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Space Hitch-hiking Lifecolloid Part 1

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 29 September 2011 Marrakesh, Morroco

Lifecolloid easily survive the caustic effect of digestion and also hot volcanic vent, and extreme cold and enter into Earth’s atmosphere; after having hitchhiked across space. Space is not simply empty or totally uniform, yet has matter and cosmic gravetic temperature and pressure differentials of low and high eddies that transport matter as: red blood corpuscle in the blood; or asteroid; and comet; and planet and other celestial bodies in space. The furthest reaches of outer space are represented by your intestinal tract and garden you are wrapped around in a similar way.

Lifecolloid as corpuscle do form in deep outer space by AFD (aggregation, fusion and differentiation). Lichen is extremely resistant and can easily survive in outer space. Lichen protects themselves against radiation by their phycocyanin; a blue pigmented layer of lifecolloid. Asteroid and meteor transport lifecolloid; as spore and bacteria across space. Lifecolloid is shielded from all extraterrestrial cosmic radiation. Lifecolloid as a red blood corpuscle is totally without any DNA, forms by AFD process from colloid of life aggregated and fused with double spore. This requires as indicated no DNA.

A red blood corpuscle can by AFD process reverse differentiate from; or morph into an immune cell; or body cell. Nucleic acid where none existed before arises out of a red blood corpuscle that was stagnant. It does this by AFD process. Life exists below the level of DNA. DNA is made up of lifecolloid spore building blocks that are life itself. DNA allows life to code and build a protein more easily. Carbon makes up most of your DNA; and serves a purpose. A mitochondria is a lifecolloid organelle interior of a cell that assists to provide electron and proton energy to pump disorder out of the cell. Your parent, both father and mother, contribute to this mitochondria DNA. There is cell nuclei DNA and also cellular mitochondria DNA. Yet, spore as lifecolloid is the building block of all lifecolloid as: a spore, double spore, cell, or bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast.

Lifecolloid as bacteria and mold is found in the deep interior of the earth; in chemical, oil and petroleum and also in outer space. Lifecolloid can be found as a building block, making up all life as you can see around you.

Life is one biological mat of lifecolloid spore and double spore building blocks; which themselves are as indicated above made up from colloid of life. From the smallest microscopic water bear; to a fish (leagnothid) having its own internal light; to a boab tree. Colloid of life aggregate to make a spore and this is of life below the level of DNA. Bacteria and other lifecolloid in the earth make humic and fulvic acid as the blood of the earth. Lifecolloid as spore (virus) by biological transmutation and by AFD process can cause nucleic acid to arise where none existed before. A spore has its own protein coat and can have a simple single or double strand of DNA also; all arising by a process of AFD. DNA inside a spore freely floats, yet not inside a cell, plasmid of bacteria, a plastid of plant cell and mitochondria of an animal cell. It is also as an interior lifecolloid organelle made up out of double spore building blocks that arose by AFD process.

Colloid of life and lifecolloid as: spore, double spore, corpuscle, cell, bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast all fall into orbit of earth from space; one third of a ton at least per day. Meteorites have bacteria that are ancient and extra terrestrial within tiny cracks. Also, polycyclic aromatic compound; globule of carbonate; and iron is involved in biological process and can also be found in meteorite. When life as we know it couldn’t be on the surface of earth as it was in the ancient past, it easily could exist 50 kilometers up from the surface of Venus, where temperature and pressure today is the same as on earth. Organisms as lifecolloid by AFD process inhabit even hydrogen clouds in our galaxy and upper atmosphere.

Incompatible gases create dissipative structure such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide: life continuously produces these gasses that continuously annihilate each other and can also be found in outer space. It is know that water exists in outer space, and on, below and above celestial body surfaces and atmospheres. Evidence shows water on: Mars and, Mercury in the exosphere; hydro-carbon lakes have been identified on Titan and water exists on Europa and Ganymede (moons of Jupiter). Water also exists on Enceladus (moon of Saturn). Water is definitely in outer space as it is also here on Earth. _________________ When You're Here, You're Family }:-)


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