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Is Any Action Taken To Strengthen Your Title?

A good question to ask is ‘if some equity interest is for you and i?’; demonstrable, consideration can be shown; for, discretion of an official is by due diligence upholding a natural right of we the people; you, as well as i would have seen the claim to have done such; and, you’d see cause and effect in that which would be repeatable;

If you look back in history, do you have a feeling in the past that the beloved can have seeded themself to have handed over to an imposter administrator instead? The, effort to have found evidence of a crime when none was found to be asked ‘was the effort worth it?’; and

In Iraq is it true that five hundred seventy six thousand children could have been dead since the Persian gulf war? So, one patsie government agent said the meat grinder was worth it; if you got away with it then would you think any criminals would ever be embolden evermore?

Might, a background be noted of censorship also distancing and quarantine of covid; the, monopolization being equal to a dumbing down debilitating a larger portion of adults around yourself;

Who, you can see could use critical independent decisive action; having, been taken; the, charges of genocide is discharged; the war society is drifted into truth; you, see the cost is far too great to uphold the past; and, the more you see everyone hate what actions been like land grabs and such; so

You, can look and see if the action taken is strengthening a natural right; yet, you can’t say there’s not a past like a church committee; multiple, murdered cop also target like the Cuban leader of the past; also, in Congolese in Africa;

A, sorted past of history shows where the USA as a CORPS as a nation has a record for various attempted assassinations; and, the selection of special ops military intel go through a pentagonal school; which, then become connected to working transitional patsie leader in a circle within the military;

A, nation’s military can take over because of a seriously flawed election also foreign interference; actions, taken wasn’t what was popular; many, Midwest African nation would briefly flee colonial rule having been kept as a third world negatively inducted;

What, you see is an unethical acting intentional; usury, was always forbidden which is one of the greatest sins you could commit; back, from the years eleven twenty five to eleven eighty six rhodonite mercer lived in England and is part of CB-cowo today;

A, fellow called Aras had legal activity that was unlawful that would wipe out and take over smaller barren land; all, such in a lifetime collected would be handed over to king Henry II; yet, all for usury; such, currency would fund many more project also a separate branch of the kings exchequer and was constituted;

The, backstory here is that in eleven ninety a DEBTOR of Aaron of Lincoln attacked and murdered an entire Jewish community at York castle; Henry II was the prosecutor of all that were catholic; such, bankers eventually would cause Henry II’s sons to get split up;

About, this time Becket a rich London merchant would be defending rights of catholic over protestant; and, on the twenty-ninth of December eleven seventy four knights murdered Becket in a catholic church; Becket would be made a Saint by the Pope;

Henry II takes over all of this sets up the kings exchequer which is vice admiralty; to, steal venue; an, civil suits can be thrown out under vice admiralty; for, it’s zionist in government run over by one hand like nine-eleven; you, could have heard it said it’s the new pearl harbor; isn’t, it at nine-eleven?

Keep, in mind in a war between Iraq and Iran September nineteen eighty children twelve to sixteen are told they’ve “got the keys to paradise;” then, get murdered on the front line;


Original research published

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