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Fascism Is For The Sake of Slavery and Genocide

We, are living in a modern day where it is important you have a good capacity to observe what is of a natural right also is modeling nature as a system; which is about who is real, along with, your verified vote; where you’re joined with the living; not, the dead; when the living is joined with the dead that is fascism; you can call it by any ISM matter of fact, even capitalISM; yet,

The ideology is in degrees of fascism because the definition of fascism is where you’re not putting what is existing into proper categories like you put the living with the living; fascism is when you don’t make any distinction; fascism is really where it is mixed up for who is real; all is placed into a category of fiction; which, you as well as i are made in that system to have given our substance to fiction;

Fascism is done by a common law trespass against your trademark; by, using your name as fictional name fraud under an infant decadence account; a, cystique trust would operate on you; for, you’re “lost at sea;” the, “vessel” as a corpse was made purposefully to have an appearance of being “abandoned;” a, faulty lien by CB-cowo system which isn’t looked at;

No fact, under such is “needed;” only, what is “presupposed;” this, is done so a system can be controlled for a manchurian as a dictator can wipe out all progress by controlling, by monopolizing industry, and all commerce; fascism isn’t the system anyone selects; absolutely not; it is a brainwashing condition run by a criminal enterprise of a one world order, as the bank; which, is applying fascism; so,

You can have pattern recognition; you can see fascism is applied by:

1. A false linking with unethical idea to pair such with aggression; with, an agentic state to such under “the captains of consciousness;”

2. To utterly be seen to have rejected any age of reason; to have called such room for improvement as depravity instead;

3. Falsely monopolizing what apparently is popular opinion, which isn’t; yet, a gray council and deep state to have a story where it is the means which is to have justified some end;

4. Punish any disagreement or any dissent;

5. Tricking you by saying, “we need to stop, ‘intruders;’”

6. Crime also imprint political humiliation, to get such action as an appeal from a framework of having been defeated;

7. Manifesting an ongoing compulsive hyperactive disorder to have placed all under a double bind as a SCAMDEMIC;

8. Falsely monopolizing the media and the courts to characterize an illusionary enemy;

9. Inducting all with a message “life is lived to be a struggle; then you die;” which, is you’re to accept a means justifying the ends yet also only be as an alienated number as a fiction;

10. The overall picture cast is placed within a story to cause you as well as i to cause we need to be “protected;” yet, what is linked is to be within a “cult of death;”

11. By having disdained for all other, which is relegated as a “minority;” where, “aggression” “must be” the number one path;

12. Monopolizing the media, the courts, the body politic, taking away substance;

13. Making use of an impoverishment so no verbal or nonverbal elementary syntax is of any whole brain function state; yet, to have merely placed all under a double bind; which, it is ultimate goal is only to have “fostered” learned helplessness; to, have imprinted a limited mind function condition; therefore

What, is characterizing CB-cowo to organize systematic fascism is an observed body politic to start with; which, is not connected to the land; only, loose as a goose as a body politic; which, a group is forced to come to centralize all which is an obvious stopping of any quorum sensing; which, you can see such is about the imposition of a seriously rigid structure not allowing any natural right; which, is possessing monolithic character;

The key point is: room as a word is not part of the vocabulary; for no room has been given you as a living being who is real; for, all is mixed up under a voice of apparently “form the people” yet can't be because equal to a CORPORATION being represented also; which, is fascism you see; so, fascism really is the normalization of deviant behavior; for

Key points of course to avoid such: for, who is real is mixed up with what is a fiction; as you’re looking at a corporation being above you, done so a service provider CB-cowo can survive; it, is what the criminals have redacted always from a storyline; therefore, CB-cowo has to normalize deviant behavior; doing so by:

1. Being in utter contempt for all who are weak;

2. Causing all to be submitted to support aggression;

3. Always falsely having characterized an illusionary enemy;

4. Primed and installed an obsessive compulsive hyperactive disorder by multiple forced weapon as a pandemic;

5. Have placed all under a false reality as a psyops; mixing, such up with reality;

6. Be the cause of false fear of some “boogie man;” connecting, such to anyone who is not consenting;

7. Treason becomes disagreement;

8. Imprinting a “cult of a soap opera,” all partied up as “something traditional,” when it is not;

9. Totally not allowing any age of reason;

10. Putting everything under an aggressive “past cult apparent condition;”

So, normalizing deviant behavior you’re looking at an idea that’s been followed through; which, is a loss of your natural right; put in terms that, “you’re going to be protected more;” of course, it is a double bind; also, alongside such you always see a gaslighted disdain; for informed consent all is a legal name fraud fixed under a corporation; which, primes and imprints the populous to accept “nationalistic aggression needed;” with, military industrial complex apparently “selected;” so,

It’s a diabolical plan so CB-cowo plan can get carried out; you, have to have manchurian to be enacted imposter; in the meantime of course what you’re looking at is all opposition to the destruction of your nation; the, movement underneath CB-cowo a one world order;

Fascism, and all ISMs is evil; for, it can be being applied as a pronoun; which, is by association connecting to a glorification of aggression; it’s not a true noun yet is relating to what is fictional; as a body politic; CB-cowo capitalization of such is to continue to exalt evil idea involving removal of natural right; also, for you as well as i not to have governance from any verified informed consent; yet, by planned, funded, carried out, all under a pledged debt-bonded, non-selected system installed in every nation;

Is, of its own corpse; as, history is mixed up; for, who is real of what is verified to be relegated merely to an office only as a fiction in a dejure government; the enemy is a system which by CB-cowo you see the pattern of tight control only; where a corporation, as a nation is under a debt-bonded pledgedness; which, is of we the people’s own credit; where, force spending is by dictatorship to an endpoint of genocide; and depopulation; you’re looking at a dictatorial loss of natural right to be further maintained monopolized;

To contain all suppression by having a false opposition; yet, of course nature isn’t of anything except decentralized; which, of course no quorum sensing can exist inside such not modeling anything from nature; so, fascism isn’t ever selected; yet, imposed is a normalization of deviant behavior; typically just to have carried out a genocide in the past; to, socially engineer; this, is not anything you or i have ever selected; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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