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Power Is Formlessness in the Toltec Tradition on Turtle Island

All, change work which is done two, three levels away is always more powerful; for, such is bypassing conscious objection; applying, implicit, intuitive processing is with rapport; as, all such is the power to influence;

Formlessness, is an expression like something is seamless; one, act is simple which, achieve multiple aim; the, usefulness of a clay bowl drawn up on a wheel is where the clay isn’t; the, usefulness of the space is where the lodge poles aren’t; power, is natural; being, in the moment with perfect detachment, timelessness is what’s formless; this, is power; when, somebody got a ticket for parking somewhere no-one was at a window you could talk to about such; this, is power; nothing, added; nothing, taken away;

For, such being formless and achieving an outcome is mastery; where, others have very little footing; power, is the infinite capacity to have flexibility; having, covered more variables; a, result achieved is from formlessness; shapeless; even, lacking order; for, power, in other words, isn’t material; for, such is in your formlessness in a manner of your verbal and nonverbal communion with other beloved;

For, you’re assisting interact; you, inform; for, it would have only been fear otherwise that would have been “forced a form” that had to be taken; which, isn’t power; yet, simply getting somebody to move; for, authority you have which is power, really can be called charisma; also, charm; also, supreme awareness; yet, there is a happyface which is formless behind the work done;

In, a grand unified totality in magnicity, power is a jc quanta; transferred, or converted; per, unit of time; where, an hour of work done is called an alm as is in a jc quanta; assemblage point of a strange attractor in the future is like four-D printing; for, power is a scalar quality called ‘activity;’ power, is equal to the amount a cry needing to have work be completed; such, in relation to energy expenditure;

Power, externalized is your seen generosity and spontaneous creative intelligence of the golden age; power, really is an attitude, of course naturally flowing in I awareness; based, upon competence; visualized, goals of course is for this which is positive; being, of personal, individual, private quality, which is relevant for you in serving others; for, power is formlessness in mannerism which impacts other beloved;

For, this is not the beats but the formlessness between such; for, who is living in the gap between the beats; for, personal power this is your observed rewardedness; for, formal and informal authority is a position of dispensation; for, this you need good interpersonal skill; such, is said is given to you in whole brain functioning; where, all decision making engages a test operative, test exit; called, a tote; as, a chunk of behavior;

Power, is as an identified purpose is within; all, resource as information is gathered, considered; options, looked at; decision, is and then also evaluated; this, is power; such, is by directive to be sovereign if consensus conceptually all is with informed consent; this, is power; the, power of common custom; which, is the quality of I awareness which is you being formless;

For, being conscious is an act of formlessness; for, such is being in the moment where I is above form also formlessness; power, is this functional relationship; which, belongs fully within this servant’s self; for, who is this master for all followedness in formlessness is company kept inside also outside; which, is this meditation ongoing in I awareness; for, power you have such is in a variety of setting;

For, all influence which you have over other beloved; can you be good in the impact you’re having to be good at persuading other beloved? Isn't it better to feel authority is legitimate within social structure for, interest is with master in the outside world? Is i awareness for you not the actual game changer? For, isn’t it how you’ve risen in rank with awareness transforming you also? Isn’t it how others also see you?

A, small amount of formlessness, one percent even, can save you; for, it’s the grace of loveableness of benevolence at the providence of all; for, this is a power you can feel over all which is needing gotten done; it’s, the power to exert unobtrusively an effect; such, power is exerted; for, this is from strength; where, confidence is competence gradually acquired over one’s lifetime; for,

Isn't this you who is self-asserted? Isn’t such searching for love also meaningful in an interpersonal world? For, formlessness such is the definition of personal power; in, formlessness personal power is your being in the moment with what’s unknown; you’re, in uptime the most; for, you’ve got choice to change your destiny; you, can have learned about talking such in the toltec tradition here on turtle island;

This, is what cloud taught me and other apprentice; for, as you have got the power you have a great capacity to influence others; you, have a power; you’re inspiring; being, faithful; diligent; you’re, a steward for all you receive; for, your persuasion also influence is power; to, have convinced is better done I see is with your influence rather than mere persuasion; for

The, trouble would have been to have grasped and tried to have held that which is a fiction; for, the wind whispers sweet nothing; meaning, something is being spoken for you in this moment; otherwise, having done such such can be complied; for, it’s common law how you’re organizational role is for who is great; has, come up against what is great; yet, for you to have expert power; you, have true awareness knowing a skill set is; which, you influence to change an outcome;

For, such is about who is accessed of resource necessarily; for, this is power you having succeeded always was for the readiness for such change; for, you’re looking at always what can have made such happen; you, totally have overcome any barrier; for, this is you with sticky factor existing; for, you’re able to have changed your mind; and, you have kept the necessary change; luv, jubbdavid;


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