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A, minute whilst you are idle in your car consumes the same amount of oxygen eight hundred beloved breathing would; and, let’s not forget how dirty fuel is acidifying the ocean; yet, this is the time of a creation of an ALM; a, currency equivalent to an hour of time; a, stabilized currency of a private free market;

Imagine, a new world where you and i are aware that the cell isn’t the original building block and a lifecolloid is; such, is a miniature galaxy; a, positive inducted system of south positive and north negative magneton; spinning, at great speed; magneton, that, do not need to eat to exist; is, this possible for you? To, have had a suspension of your thinking? What’s, happened as you and i have eclipsed usury?

xxxxxxxxxxxx, and the alm as world currency is your real global reset; such, engages a simple stored value for exchanging and interacting; and, price performance is satisfied; no, waste exists for this is a simple numeric software representation of economic egalitarianism;

No, speculation can occur in such a positively inducted currency; for, such is an asset backed currency; equivalent, to an atomic hour; forever; you, are given privacy and freedom; where, in the past beloved have been held under usury; lost in a sea of commerce; as a slave; so, obviously as you and i eclipse usury with positive economic inductance; energy current (currency) is directed with the perception of all beloved; toward what is sophisticated

Having, mastery of what is generally involuntary; you, have zero point energy tapped; you, can learn more about this radiant energetic dynamo; where, energy is got from plasma and materialism is just a superstition genetically getting reprogrammed; for, you and i are not of a frozen stuckness; and, as you continue moving forward toward your creative outcome Time, is equivalent to your creativity; for, this is a golden age coming up; you, and i are enacting a verifiable vote; as, a moratorium in government making new decisions in banking for one lunar eclipse year; and, the basis for a value of storage is given to you; you, verify your vote with xxxxxxxxxxxx

For, this is your connection that by verifying a vote; you, share a set of numerals together; this, is called a block chain; peer to peer verified network; this, is of a digital code between computers linked together;

What, happened? That, error and falsehood can have had been filled in the mind of one; yet, one who knows nothing may be better informed; for, if you have been looking at the net to live and die; absorbing, fiction of the day; you, can look toward to this new currency of the ALM to give you whats verifiable and your privacy; therefore,

The, internet is being applied by you and i; to, make contact of a web; and, you hold a private number too; so, obviously the instability of the has been system is because of control by someone else; with, this ALM platform; yours, and my agreement of orders is harmonized; for, an agreed upon frequency applied between eclipse now members; such, relieves suffered- ness of a currency war and currency collapse;

You, can’t speculate in a positive economic inducted system; for, an ALMs intrinsic value is set by atomic time; restoration of this currency covenant in trust is spoken about in the, rainbow prophecy; this, is a common prophecy talked all over the earth; and, as this is the beginning of the aquarian age; you, are to begin to inner stand how even the calendar has changed; and, start to see how even

Drinking, and eating modern diet; is, mostly an acquired habit; you, and i can move back toward what is natural; clear, away the unnatural; and, stop having been in the supernatural; you, can see a magneton in magnicity as the ultimate particle all element on the periodic table is formed upon; golden ages, have existed where plasma was applied to cut the rocks; is, this possible? That, your and my culture could have recently become more primitive in comparison? so, as you can see with positive economic inductance; you, and i move forward toward timeless sophistication An, ALM is equivalent to an hour synchronized to atomic time; calculated, of a collected ledger you and i have between us; recorded, and maintained by such a string of numbers shared between us; none, can read your public ledger or keep track of self; none can under; or, over spend; all, have a great trust in a positive inducted economy; where, currency is created from an asset-backedness;

“Truth”, currently put out by the major networks; should, be immediately suspicious; for, nothing at the moment is of verifiable fact much; yet, can you be given a better bone? are you sensing this nuance now? some, could be having a temporal jittering of change similar to past centuries; similarly, seen in rising pop culture symbols of this time; is, this not you hoping to pass something on to future generations?

You, and i are a definite temporal antennae; so, come on; let’s, build the biggest movement the earth as ever seen; change, the politic and eclipse usury once and for all time; Check out the ALM constitutional electronic currency here;

The, ALM platform is as a beneficial trust; not, for profit; directing, energy towards what is congruent with nature; designed, to stimulate a natural renaissance in all fields of study; Connect with eclipse movement; love jubb David


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