven officially; have officials recognized that nine-eleven was an inside job? How about pearl harbor? Or, JFK assassination or even for that matter that we went to the moon? Too, many lies exist honest;

A, laser weapon you should know is what is considered of choice in neutralizing any threat; a, fine thin laser can wipe out a moving target; such, laser can have unlimited capacity for its armament; such, laser area platforms come out of semi-trailers can launch themselves high up into the sky and with laser can wipe out an airfield in a short moment; such, is

Low, cost, highly effective; a, sixty kilowatt laser you should know have been put on various stealth aircraft; a, hundred kilowatt laser is applied in directed energy weapon; such, also can be done from satellite; and, as indicated by stealth drone; lasers, are finding their way even into the battlefield; laser, robotics billions have been spent on; such, is a lethal technology;

Microwave, and radiowave all is applied for DEW effect; it’s, like you have a really big heavy blow torch yet plasma instead you see; if, you’re looking at the injectable toxin for instance which is under the DOD why would you say a directed energy weapon isn’t also being applied? Certain it is unquestionably the pattern of a fire in Paradise California can not be of a normal condition; yet, only explained more by how such looks as purposeful; so just like it’s a

Mystery why people are dying of heart disease more and not looking at the obvious introduction of non-ecological toxin like contaminated graphene oxide; which, certainly has been found in an array of product; something, like this has got to make you wonder; love, jubbdavid;


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