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Isn’t Authority of We The People Vested From the Land?

Authority, from we the people is of no conflicted interest; while, under Alphabet Soup Land how do you get an independent board? You’re supposed to be able to; yet, when shots is looked at by a state at a federal level; which, determines that’s so; a

Precedent you’d agree in lower within a corpse; the, state closer than would wish; yet, looking apparently at some CDC advisory; just, looking to see more guidelines of eligibility is to continue on with the non-ecological toxin touted as genocide; so

You, see the conflicted interest of a revolving door between governing and control and industry; where, the same crew exists on both sides of that fence that’s been; one, is touted that truly is an imposter just continues to sign off on what’s totally not proper;

Manufactured, opinion doesn’t exist not necessary because vote isn’t either; of, course that’s wrong; you, follow this author’s research you see no claims ever existed that shows contagion nor that a virus exists of itself isolated it doesn’t; so,

A, past covid tyrant can suddenly have woken up; that, immunity being compromised already; variants, of that are triggered more by evermore toxin; yet, precedent you see at the state level what bans the jab; to

Those, under Alphabet Soup Land at the federal level it’s a psychological mutism about that; a, past covid tyrant is blood money; and the mandate and the mask abided by the lockdown; the, canceled culture;

All, basically above you become more educated about other matters as well; like, stop being an example of letting the CROWN try you; when, if a claim existed it’s got to be an article III or IV court from the land as venue; in, your own suit not someone else's;

This, is where liberty is; don’t think you’re going to get by under a black frocked white wigged one; that’s a fiction of double oath takers; are, you going to say that whistleblowers weren’t shut out and be continued to be unless that fiction is cleared up by the living?

Many innocent beloved were jailed for no crime; and, shouldn’t all such be compensated? Mail-votes, aren’t of a verified vote; and, so it’s just like why not stop the tyranny by taking charge?

In, a common law court of record trial by jury process where the livin is joined with the living; not, with the dead; lex fori, is draconian and shouldn’t be a process that’s used on human beings; that, what’s late or prejudice is a legal challenge; as, a technical document latch;

To, continue on without looking at what the other side’s view is you’re going to see the same thing happen again; don’t continue to play to what you see is absolute interference in we the people’s say; it’s

A, drop box mail-in and a big-rig; it’s, the added restriction to make it easier to bring some of the big MIC in; don’t stand by to see fictional CORPS restrict ever more civil liberty; you’ve, got a precedent; one, state already has banned the jab;

Where is the stare decisis; meaning, the logic of Alphabet Soup Land being above we the people from the land of the state? Love, jubbdavid;


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