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Life Begets Life and Dead Begets Dead

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 30 October 2011 Marrakesh, Morocco

Body acidification and a hypoxic state (lack of oxygen); and slow dehydration is what aging is about. Body over acidification is caused by the up-take wrongfully of carbonic acid; excess phosphorus sulfur and other acid food. All dead food is acidic to the body. Cooking causes a loss of lifeforce; co-aggulates, congeals, causes nutrient to become hydrophobic (not miscible with water) and causes its three dimensional (stereoscopic) shape to be changed and enzyme resistant protein is left behind in the body. Life begets life and dead begets dead.

The expenditure of burning dirty fuel (as fossil fuel is) causes anthropogenic carbon dioxide to become dissolved into ocean sea water that raises its acidity, changing pH is radical; for instance from seventeen hundred and fifty one to nineteen hundred and ninety four. The ocean has seen almost a thirty percent increase in acidity. A quarter of all that un-necessary carbon dioxide goes into the sea water and is threatening the oceans life. When this happens all available alkaline element as a biologically saturated state becomes nonexistent in places in the sea. Calcium causes a cell to pass on an electrical current. In the body, calcium allows your endocrine glands to function.

Calcium and silica is important to build skeletal structure of life in the sea, and it has to have a saturation value in ocean sea water to be sustaining, and the same in your blood and extracellular fluid. Providing you have good intestinal flora you can biologically transmutate one element into another. Yet, how can your body keep pace unless lifefood on the fly becomes your choice?

At the turn of the eighteen hundreds to the nineteenth century pH was 7.3 for blood, and cellular connective tissue pH (minus the nucleus) was 6.8. Now its average is 7.4 for blood and 5.8 for tissue. All alkaline elements can become sequestered and saturation of solution in the body of calcium should be ten thousand to one on the outside of your cell to inside. Life is dying in the ocean; and life cannot survive on a dead food diet.

The blood of economy is strangled; not put right; is not natural. Nature has to have rights. We are all connected to insect; bird; animal; and a tree. You and I are part of one connected web. If all of a sudden you realize the belief in the Easter bunny is not real what do you do? Are you digging a little pod to barricade yourself in? To worship impermanence? But, do you listen to the sound of the ocean? Is this the same as a stagnant life pool not wanting to be disturbed? Only, wishing and wanting? But, what about silence?

Look at all these things in nature living out all of its life in perfect uniformity in silent prayer. The mind of ten thousand things and clouds not having the right shape, or geese coming out of shells at the beach; trees meowing and cats growing leaves. Stuff like that and rusty mirrors are down and out. Yet in and up; resting in timelessness; beyond ordinary time; this is you being playful; playfulness in the nest is what creates harmony, flowering beauty of nature treed, and sustainable; LIFEFOOD is for a sustainable future. Love lives in a moving everlasting-ness. All else rusts and rots.


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