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Government Overreach Releases The Genie You Can’t Put Back In The Bottle

Government, overreach always releases the ethical genie from the bottle; you, can’t put that genie back in; where, you’ve got underground bases truly wrong; and, busses suddenly all of them at the military base; a, building there which always has graffiti over quite some time about missing children; that, gets painted over; then, something gets painted back again in the same location;

It’s, a slippery slope to tyranny where authority is and a proper chain of command is from we the people; you, can have joined this movement because you know whistleblowing is being retaliated against; which, is criminal; the, NEWS isn’t directing you as it should; and, the reason for views a side has received from those interested in leadership and an alliance of law movement around the globe;

Government, overreach has to be stopped; article III and article IV court is what is used to clear away what is treasonous and put back what should be regular; to, do such in a new mindset you’re visiting; you’re looking at what the charge is to discharge; all, is made whole again;

Bolshevism, murdered Russians in nineteen seventeen; alarmed, you’d be lead to safety; i, went there to look myself yet you can see all the old churches had been dynamited; yet, a struggle is to protect where trafficking is existed as a story around various planned calamity;

A, thousand stolen can be over a billion dollars in profit; a, class of rhodonite mercer nepotist ran the show in nineteen seventeen; in, Russia you should be aware Christians were murdered left, right and center; and, synagogue left unmolested;

A, CB-cowo system does that yet how can any perform any proper civic duty to stand by whilst evil never sleeps? It’s, your survival to be in a time where all is censored to silence; for, liberty has shrunk; yet, that needs to be stopped; funds, need to be seized and liquidated as criminal operation can be seen where corporation itself is given to have expanded right suddenly over the living as happened in Maui;

Once, government overreach is seen none can put the ethical genie to only be kept in a bottle anymore; it’s, permanent overwatch; for, the crisis really is a loss of liberty and the pursuit of consideration being given as you see none has existed about the children; what happened to all the busses?

It’s, as if a combined foreign and domestic consurgency for ultimately a police lockdown over you as you see; so, unless you act now what’s the next crisis going to be? If, no transparency is about the children immediately and the busses what happened to Alphabet Soup Land if that’s been ordered to be a standing army against common sense practices;

To be labeled and seen such underground as these tunnel systems; and, for buses to be close to such where children are trafficked; is the idea being a surveillance control over you? How come those who put the buses where they were couldn’t pass this on to everybody? That, it was outside surveillance used to look to find the busses; yet

You, can see the detention underground in these bases is generally a component of such; and, to have confiscated away from the islands; and, once government overreach like that has happened it’s hard for the ethical genie that’s escaped to ever be put back in again;

If, at the gates of hell you were told you don’t have a choice like a concentration camp called a smart-city; it’s, like immunization agenda twenty thirty; otherwise, that would be for real; for, a global stakeholder of conflicted interest other; for the, beloved over the land; which, is the state; which, is you we the people as a chain of command is taken over;

Isn't there the issue of superior weaponry? Where, the common enemy isn’t characterized? That fear is a capitulated seize control; so, how does that figure having some made-up permanent crisis management underneath we the people?

The, economy of the big MIC controlling credit by self-appointed elite; none, of that you selected to be held to ransom nor silence; like, in a nine-eleven or three-eleven; or, a digital service act in the EU to sensor truth; so

Big, TECH hit to not comply with harsh penalty; information, given is a bastion of freedom not to see that transformed; it’s, not a surprise any public official can just given favor by money laundering and RICO enterprise as CB-cowo controllers exist over “its” Alphabet Soup Land;

When, you combine that with being given an “alien identity” it’s like injections to have some impact; apparently, climate change; no, more useless eater apparent; keep, in mind that CBD is the fifth largest crop today; that’s, taxed;

CPS took children away because they found CBD before that; where is the compensation for that asymmetric tact as a loss of functional law and order was? And, how about the made-up emergency, the constitution where liberty shouldn't just be suspended; and, what do you know as a chain of command of we the people that is above such?

If, you don’t it’s a slippery slope to outright tyranny; keep in mind Bolshevism today it’s a meat grinder and you could feel powerless at profited oligarchy; we, the people is the chain of common over such tyranny and contract not being followed; it’s, obvious wrong attention otherwise;

Wisely, one should see what the common enemy has really been; and, that’s a lack of civic duty performed; which, could clear away CB-cowo foreign run controlled local over you; love, jubbdavid;


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