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Selecting A Republic At Peace

What, happened was we the people collected together to form a grand jury; so, the living is above what is fictional; and, what is fictional would be corrected; truth, is at the moment the CORPS(E) has been above the living; you’ve only been running around as an infant descendant operated upon;

Once, a community has had its paddle out and looks back to see what needs to be new; you can see children, parents, and family it’s noted is a meat grinder; literally, arson; do you have to be in Ukraine to see such?

Is it that all sons are being killed and now daughters is to be too? Who’s being chased who is conscripted living in another nation is being hunted down; for, heavy scrutiny suddenly a large currency and you’re sitting there seeing that’s credit withdrawals you owe as DEBT; so

To get burnt out by DEW and see that’s not questioned; you have to be on the front line and “accept that;” is blue and orange the color? That, state is run by an agent maybe and actor pumped up with influence because the office was bought by billions spent;

A, nation’s credit hijacked spent on the big MIC planned beforehand; get, on with making concentration camp to being surveilled; we, the people didn’t ask for that; so, having been forced to the fire it’s, a token only of utter corruption; a, war machine as currency laundering;

RICO, before your very face; for, you’d be hard-pressed to state this is not the actual claim of the matter; ongoing, corruption as a pattern; so, the duck would get offered up yet not to sacrifice the actual sacred cow is just disappeared;

You, look at the mess and the hand above that created it; you, have a freedom of information request; to, forensically find out why a nail would have burnt in a fence to burn the fence;

Would, you say currency spent right now is not under CB-cowo not for we the people’s benefit? Is it not fraud and unlawfully required asset? You, have to say that your nation is free and doesn’t have a pipeline offer from a hand above getting carried out before your very eyes; a, wall put so you can’t see after that;

When did you see any false made up emergency stopped? One, state you got ban the jab; because, it was looked at as a toxin genocide being done; to, put all in DEBT; so, what benefit is no agreement is sought just to make militarization sound smart?

When, getting rid of an emergency is which is utter false; for, how did currency behind the scene impact a nation as a theft of we the people’s credit? Don’t you think because no article III or IV court has been instituted it’s not just a absolute theft of credit done to you right now;

It’s, of nothing proper directed; you, get black-swanned while you're looking at the cost to uphold the past which is far far too great; it's, as the market there gets inflated cost pocketed, timed; so, you’d, see that such discussed bribe and graft; you’d, have to say apparently that’s not going on; it’s, the story around the globe under CB-cowo;

Fraud, destabilizes; and, what’s left is this charge which we the people can have discharged; it’s, a prima facie case; for, it’s we the people is owed such credit stolen manipulated; and, compensation is to be for harm;

Does, reason to perform civic duty? Of course revenue to republic credit owed; would, you say gold-finger type also loan-rangers is not using a scale not equal to you or i?

You, do know the election was stolen; billions, can get sucked from a nation; like, CHINA INC; all, is banking as a plot chosen not selected under negative induction; which, is the common enemy of society; seen, corruption you’re looking at of the feel of the corpse all under as a police state; which, isn’t a fiction;

That, such wasn’t selected can be corrected; and, a charge discharged; shouldn’t all be as revenue back to the republic you get compensated? For, isn’t it the real estate is we the people of unlimited worth? For, who is real is living and what’s a corpse is below; so,

Gold/Oil/Drugs, is a commodity and fits yet not the real estate; this, is you as you’ve selected a republic at peace; instead, of being under the big MIC; love, jubbdavid;


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