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Operation Insider ICE-NINE

Is, it quietly now becoming more common knowledge how an “operation insider” is run by the controllers of CB-cowo [criminal banking cartel of a one world order]; what, happens in anyone’s brain you’re aware that the largest shares of all the monopolized public corporate holding is being used to control you and i; you, and i are not equal to such;

Plus, you have to add on that it's much more than just a monopoly controlling the currency globally; you can consider eleven trillion passing through one platform called aladdin computing; can you see what happens as that currency is far greater than a single nation? One, firm controls currency larger even than the GDP of CHINA INC or USA INC;

Seen, also positioned in alphabet soup land and world banking financial institute has been setup with an idea of being able to tax we the people of the world; through, one controlled system; to, do such to have rigged domestic and international law relating to commerce; also, keep in mind the court system of the nation has been occupied by vice admiralty procedure; which, is not from the venue from the land; and, is under the color of law because it doesn’t have joinder of we the people behind such; so

You, should know this is a terrifying situation which needs to be cleared up; which, eventually gets cleared up; as, you look deeper into the picture; so, all is in place for such a crime so even the president hasn’t the capacity to stop such; a president of a peon is only a president or peon within the system only lock stock and barrel; so it’s an

Important, point you should know so pay attention; because, CB-cowo controllers want these larger holding to be the two that are too big to fail; in, a crisis of financial institutes [CFI] as a CFI is called just like covid is culled its a lockstep from the top down; all, currency gets frozen; all, lose all private property; except, for who gets bailed out; which, is the

Design, of the controllers who own the two big to fail part of the scam; so, the two big to fail can get a bail in from us; to, be bailed out; this, is called ICE-NINE; for, such is freezing all currency of account in exchange; also, currency is held hostage; you, lose private property except the controllers of CB-cowo; under, ICE-NINE plan;

One, drop of ICE-NINE freezes figuratively all the world's ocean of commerce; you, and i live in a world right now where we the people can’t stand and hate those who are data harvesting; no, one wants to be a guinea pig in that data harvesting operation; which, is unlawful; because, it's yours and my private data is been stolen in that picture; which

You, and i need to stop; for, it was unlawful for anyone a private corporation to merge registry and register with an enemy corpse; keep, in mind in the background that your vote hasn’t counted not before the day truly and not afterward unless that's fixed; for, nothing as you know was verified properly; being, taken away by the scam of all scam as a plandemic; the

Controllers, of CB-cowo have such far reaching control like tentacles of an octopus gripping by bankrolling all corpse as a nation it owns privately; as, its own traded property; as, assets each nation on one chessboard shifted around; supposedly, democratic elected isn’t because the court system can get anybody tossed out like an old casserole once done with and spent;

It’s, we the people who have power over a nation’s governance; not, a private hand somewhere far away; international, and domestic law in contact is what come to be upheld properly which at the moment it’s not; the, evil of this procedure under vice admiralty court is a theft of venue from the land that had been stolen;

Stealing, yours and my title at the public courthouse; governance, along with beloved at the nation is at the peril of controllers of CB-cowo using war to launder currency via floating spheres of deep influence in alphabet soup land; like, the IMF and the FED; its, the controllers of CB-cowo that inhabit elite controlled currency condition from a fascist condition of joining the living with the dead as you should learn about in this story more;

All, is in need of enacted proper chain of command from we the people; for, what's occurred in the picture you see has lead into war; all, as lemmings under legal name fraud and common law trespass; isn’t, this what should be fixed up immediately? One, can go on without proper common custom which is what sovereign means; it's been

Common custom for you and i to have private property; it’s, your private property to have your own feeling; yet, not if you’ve only been under an ancient system of pledging beyond what any international law would ever allow; can, you assist take action you can join with this eclipse movement; you, can learn more about the alliance of law movement and the alm;


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