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i Awareness is A Therapeutic Double Bind

We, as a society, are taught that the opposite of black is white; which, actually the opposite of black is the absence of black; the opposite of white, would be the absence of white; in magnicity, you only have three particles of a magneton; which, have a positive charge, a negative charge, also neutral; such, makes a polar completeness; the brain is structured so the frontal cortex has grown out of anatomy which implicates interest;

The, frontal cortex is your faculty to inspire creative influence of the future; you’ve access to this by engaging the septal region of your brain; which, neurologically inhibits the amygdala also tegmentum; which, are involved in aversion; vice versa, meaning if one is in an adverse state one is more in their septal region; perfect detachment is being empty to observe also correct what is irregular; which,

Would you say most you have met can be basically more personally developed? Might you by being given a therapeutic double bind, observe under operant conditioning, how i awareness is an example of the correct use of such; having an empty center as fifty percent of celf; the other fifty percent matter, which is simply care; so, it is not like you have a choice; for

You remain an original; emptiness, is the median as a jc quanta; the sensory motor complex is sculpted; to, have a transform of psynaps which is a specific wave which can be stored in the tissue protoplasm; which, can activate any serial remembered condition; also, automatic quorum sensing in the body; mastery, is in your capacity to have really good skill on the level of kinesthetic self;

Having kinesthetic mastery you can transform anything on the outside world; you’ve remain flexible, structural, plasticity to allow the brain to form to pick up form pattern recognition things which is excellent; versus, other than excellent; whole brain functioning is where you’re applying preferred patterns of sorting information; which, is allowing you to have the totality more of celf fully available at your fingertips;

To sculpt your first attention you’re drawing in your outcome to what such is; to, do such you have a preferred sense of feeling; as you’re in this state, what you’re listening to or speaking is; then, you’re exiting the communion with your eyes; that, you’re speaking to everyone in a group; or, someone specific; yet, it is whole brain functioning patterning is kinesthetic, auditory also visual;

You, access a state of such generally by a body weight shift on the right side of the body; yet, whole body movement is observed; whereas, aversion is always accessed via accessing cue; typically, with a shift to the left; for, it is this researcher observed clinically, empirically, with Jubb’s Instrument, who was associated being in a congruent state of either pleasure or aversion; to, know these two emotions have unique sensory motor complex; which, assist recall such a state;

You’re able to have a fully within which is inspiring your creative influence for your future where you are; you, use direction to be associated to your outcome; behavior toward this is parallel; along, with a sense of interest; you’re integrated; otherwise, could you say you’ve been operating from a double bind only which caused you to be in “separate paths” which were conflicted?

It, is i who is eternal; this, father you can take refuge in; who, is this vast stellar space within you; the, matter which you see is am; which, is care; which, was born and would die; and, is the programming itself, not living; yet, you who is real is; where, “it” isn’t; i as empty space is the only thing which is absolute; nothing, else is; which, is a therapeutic double bind; so, the cause you act more ethically; increasing, your capacity to be achieved of outcome;

You, have a golden set you go after; you look back, you can see you're getting things done; you, don’t leave a moment idol, spare from being creative; feeling creative in your own self; the, only reason for life is you find happiness; you, have this happy face inside; you, become naturally superconscious; you, learn how to use the vestibular sense; as, you become more scientific, you store and retrieve information better; so

If only it was of care, then no such thing existed? This is correct; this, is i as an example; yet, you as i who is living, can care; for, this is what was born and would die; being under the laws of magnicity as a grand unified totality; for, this is who is receptive for instance; a positive illusion, is it better you have a positive illusion than a negative one? Is this better than a negative reality?

For, you have always these two paths as a polar completeness; where, one half is empty the other is care; you, fall into whole brain pattern functioning; if, you catch a word which is a negation, it always will have come from an adverse state within, it always will have come from a limited mind function; until that is cleared up, you can use a negative command as a benefit; so

This, is an old toltec tradition taught by my teacher cloud; so, anyone you’d witness where even you are within, what has not been much of a whole brain pattern, one would describe more as conflicted; having, more simultaneous also sequential incongruencies in the paths; one’s, body language, word choice also analogical communion isn’t integrated; so,

Why not learn how to apply a true healing therapeutic as a double bind; one, has to undo to be able to give another choice; for, in being more enriched it is in the response; communication can be observed; enriched, versus basically having remained impoverished; in, whole brain functioning the hemisphere is in synchronization; each complimentary to the other; this, is a plastic structure for pattern recognition;

Processing, engages a flow of information from left to right across the neural brain structure; yet, where mental deficiency is behavioral challenge is because proper patterning can be modeled, imitated also applied with operant conditioning which is natural, transformation can be moreso; for, this is you as well as i more in your spontaneous creative intelligence is a natural teaching in i aware; for, you naturally are becoming more superconscious for your skillful use of the vestibular sense; you’re also able to be more omni scientific; so

If, there was no need no care is necessary; something, must be a simple right; for, as nothing needs to exist something simply is; you as well as i, who is living is who is having awareness over perception the body has; so, this who is real is who is receptive; to the negative illusion; keep in mind, you’re looking at what can be constructed versus deconstructed; what can be included, also what is excluded; also, what is used as a pattern of processing your brain to generalize can cause you to have an enriched map, living life more abundantly; this, is the path of hollow bones; this, is the ancient toltec tradition;

In a world, you need to learn how to manage where another beloved is yet to be i aware; many, non whole brain function patterns can have existed; conflicted parts operating, observing simultaneous also sequential incongruence; because, fragmentation, dissociation, also incongruence is always around, within a beloved that isn’t integrated; so, you apply this therapeutic double bind; you, have an empty center simple; you, live in perfect detachment more, not controlled by “things” which is like an “it;”

You undo to provide a more powerful choice in place of something else, what is enriched now as a response; rather, than only having remained where all were stress; which, only was a state of specificity in memory retrieval;

In i Awareness, Memory Retrieval Is From Interest And Pleasure

Patterns in childhood can last into late adulthood; many, as parents, can be struck under a double bind; such, generally portray behavior more which is from some underachievement to protect such; you observe this beloved in polarization mostly; as, one is in that state, not being able to exit much, just going over things without exiting; such, is a state of dissonance, of a means one is displayed; which

In i awareness, is of emptiness rather than a lack of what is obtained; as, a supportive social response; i awareness is whole brain patterned; whereas, aversion is quite the opposite; so, in whole brain functioning training, you’re learning how to have empathy; your body i is kept open; for, all you can feel and do is state specific; if, one learned under pleasure and interest, memory retrieval is full under such; otherwise stress, would have also been where memory retrieval was; it, is the cause for many to display oppositional defiance, polarization, not being able to have an exit being left obsessive compulsive; so

What happens when memory retrieval is from pleasure and interest versus having learned under stress; many, for example, will learn many things to do til the last minute, yet only under stress will do something; yet, what happens when no time is felt left inside you from such; one, studied for tests which only memory retrieval was associated with stress, which was connected with the learning; so

When asked to perform, having memory retrieval a hardwired pattern having interest and pleasure within self causes you to be more in your totality; otherwise, when asked to perform memory retrieval only came from an associatedness with stress; yet, as you’re taught, i awareness is half empty, the other half care; i’ve learned, trusted my teacher cloud; for this makes sense; i’ve lived with this ever since; you, can be hard-wired more to have pattern recognition;

You, have a higher intelligent quotient; you’re doing what successful people do; otherwise, one can have remained only impoverished; maybe you can learn more about the double bind; certainly, more about whole brain functioning in i awareness; love jubbdavid;


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