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Quorum Sensing in Body/Cell Integration

Information molecule is read out at a distance; cells can adjust together; being able to survive being in mutual lived assistance; nutrient is made to be wet via saliva which introduces element which is effective when the nutrient is not already fully loaded up with hydrogen; for instance, parotid hormone which is important to dope nutrient consumed with your own DNA also RNA;

Body cells can quorum sense; this is a natural molecule versus not natural; a nutrient complex by product hormone can remain in the blood making many passes through the liver; the paratagland is located below also in front of your earlobe on either side of your head; the paratagland complexes nutrient in the mouth which is wet by saliva; such nutrient is chaperoned with your own DNA also RNA personally modifying the nutrient to be more quorum sense accepted;

Most, beloved today do not know how blood is formed in the intestine from aggregated fusial differentiation; science is false in many of of its ideas; this researcher showed how blood is formed in the intestine in the late seventies; so various element like the paratagland as indicated located in front of each ear canal is shown to drain into the vestibular of the mouth;

Paratagland being the largest salivary gland in the body as well as first to form in embryology; more than eleven percent of saliva present in the mouth is released from the paratagland; such can only wet a nutrient not already wet; the paratagland as indicated accounts for about eleven percent of your saliva at any one time; the stenson duct drains saliva so parathormone secretion is present to complex nutrient; such, can be more quorum sense accepted by the body;

Body fluid in blood has various element; along, with such is potassium rhodenaise; which, is extremely important in assisting the body break down, (1) heavy metal, (2) cyanhydric acid (3) diastastic toxin, a toxin which breaks cells apart, mycotoxin; quorum sensing requires a body can manage against toxin; hormone secreted out of the duct is part of the exocrine system;

The importance of the paratagland is shown because it is already formed by the sixth week of gestation fully functional by about the eighth week; keeping all cells in a symbiotic relation of mutual assistance, the orbital gland behind the back of the nose as well as throat; also, adenoid also tonsil tissue is compromised where the body doesn’t have its proper quorum sensing; gland, such as the pituitary also pineal can not provide quorum sensing molecule;

The pineal gland assists in the production of a mother molecule in the body called proopiomelanocortin (pom-c), which is made of two hundred forty-one amino acid residue; pom-c, is synthesized in corticotrophs of the anterior pituitary; a body has to quorum sense all cells can survive as a population together; this mother molecule is extremely important for other endocrine glands to function properly; differential cleavage of pom-c happens to be a five unique sites where such is expressed;

Proopiomelanoortin (pomc) molecule being 241 amino acid residue

You also find pom-c opioid connectedness which is found in immune cell; quorum sensing molecule work together; for instance, in your upper right atrium you have a substance produced called atrial natriuretic factor; which, you can see isolated from chromaffin cell; again, a quorum sensing molecule as information passed on assisting aldosterone production; a dendroaspis atrial natriuretic peptide allows all your cells to be quorum sensed being unified more with the energy magnicity from your heart;

Glands, in the head such as the pituitary, also the pineal gland assist to cause cell to properly quorum sense; all, act in a manner perfectly where proper level of carbon exists; endogenous opiate interact; so, without proopiomelanocortin, the mother molecule, many systems can be dysfunctional; atrial natriuretic factor (ANF), happens to assist keep the glycopacking as a lifecolloid film; all cells being found within; more in a slightly dry, sub atmospheric pressure;

ANF is a physiological diuretic as peptide; cell function can only occur; toxin can be drawn out of the cell; ANF peptide which is synthesized can be found in various parts of the body including the atrial muscle cell; the importance of such a diuretic can be seen because even a small level is produced by other cell, like in the ventricle as well as parts of the brain; atrial muscle, as been talked about, contains such secretary granular; which, always goes mostly to the golgi apparatus of the cell; being related to the golbi development;

Fluid, as magneton induction causing a dynamic current to flow, relates to a specific conductive density of element; for instance, the body can sense sodium to cause such to be excreted; ANF assists with such also causing vasodilation assisting reduce blood pressure; so, in the kidney you can see glomerular filtration rate is optimized; for, you see renal flow impacted by ANF; also

Overall, such is involved in the inhibition of sodium along with cell water uptake, to remain in an isotonic state; rather than hyper or hypotonic; molecule such as ANF quorum sense causing proper regulation of the cardiovascular caused homeostasis; water retention in the cell has to be at a JC Quanta of hydrogen within; the renin angiotensin system managing such is shown to be modulated by the ANF;

The, ANF you also can find in nerve fiber showing the import of the heart being the most powerful magnetic organ in the body; which, relates itself in communion with the conduction of cell between the heart as well as the body; such is highly sensitive to be able to sense overall proper blood volume; decreased blood volume decrease combined ventricular output;

Information flows properly through connective tissue; as a nerve system called the nociceptive system; with, brain cell acting extremely unique to various opioid made in the body; without having pom-c in the body, you see how such assists with endorphin created; so, for instance where somebody is exercising creating a caused feeling of elevation which is your natural state for an evolutionary primacy exists;

For, morphinergic signally is to be as a fundamental as a regulatory system; endogenous, opiate produced when coming in contact with an antigen or nu-toxin modifies the opiate, figuratively leaving a smoke trail behind; which, allows immune cells to bump into such; so, a caused chemotaxis is for the immune cell; to be directed toward where the antigen is which is needing to be cleared away;

Molecule which is engaged in quorum sensing; include, potassium rhodenaise, N acetylneuraminic acid, also ubiquitin which helps normalize nuclear function; by clearing toxin which can have wrongfully come to be incorporated from deficiency caused because of what one is doing; for, instance where food in enzymatically devoid, full of excessive sediment without fiber, full of rancid fat also inorganic mineral, along with high glycolytic nutrient without proper acidity

When cell salt as blood born inhibitor isn’t present, double spore can have assembled in a non vital lifecolloid terrain; such, lifecolloid for instance such as bacterium bordetella pertussis produces excrement which blocks receptor inhibiting mechanism; for instance, when consuming dead food, insulin is released; somatostatin is too, which blocks human growth hormone (HGH) from being produced;

The pertussis toxin which shows also to block proper somatostatic effect, which impacts human growth hormone; sensitivity in a system to insulin for instance could be lost; such, a lack of responsiveness could be shown to last for many days after the pertussis toxin no longer is present; so, it takes time to clear debris away causing proper body function; the cells of the body have a mutual lived assistance with each other;

The review for you is essential for a gestalt is how the whole is able to sense a part; quorum sensing is of a natural system which is decentralized; assisting the cell population overall to survive; a nutrient which isn't ecological can’t be supported; that you can be interested, many articles by this researcher is existing; yet, might you say what you’re learning here is more about you being on the cutting edge? Love jubbdavid;

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