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I is Space Which is the Only Thing Absolute

What happens when someone goes on vacation? Is experiencing leisure, is recreative; or, what about if you’re a visitor visiting? What, about when you greet someone? For, in all these circumstance room is inside self; to, visit another one is vacant to receive you’re most receptive state to contain produces a framework hardwired where work gets done; in, the region where no matter of having free space exists;

For, what’s genuine within you what you look at and see isn’t imitation; in, other words it’s not fake, it’s authentic; rather, than being false; yet, isn’t it being informal which is honest to goodness? Reality, is a tale of existence of substance awareness is over; the, stellar universe of things existing beyond a body and mind; so, separate from such yet also not; rather, some idealistic notion;

For, reality is a state of appearance independent upon the knower; for, what’s real is permanent; such, isn’t transient and illusionary; subject, to transient perception; as, it is what is permanent; which, is also absolute; which, is real; for, this is who is real who is aware of perception; awareness, doesn’t depend upon a mind’s comprehension or not; truth, existing is the real situation;

For, i is empty space; all, such arises within from formlessness; for, this is your non localized omnipresence; which, is permanent; for, all else is matter is temporary in relation; all, is made of a jc quanta; a, jc quanta makes up light of every color; which, comes from dark; for, it’s your fingertips is also eyes; which, is picking up objective reality; which, is a common sense idea; yet, often couldn’t be further from the truth;

For, i is the real source behind an act; such, is the action in being true to one’s self; being, in truth is a quality of mutual beneficialness; it’s, a body of real event; it’s, the state of a case verified, non-controvertible; such, fact is absolute; for, truth is not simply "the way something is;” for, unless such is mutually beneficial in nature such isn’t proof; for, as i is devoid of matter, one is in a state of ongoing perfect detachment; which, is a freedom from self interest; which, is also freedom from disinterest, from bias;

For, one just simply is not giving any substance to fiction; such, is serenity in the face of powerlessness having been undermined; for, what’s existing is independent; such, isn’t relative nor comparative; for, truth being all realized done such is moreso rather than learning and what’s non; for, being formless a firmness with being consistent is repeatable;

For, such has long-term duration versus some temporariness; for, all which is universally accepted; which, is in what all seek to know; all, is you make beneficial mutually; for, this is you having searched for truth; i, is full of grace being in the providence of all; so, such is correspondence of what is conceptual where being is with fact no presupposition; for

To, be of an absolved value any charge is discharged; the, space is zeroed out; such, is binary; for, viewed without relation to other things is a value regarded universally; all, being in a grand unified totality; this, is absolute; for, beginning is existed; being, in awareness before learning; for, all conceived existing independent such is beyond mental control; so

To, live life being more free of qualification, condition, and exception or some refraction; such, is a natural right; which, is absolute; for, what’s absolute is always of a positive value; not, negative; for, i is of this continuous expanse freely available totally unoccupied; this, is the dimension of i; all, is existing which moves; such, is i entirely devoid of matter in balance in tensometry;

For, such a differential is of the surrounding work being ever drawn more into the center tirelessly effortlessly establishing relation with all according to all being equal; whether you’ve been assisted or haven’t been hindered; love, jubbdavid;


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