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Government Ethic And Conduct Being Sovereign

All, should have an inquiry into private gain through the use of government office; which, such inquiry is protecting transactions supposed to be occurred; how, can you know what’s happening on the ground where you’re at, how can that be if it’s underground? Which, tunnels exist connecting continent which they do;

Could you say that nothing is designed as it should be? Because you’ve got a Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order as a hand above government; as you can see; so, when a secret agent and family is doing the bidding for CB-cowo you see that agenda is being protected isn’t it? And, a two-tiered system of justice you’re looking at also is what is being questioned isn’t it?

Rules, exist not to be able to hold government office; when, equity interest we the people have isn’t of title and natural right to protect anybody by an official’s due diligence to have harmed injured, costed, and damaged; where, gain is for crime like userfructing from your BC bond nonstop matter of fact without giving you any consideration;

It’s, the reason foreign agent’s insurance is necessary; as, an oath also an anti bribery insurance and oath; because, an official’s discretion is how currency of account gets turned into currency of exchange; it’s, a crime to retaliate against any whistleblower; that’s, a high crime itself;

Could, you say many in various position can not be acting under statute also not operating under the laws of the land outside the corporation? If, the intentional removal or destruction to subvert mail and correspondence; you, see common law trespass and legal name fraud ongoing at the local courthouse; so,

You’d not consider that D.U.M.B. bases two miles below the surface that could stretch twenty or thirty miles that connects with other continent isn’t being subverted?

If, the prototype as a jab was put under DOD, clearly no safety existed; for a genocide is shown; various, states have banned the jab; you’ve, got congress with conflicted interest because they’ve got stock in the big AGRI PHARMA; they, benefit from forwarding legislation; like

Two companies that really are one that have a hand in homeland security and government contract; and, merges private corporation to be above we the people who is of living status; so, that a CORPS which is dead which you can’t connect with doesn’t tell you how the D.U.M.B. base below the ground is connected by MAC2 rail to other continent;

It, only takes roughly thirty minutes to travel across turtle island in vacuumed tubes on high speed rail; such, floats three-quarters of an inch; no, friction is; massive payloads can be transported very quickly in a time of trafficking beloved;

An, underground concealment; it’s, that what’s prohibited relating to what’s common isn’t to merge registry with an enemy CORPS; which, is an enemy of the corpse where you are; if, one nation is setup to spy on another nation that’s how you deal with international security fraud;

You don't think the fox has been put in charge of the hen house? Of course it’s a crime to conceal what wouldn’t be lawful; under the laws from the land where you are; yet, as you’ve got these underground D.U.M.B.s can you imagine no border exists behind CB-cowo with a plan to reduce the population?

If, you’re listed as “its” combat-ant you’re living in a zone slated as a ‘no-go zone;’ is, it you just decided for all of us; you, go for more microwave environment in a totalitarian police state;

An, official isn’t supposed to be being influenced; yet, if you’ve got a “company” with rules to get into; and, those rules cause someone to not have the same identity; yet, be more under the UN; which, is a body that is under CB-cowo controlled; which, you and i never selected anyone who speaks there really; it’s, like would you say an Alphabet Soup Land?

Banana republic has been made in South America which is documented; and, all such is how public office risk is for private gain; if you've got what’s hidden how do you know what the standard of ethical conduct is?

Where, trillions of dollars go missing from the Pentagon not investigated; it’s, a fact that a capacity of non-governmental and government de jure affiliation is full of nepotistic condition; a, benefit to a corporation’s owners at the expense of we the people is government overreach stepping over title and proper authority of we the people;

All, should have an inquiry into private gain through the use of government office; which, such inquiry is protecting transactions supposed to be occured; how, can you know what’s happening on the ground where you’re at, how can that be if it’s underground? Which, tunnels exist connecting continent which they do;

All, would agree that two large corporations can manipulate and devise its own internal account; which, you and i are not privy to; so, you’ve got black budget being spent below the surface of the land operating, from commercial law; and, where’s the check and balance of that where it hasn’t existed properly in a courthouse where venue is mixed up?

One, from the land which is for living being with procedure for such; the other is just for mere chattel as a piece of office furniture; which, obviously you’re not chattel are you? That’s called “trafficking;”

Which, you’d be hard pressed to say that most claims haven’t seen the light of day because you had just been chattelled in the system as a CORPSE; only, having a duty, responsibility, and a privilege to exist; placed, in a manner of no natural right;

It’s, unlawful for beloved also corporation to have currency exchange which is foreign for personal gain; which, is not inside we the people’s business; which, an official’s discretion is supposed to not be in violation of; so

What happens when no proper paperwork is being filled out properly? It is because who’s there can’t say that influence didn’t exist when it was obvious it did to get that official position; so, if everything is put to be so we the people are prohibited from any check and balance how do you know that corrupt interstate trafficking in commerce isn’t existing?

Organizations such absolutely can have been infiltrated; too much money can be made by live organ harvesting for instance; it's a mystery yet plenty of signs going on of missing children; isn’t, that enough for you to have an article IV or III review?

Transparency, exists about what’s happening underground where you are; could, unlawful improper advantage gained by an enemy CORPS; for, as an insider operating below the ground more; retail, can be also corrupting; a

Nation being attacked more in an asymmetric fashion; is it that tunnels connecting a continent under the ocean is for CB-cowo to have “its” unlawful depopulation? How would you know? You’re apparently not privy to that; a

Scale, of economy has grown wrongfully above a beloved; so, each isn’t equal as you’d imagine as you’re supposed to be; to, stop foreign corrupt practices; to, stop what’s domestic terrorism; isn’t it that transparency has to be; you, and i don’t feel subordinate to be a CORPSE remained; it’s, proper that issue exists which is to do with modern warfare operating over your nation;

You, stop this with a proper chain of command; all, comes from we the people as a chain of command; not, from a corporation and “its” controllers; okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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