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Lifecolloid Breathe Biophotonic Energy

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Zero Point Energy and Colloidal Biology Part 3: Lifecolloid Breathe Biophotonic Energy Oslo, Norway

A charged red blood corpuscle allows your cell interior organelle as lifecolloid to breathe in biophotonically; and lifecolloid organelle also breathe out biophotonic radiation via its own virtual state charge. Lifecolloid interior of the cell are continuously breathing and emitting biophotonic energy. Every photon absorbed and breathed out has its own substructure from where it has come from. Lifecolloid interior of a cell have their own bioterrain and if that changed it can pleomorph by AFD process into a fermentative life rather than part of a matrix of oxidative metabolism. The cell interior organelle then can become either aspergillus niger or mucor racemosus as a ferment.

Neoplasm can be so refractory to treatment; as a mold the condition of infected tissue can be of a ubiquitous seeding where no tissue is spared. The most deadly dis-ease is hidden because little insight presently exists into colloidal biology. Virulent mold, fungi and yeast arrive from unhealthy body tissue and blood debris not cleared which becomes by AFD, yeast; virulent lifecolloid can make endless modifications metabolically to strangle the defense of the host. Fungi are exceptionally aggressive. Fungi which are part of the lifecolloid pleomorphic lifecycle can prey upon a nematode by modified ring shape hyphae that can entrap a nematode despite its desperate struggled movements. As biophotonic valence is not kept, tissue becomes yeast; lifecolloid by AFD; and in favorable conditions can AFD from epithelial cells.

Biophotonic valence is a zero point virtual vector, encompassing a potential of absorbed biophotonic energy. Lifecolloid in a non-vital body bioterrain continuously absorbs disorganized biophotonic input from its environment. When a cell can have become neoplastic it other than can maintain its biophotonic potential as bioordering goes beyond its background biophotonic of its own inert matter potential. A dying cell builds up its disorganized charge until a final corona discharge occurs as structured biophoton are emitted in a bardo state before actual body cell death. The final emitted biophotonic energy is your connection to the deep universe and this summation inside; a transform of the signature vibration of the dying cells condition.

A living auric field surrounds all vital cells and, red blood corpuscle that stem from lifecolloid biophotonic respiration involving: the virtual biophotonic field; stored virtual biophoton; output vs input of biophoton; life ability to have biophoton cohere and finally its stability tendency. In the experiment talked about herein (showing mitogenic biophotonic ray form) which passes through quartz glass; but not regular glass; the virtual zero point biophoton transformation of the diseased lifecolloid morphogenetic condition radiated out into space that effected a nearby culture that was compromised. A necrosing lifecolloid’s final burst was an ultraviolet biophotonic ray emitted from its interior nuclei. It is a phase conjugated (time reversed) biophotonic transformation of the exact condition of the necrosing lifecolloid.

Energy doesn’t stop at the speed of light as indicated and tachyon in food is expressed by its: fragrance, flavor, attraction, spin and color. All is a transform of subatomic tachyon energy; everything else is an excretion of this energy in this third dimension. The furthest reaches of outer space can be heard inside when your tummy growls communicating something to you. Your living aura is your body’s lifecolloidal breath; what is being disclosed herein establishes this living biophotonic aura. In colloidal biology as a single biophoton is given off as a colloid of life and lifecolloid; all (lifecolloid as a whole body) participates in this emission and absorption. A homeostatic lifecolloid biophotonic system is dynamically changing its ordered transform; this in turn effects the lifecolloid organelle biophotonic potential that emanates from inside lifecolloid atomic nuclei.

A culture compromised itself, and being nearby a diseased lifecolloid necrosing; can have its lifecolloid nuclei receive a mitogenic biophotonic bardo ultraviolet burst; as a signature of the necrosing lifecolloid and that can have been absorbed by an adjacent culture whose lifecolloid was compromised so those lifecolloid also became imprinted; by the adjacent diseased and dying lifecolloid culture. As this radiation in the ultraviolet range leaks in bursts from the diseased culture it continually bombards adjacent more healthy yet compromised lifecolloid.

A cell and its interior lifecolloid organelle receive information thus by biophotonic radiated form and providing a lifecolloid bioterrain is vital it remains in mutual lived assistance symbiotically. Vital radiation from lifefood and Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation continues with orderly radiation to bathe nearby cells and diseased cells become more vital via this biophotonic electromagnetic gravitic effect. External biophoton emitted to the interior of a lifecolloid organelle as it is structured as an orderly pattern; being regularly applied can restore damaged lifecolloid and restore its biofilm; all lives within.


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